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Warning: this chapter contains incest, rape and disturbing contents such as killing animals in an abusive way. Don't read if this disturbs you.

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Forze de male


Restless in my cell, another sleepless night for me. I had to calm myself down. I had to think. Yes, to think, to make sense. Thinking was not my thing if you know me. I was a man of action. I didn't like to think too much. But things have changed. In the past two years, ever since my sister died, I've done more thinking than the sum of what I did in the first fifteen years of my life.

I was puzzled, all confused after the meeting with Roxas today. I always thought he and Axel were…even though he denied it before as well, but I thought it was that he just didn't want me to know about him being gay. But his cold and unconcerned reaction over the redhead's death really surprised me today. Would you behave like that if the person you liked died? Would you collude confessions with the suspect that might be the one who killed you loved one? His reaction, his behaviour, it just didn't make sense at all. Could I have… gotten all this completely wrong in the first place?

Fuck! If it was not that pyro bastard, then who the hell was the one left those kiss marks on his body?

Just at the very thought of those scarlet marks already made my features twist up in pain. No, please, not again. That black blaze called jealousy was flaring up inside me again. I couldn't get rid of those negative emotions that were haunting me, corrupting me and making me ugly, no matter how hard I have tried. I became a stranger to myself. I no longer know who I am. Like the bitter and mean Sora who wanted to hurt his beloved this afternoon. I didn't know him! It was not me! Impulsive, irritable, grumpy, when did I become someone like this?

When? When…? I knew when. Ever since those strange and crazy things happened one after another, my life started turning up side down. I found myself ending up in a perplexing maze. I was struggling like I was sinking down into the mire. Fear and upset, confusion and frustration, all these negative feelings started consuming me from the inside, eating up my sanity.

I felt like there was a demon, a force of evil nearby me. He was watching me all this time. He was setting up everything. I even doubted if he was the one who framed me for this murder. But I didn't have a single piece of factual evidence for what I believed. I couldn't even prove that he really did exist. I couldn't even tell others what I believed about him. They would just think of me as some delusional psycho. That's right. Kairi told me it was called paranoia, or something, when I mentioned him just that one time. Paranoid, makes you sound like some annoying school-girl doesn't it? Was I just paranoid then?

Demons do not exist in the real world.

So, what's the conclusion?

Was all this just my illusions? Delusions? Was this so-called demon just some easy, cheesy answer to all that I came up with in order to run away from the complicated reality that I didn't want to face up to?

No, Sora, think. Calm down and think. Think from the very beginning again. There must be something I've overlooked. There must be some clues that were yet to be discovered. All this couldn't occur by chance. There must be some connections. Just think and find it!

Not long after Goofy's death, pets in our neighbourhood were killed one after another, killed in such an inhumanly cruel way. First victim was Donald, the pet duck our neighbour next door kept as their favourite. The duck's neck was twisted like someone was wringing a piece of wet cloth. The wings were pulled off from its body while the duck was still alive. You could tell this by seeing the amount of blood it spilt. The most vicious thing the murder did was that Donald's dead body was placed right in front the main entrance of our neighbour's house. White feathers and red blood were all over the place, making the lady next door scream and cry in horror and disbelief at the scene.

The next victim was Mickey, a black Schnauzer Leon and Cloud, who were living a few houses away from us, had kept as a pet for three years (no one ever thought Cloud would choose a Schnauzer as a pet but he did anyways). Mickey died in an even more horrible way that one could hardly bear to look at it. His head was ripped off from his body, so as his four limbs. Not only that, his guts were pulled out from his cavity, intestines wrapping around his beheaded trunk. Even Leon and Cloud, who as cops probably had seen worse things at crime scenes, had their face turn deadly pale right upon seeing Mickey's remains.

It was way beyond any kind of pranks. The person—whoever did this–was definitely a psychopath with no mercy. But the question was why he was doing this? Was he just killing for joy? Or was this a sort of warning message he wanted to give?

My intuition told me that, this was a provocation. He wanted to provoke rage.

But from whom? My old man? My family? Or…me?

Mickey's remains were placed right in front of the door of our house instead of at Leon and Cloud's place.

Roxas almost puked his guts out that night. He lost his appetite for several days. My reaction? Of course I was disgusted like everyone else was. But more than that, there was something strange growing and growing in my mind. It was like fear but more than that. My heart was throbbing in a strange way in my chest when we saw Mickey's body. Like I said before, I felt like someone was watching me ever since Goofy's death, and this feeling returned to me, had grown even stronger this time. I almost could see the golden evil light flickering in his eyes. Man, this was just crazy! Why the hell was I having this nonexistent vision?

My fear came from the unknown. I didn't know what the murderer's purpose was. That murderer, who was hiding himself in the darkness, who was extremely cunning for he committed brutal killings without leaving any trace, somehow I just knew that he did not do this randomly just for some joy. That's what I was afraid of most. Not only me, the whole neighbourhood was shrouded under shadows of fear after the serial pet killing. He successfully induced this psychological stress upon all of us. Parents no longer allowed their kids to play outside for too long, for no one knew whether or not the murderer's next target would be a human instead of a pet.

