That was all that greeted her in this brand new day. Not chirping of
birds. Not the low hum of electricity. Not the muffled rumbling of
engines. Not the insistent noise of an alarm clock. Nothing greeted
her but the gentle whistling of... wind? Wait, that wasn't it... It
was more like the sound of someone's breathing. Wasn't She alone? That
made her wake faster. She felt the cold touch of fear crept up her
spine. Her heart quickened as adrenaline began to course through her

She looked around the room. Everything was wrecked. The walls were
cracked. The floor looked like it hadn't been swept in years and even
missed some boards. The furniture was ruined. There was debris
everywhere. Simply put, everything was in shambles. {Where am I?} she
asked herself, not recognizing the room. {What is this place?) It
looked like it was made if wood. {Bare wood? I thought the room was
pearl white.} But she dismissed it as a part of the night's dreams...

Although she didn't know were she was, there was still a sense of
familiarity. Suddenly she realized where she was: the Tendos' house,
right in the middle of the sitting room. Near her were the Tendos'
middle daughter, Nabiki, and her own son, Ranma. A flash of gold came
through her mind for a second, but that too was dismissed as part of
the night's dreams.

The three of them were all sprawled around the sitting table... or
what was left of it. Now fully awake, she noted that the room itself
had seen better days. {Looks like my son's girlfriends visited again.}
She mused.

She managed to get up, after freeing herself of her son's arm that
pressed on her. A quick glance at the garden told her that the problem
was much more that she first thought. It was ravaged. The pond was
empty, the little tree siding it was not there, and the grass was
replaced by mud. Even the wall surrounding the Tendo estate was just a
pile of pebbles.

Trembling a little, she walked outside, not caring about the fact that
she wore no shoes. What stood not that far away triggered something in
the back of her mind. With eyes not of her own, she looked through
distant memories and saw a royal court with sublime dresses, an
imposing palace pearl-white, and peace all around. She saw people she
knew and yet didn't recognize.

Troubled by all these mental pictures, she shook her head to clear it,
and then looked back at the structure that confused her so.

What she saw was a magnificent pale-white palace, looking a lot like
the one she saw in her little spell. And yet this one was different...

It was made of crystal...