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Special Thanks to MeeShee MuhFFin. This story was inspired by her story Jail Bait! And thanks for letting me borrow the idea of Sora getting arrested. I couldn't resist the idea. xD

Rated M for later. This one's going to get pretty dark and bloody and twisted (and maybe smutty too). Also there is character death.

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Forze del Male


I didn't do it! I swear I did NOTHING!

"You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Anything you do say may…"

"Goddammit! I can recite Miranda warnings myself, Cloud, Leon! Just why the fuck you guys wanna arrest me?"

"We suspect that you are involved in the murder of a man named Axel. Sora, just come with us okay?"

"Murder? What kind of sick joke is that? You mean you guys think I actually would kill someone?"

"Sora, don't make this hard for everyone. We've got a witness accusing you of murdering Axel. We have to bring you back for the investigation."

"Cloud's right. Cooperate with us if you want to clear yourself. If you did not do it, then you should be afraid of nothing and just come with us."

"Shit. That sounds like you do think I might be the murder huh? No, Leon, I didn't kill anyone!"

"…Sora, personally I don't believe you would do such crime, but the evidence we have now are all against you. Boss – y'know, your father gave the direct order to us to arrest you. Resisting arrest would do you no good. I promise we'll find out the truth and everything will be fine okay?"

Even Leon said so…I just couldn't believe what was happening right now.

I knew at this point it was meaningless to argue more with them. All I could do now was letting the brunet guy I always look up to as my big brother, my role model to put the handcuff on my wrists and take me to the police car.

Why the hell was this happening to me?

I don't know since when, but things were getting a bit crazy lately.

Crazy? I mean I couldn't even find the right word for the situation. Something unusual, bizarre, was happening in my surroundings.

First it was Goofy, our ten-year-old dog. Goofy became one of our family members since I was seven and Roxas was six. He was a bit goofy sometimes, but he was our loyal friend Roxas and me always loved since we grew up with him. But a few weeks ago he was found dead in his pet house. Dead. Beaten to death.

It's true that our father Cid was the head of Crime Investigation Bureau. Cops getting hatred and revenge was no news. But if that was for revenge…what kind of coward was that bastard? Killing a pet for some sorta revenge? C'mon, get a real life wimp. But if that was only some kind of prank, like local kids might have done, then it went too far. This was too cruel for a prank. Seriously, why would someone think they have the right to take other living being's life like that? That just made me feel sick.

On top of that, I got a feeling that the culprit knew us. He or she might know our family's schedule. If not, how did he/she manage to sneak in and do the brutal crime without any one of us noticing? It was creepy to thinking that way but I couldn't help but having this bizarre feeling that I was being watched by "someone", from a distance maybe.

Roxas was depressed after Goofy's death. Of course he would. Goofy's death reminded him of Namine's death. Namine, my little sister, his twin sister, our sister. Two years ago, she and Xion were kidnapped…and got murdered in the end…

Fuck. Every time I thought about my long-gone little sister, I felt I couldn't control the wrath still burning inside me. Cops hadn't yet found out who kidnapped and killed my sister ever since what happened two years ago. How fucking ironic! My old man Cid, who was like worshiped as a legendary figure in the police office because of his achievement as a detective and a cop, could NOT save his own daughter! He was not able to even catch the guys who killed his daughter after all these years! What a fucking sarcasm.

My friends were always saying I possess an extraordinary sense of justice. Yeah, I should admit that becoming a great cop "like my old man" was my dream since childhood. It still is. After my sister's death, my resolution of becoming a cop only got firmer. I was planning to go to police school after finishing high school. I want to catch those fucking bastards who killed my sister with my own hands. I want to bring punishment upon those heartless monsters who commit horrible crimes against other human beings. Yes that I will do!

On the other hand, the death of Namine and Xion was too devastating to Roxas. It almost destroyed him…mentally.

Unlike me, my younger brother Roxas was quiet and more thoughtful just like my little sister Namine. They were twins after all. They were closer to each other than they were to me. They had the same blond hair, which was also different from mine. Mine's brown or much darker blond depending on how you look at it. The only common trait all three of us shared was the blue eyes. But still I thought their eyes were more beautiful than mine, like shining sapphires.

