Spectra stopped when he saw he dusk. He looked around himself and there was no one near. Only Alice was a few miles away. She looked like a small dot which got larger and larger. Spectra knew that she'll reach him exactly in ten minutes. The industrial part of the city looked strange and romantic today. He decided to wait for Alice. When she finally arrived she couldn't catch her breath.

"Finally, I have got you!" She said and sat on the ground because her feet couldn't hold her anymore.

"And want do you want?" Spectra asked harshly.

"I…I want to say apologias for my harsh words and I…I…want give us a chance". Alice said catching her breath.

At that exact moment "The Heart Breakers" alarm rang. They quickly gathered in Dan's house Lync announced:

"Today is a dark day! Alice agreed to become Spectra's girlfriend!"

"No!" Shun and Dan yelled.

"Time to use our secret weapon". Shun said.

"No, it is too dangerous you guys. If we use it there could be problems worse than they are now". Dan protested.

"No, this weapon must be used!" Someone at the door said. It was Ace. He continued:

"Klaus is the only person who is capable in arriving to Paris for a short period of time".

"Why are you here?" Everyone asked.

"I'm here to join you. But that is not important now. The most important thing is to free Alice from Spectra and Klaus is the Chosen One! He can solve this problem".

"Ace has a point! I'm calling Klaus". Lync said and informed Klaus about the problem. Klaus agreed to help and furthermore join the organization. Also he informed Doctor Gehabich about the "Situation". That made the scientist very angry. Soon the news spread brought "Brawler Tourists" and a familiar Russian doctor to Paris, France.

Lync located Spectra. The first person to get to Spectra and Alice was Klaus. He yelled:

"What is going on here?"

Before they could explain "The Heart Breakers" appeared, who decided to come themselves and take their revenge on Spectra. Then Doctor Gehabich appeared out of nowhere and began to yell at Alice:

"Alice! I should have known better! Young Lady, you are grounded for three months".

Spectra protested:

"She has the right to choose a boyfriend!"

"She can choose anyone except for you!" Shun said angrily.

The rest of the Brawlers surrounded Alice and Spectra. Alice had no choice but to teleport herself back to Russia. Spectra was left alone. He was surrounded by an angry crowd. Spectra tried to run away. Dan commanded:

"Get him!"

Spectra's POV

It looks like the game is over. I'm followed by my enemies, Alice left me and they know my identity. I can't believe love can be so cruel.

I'm running away, but they are getting closer. I think I'm a goner. Alice, why didn't you take me with you? So everything you said was a lie.

They got me…Goodbye cruel world… But wait! Is that a portal to New Vestroya? I think so…

End of POV.

Spectra jumped in a portal by breaking out from the crowd. Fortunately for him it was directly linked to his ship.

"Master Spectra!" Gus exclaimed. "Where were you?"

"Gus! Close the portal! Immediately!" Spectra yelled catching his breath. Gus closed the portal. It looked like Spectra was inn his Sanctuary, free from the angry crowd. He said with great happiness and relief:

"Thank you for saving me, Gus".

"Don't thank me, thank Alice". Gus said smiling. Suddenly for Spectra his friend just called Alice. The girl appeared from another room. Helios and Hydronoid were on her shoulders. Spectra asked:

"Could anyone explain what just happened?"

"It is simple. I used my card to teleport to the mansion and then I used Lync's gauntlet to get here from the portal. Alas, I can't come back home now. So I decided to stay with you guys". Alice explained. It was a very sudden decision made by a girl like Alice.

"Looks like we have new allies". Gus said.

"Keith I hope you respect my decisions…But we cannot be "together"". Alice said.

Spectra smiled and agreed:

"You are right! That was a lot of trouble. I almost died there".

"So it's a deal. We are just friends". Alice said and shook hands with Spectra.

"You two were flirting? Ha-ha-ha!" Gus laughed. "She told me she didn't have a boyfriend!"

"What? GUS!" Spectra yelled after understanding the situation and ran after Gus.

"Spectra chill, I didn't still her from you". Gus said hiding behind the chair.

"When I'll catch you I'll shred you to pieces". Spectra yelled.

"Please, master, don't!" Gus pleaded while running away.

Alice watched them chase each other and thought:

"Boys will be boys".

Then she sat on the couch and began to read a book ignoring Spectra and Gus.