{...Morning already ? How come nobody waked me up ? Let's see...
clothes dry, no smell of panda fur, legs tangled with someone else's,
no smell of Kasumi's wonderful cooking... wait-a-minute, legs tangled
with someone else's ???} His eyes shot open in a split second, looking
frantically all around him.

{Pfff, what a relief, it was just Nabiki's legs from where she sit...
makes that lay, in front of me at the sitting table. Hmm... how come I
don't remember how I came to sleep here? Must be that tomboy's toxic
cooking again.} The pigtailed boy then took a general glance to the
room he was in.

{Darn... what the hell happened here? Not even Mom's house was that
badly destroyed when the fiancee brigade ravaged it.} He stood up and
walked toward Nabiki to check her.

{Ok, she's not injured or nothing... Let's see if I can wake her up.}

"Hey, Nabiki, wake up, will ya?" He said aloud, gently shaking her

"Hmm... five more minutes..." she mumbled in her sleep.

"Darn, and they say that I'm the one that could sleep through an
earthquake? Hey, Nabiki, wake up, there is something fishy here. Wake
up damnit!" the last he nearly shouted in frustration.

"Huu... wha?" she opened slightly one eye to see who was interrupting
her beauty sleep. "Ranma? You ought to have a very good explanation to
why you are in my room, Saotome. Or it'll cost you." She said while
waking up, against her wishes mind you.

"Yeah? I got news for ya Nabiki. Ya ain't in your room. I'm not even
sure you still got a room in fact." He told her.

"Hu?" She blinked while sitting up, seeing where she was and the
current state of the room. "What the hell happened here?" she shouted
while standing up.

"That's what I wanna know. I don't even remember why we were sleeping
here in the first place." Ranma explained while scratching his head.

"Something is not adding up, Saotome. The furniture don't look like it
was trashed..." she pointed.

"Whadda ya mean?" Ranma asked her, not understanding.

"Look..." she told him while pressing gently with a hand on a remain
of the sitting table. With no effort of her part, the wood cracked.

"How did the wood became that fragile?" Ranma wondered aloud.

"I can't explain it, Ranma. Did you find anyone else?" she asked,
turning her attention back to him.

"Nah, seems we are the only one in here. I wonder where they can be."

"Let's take a look around the house, maybe we'll find something
useful." She said.

"Okay, I'll start with the dojo." He told her, starting his way toward
the garden. "Huu... Nabiki? Take a loot at that."

"You found something already?"

"Depend on what you call 'something' I suppose." He said, pointing the
white crystal palace standing proud not that far from here. "Dunno
what you think, but I'm sure that wasn't there before."

"Perhaps we should take a closer look at that thing. It may be what
caused all this." She told him, gesturing to the remains of what was
once the Tendo household.

"It may be dangerous, but I don't think we got the choice. Let's go."