Xion was our neighbour's little girl. She was the same age as Roxas and Namine, one year younger than me. They used to stick together, like very close. She was cheerful and upbeat, sometimes quite a tomboy. Someone even pointed out that she was basically like a female version of me, which actually annoyed her a lot (not like I care). Because of their closeness, everyone was teasing Roxas about Xion being "his little girlfriend" at the time. Neither did he deny or admit, just blushing like idiot whenever some one said so. I'd always wondered, if that fucking incident never happened, Roxas and Xion could have made a perfect couple by now. But no, no "what ifs" in real life.

The two most important girls to Roxas left him at the same time, left him forever. Ever since then, he became even more silent, or…emo as they said. I didn't know how to comfort him. I didn't know how to buck him up. Comforting others with words was never my strong point. But I did care about him. I was always worrying about him. Our mother Shera died years ago when we were still young. My old man was barely home since he's a workaholic. So basically me and Roxas, we only had each other in this house. I'm his elder brother, only brother. If he couldn't count on me, who else would he able to count on? I swear I'd do anything for him, if he would go back to the old nice Roxas that I knew since his birth. But he didn't want to talk to me anymore. He shut the door, locking me out, locking his heart into his own world and not letting me in anymore. I know I was clumsy in aspects like this. I suck in words. I no longer knew what Roxas was thinking because of the lack of communication. I was upset. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what I could possibly do to make him open up again. But I desperately wanted to help him. I cared for him like no one would in this world!

I tried to consult with my two best friends, Kairi and Riku, with my worries over Roxas. But nothing they could help really. They said sometimes you just had to let time to heal. In this case Roxas had to overcome his own problem by himself. It was his problem after all. There's nothing I could really do besides letting him know I was always there for him if he needed. Nothing really I could do for him…Shit. I had never felt this fucking much frustrated before in my life. Oh well, if Roxas heard me cursing he's probably gonna scowl, again. He didn't like me cursing at all. He pretty much hated profanity like a picky girl. If I ever wanna get a response from him, using "inappropriate words" was the way. He'd be scolding me if I cursed, more like giving me a lecture, not that I minded though. No, not at all. I wanted him to talk to me, by all means.

For some reason Riku and Roxas never got along with each other ever since we were kids. They didn't even bother to conceal their hostility towards each other even in front of me. But I knew Riku was a good guy in the heart. It's just not like easy to get kind words from a guy like Riku who always wanna keep up his cool image all the time, especially in front of girls like Kairi. But still, he told me not to give up upon Roxas yet. For that I thanked him already.

Kairi, being a smart and sensitive girl as she was, on the other hand was more helpful. She had given me many advices regarding Roxas's mental situation. One thing she told me freaked me out most. She said there's something known as PTSD – post-traumatic whatever disorder – that some people would get after experiencing a large tragic event. She thought Roxas might have PTSD and one thing I had to be extremely careful was that some people with PTSD would commit self-injuring or even have suicide attempt. Self-Injuring. Suicide attempt. Those words hit me like bricks. Roxas was already considered as an emo kid by many. And I knew when he lost control of his emotions, he could turn really violent, like really really violent. Remember the computer he smashed into pieces when he got madly angry? God that was scary. I promised myself to never ever piss him off since then.

Now thinking about it, my fear of what Kairi had said might become true really started consuming me.

But life is like that, always. Whatever you fear most always ended up smacking in your face.

Just couple days after Goofy's death. That morning I woke up early. Not fully awaken yet, I wandered into the open bathroom thinking no one was using it. But Roxas was there. He almost jumped when I showed up. Something caught my eyes and suddenly I fully regain my consciousness. Something as crimson as flames that almost burnt my eyes. Bandages and paper towels stained with blood. I immediately grabbed Roxas's wrist asking him what the fuck's going on. He didn't answer me. His face twisted because of the pain. Only then I realized there was thick crimson liquid on my hand.

It was his blood.

Crimson cuts were lying on his lower arm. Burning red against his pale skin. It hurt my eyes. And my heart.


A/N again: Even though Miranda warnings appeared at the beginning, but I'm actually following the Japanese law enforcement system which I'm more familiar with. Anyway just something I feel have to make clear.

Oh the title Forze del Male is Italian. It means "force of evil". Guess you KH fans should know it already xD