My fear also came from something else. A doubt. A possibility. Even after I saw the self-induced cuttings on Roxas's arm, I couldn't help but start to have this doubt…could it possibly be him?

Unstable emotions. Loss of control. Violence. Self injury. Transformation. Killing small animals, instead. Was this even possible? Could it be possible that he did it even without himself realizing it?

No. No fucking way!

What the hell—I'm suspecting my own brother? I shook my head violently, wanting to chase this terrible absurd suspicion away from my head. There's no fucking way it'd be him! Roxas would never ever do such things!

But wait…I used to think he'd never do such things like cutting himself, didn't I? But he did anyway. Do I really know my own brother?

Damnit. Even though he told me to leave him alone, even though he hated me now, I still wanted to help him, I still wanted to talk to him, desperately. I had this feeling, that if I left everything go unchecked like this, our once peaceful life could be completely turned upside down in the near future. I couldn't watch my brother lose his mind without doing anything.

He's my only brother, the only person I truly care for, the only person I truly…love.

But that night, the night I tried to talk to him again, I saw something, something completely blew up my mind, something set off the darkness inside my heart ever since then. A kiss mark…a love bite on his neck. Scarlet like blood, stinging my eyes, a damn, fucking, love bite!

No wonder he was wearing a black turtleneck sweater that day despite the temperature not even being that cold!

Having changed into his pyjama, he didn't know I would come to his room that night, he didn't expect me to see that angry dark red mark on his neck. What is it? A mosquito bite? What, you think me just a gullible three-year-old kid? Every normal seventeen-year-old guy would know what that fucking it is!

When all of my blood rushed up to my head, when my whole body went numb because of what I just saw, I, for the first time realized how sick I was. I knew my reactions were abnormal. I wasn't supposed to feel this way. He's having a relationship with someone. He finally stepped out of Xion's shadow and moved on, starting a new relationship. I should congratulate him. I should feel happy for him. But instead, all I felt was this fucking painful jealousy burning in my heart!

Fuck it.

First self-harm, now the love bite. Just how many other things is he hiding from me? Just what on earth does he think I am to him? Like a total stranger? Does his only brother have a single piece of meaning to him? I care for you so much, but you just treat me like a stranger. Why? Why not open up to me? Why hide everything from me? Why turn me down? Why? Why? Why?

I felt extremely tired for whatever reason. I was just tired, mentally. I left his room like a zombie. At the moment I stepped into my own room, my vision suddenly turned black. All I could feel was my collapsing body hit the cold floor. Then I completely blanked out.

"What the hell do you want?"

The blonde teen groaned in anger, he was forcefully pinned by another male figure against a wall. He struggled all he could to get away from the other's imprisoning. But it was no use. All he got back was the other male's sick twisted low laughter, mocking his pathetic effort to resist.

"What do I want? What do you think?"

Deep sexy voice whispered ever so seductively close to his ear, making the blonde teen shiver uncontrollably. The blonde boy tried to ignore the other's hand mapping out his naked body, touching every sensitive spot of his teasingly. The other knew him, knew all his weakness. He knew he couldn't hold his fragile defence for long.

"If what you want is me, you already have me! Why do you still have to do those terrible things? Why do you still…Argh!"

He was interrupted when the other roughly yanked his pyjama pants and boxers off his hips. He gasped in fear when he felt the other's rock-hard cock pressed directly at his tight entrance.

"Why? I told you, the game would be more fun this way, right?"

The other male started licking the blonde's blushing face ever so slowly, enjoying the lovely sight as the younger teen's pretty face twisted in terror and pain.

"…Wh-What are you going to do to him? What the hell do you want from him?"

"What do I want from him? What I want, Roxas, is his destruction. I want to destroy every piece of him until nothing is left. I want nothing but to ruin everything of him, everything, every-single-fucking-thing of my dear Sora."

"You freak! Arrggh!"

No prep, no lubrication, the other male shoved all his cock into the blonde's tight hole at once, not caring how much pain and damage it would cause to the younger boy.

On the contrast, that was his purpose. The painful screams he evoked from the blonde teen made him grin happily. He loves his screaming, loves it so much. Not giving the younger boy any time to adjust, he started ramming into the blonde's body again and again, harder and harder. He wanted to hear more painful screaming to fulfil his sadistic greed. He wanted his Roxas to scream more for him. He wanted to see that beautiful face twisted more in agony and despair, all because of him.

The smell of blood soon tainted the air in the room. The boy's blood now became the best lube, making the tight hole all slick and easy for him to enter. He kept pounding into the blonde, thrusting ever so deep into him in a way that could hurt the boy's internal organs.

"Ah! Ah! No! S-stop!...Please! Stop it! No...Agh!"

The blonde was writhing against him in despair. He kept trying to slap and punch on his shoulders, trying so hard to push him away. But this pathetic resistance accomplished nothing but further flared up his sadistic lust drive. He loves his struggle, as much as he loves those high-pitched painful screams, the screams that were so loud echoing around the whole house. But no matter how loud he was screaming, no one would come to his rescue, no one –

"No! Stop, Sora! Stop!"

Humph, heheheheheh, HAHAHAHAHAH!

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