Oliver sat in his seat in his private jet. They were apparently about to land in Gotham. He'd decided to go there after hearing of a masked vigilante who had a thing about bats. Since Clark was missing, presumed dead, his team needed as many people in it as possible, and this 'Bat-man' seemed the type to fit the bill.

"So, why are we going to Gotham again?" Mia said as she came out of the bathroom, drying her hair.

"There's someone I want to meet." Oliver said.

"Right…" She said "So, this isn't suspicious to people because…?"

"Because I have an old school friend in Gotham." He replied "His name's Bruce Wayne. I'm guessing you know who that is."

"Chairman and CEO of Wayne Enterprises and Gotham's most eligible bachelor, debatably the world's most eligible bachelor."

"I thought I had that one locked down." He said.

"Nope, mister committed relationship." She said "What do you see in Chloe anyway?"

"Well, she's hot for one." Oliver quipped "No, I don't know, it just kind of… happened."

"Enjoy it Ollie." She said "We both know my relationship record."

"Mia, you'll find someone, somewhere." He replied "Hey, I hear the guy Bruce is the legal guardian for is kind of cute."

"No thanks." She said "I don't do blind dates anymore."

Oliver got up and walked over to the mini bar, pouring himself a martini.

"You want one?" He said "They're good."

"Last I checked, seventeen year olds aren't allowed to drink." She said "Oh, that's right, laws only apply to people like us when it suits us."

"Kind of over simplifying it, but I guess that's as good an explanation as any." He said, downing the martini "Get your bag, we touch down in 15 minutes."


Slade Wilson came running out of the building, two of his men in tow. They'd just completed the hit on a councilman and were looking forward to the spoils of their latest success. As he was about to get in the getaway car, he heard a noise above and was jumped on by a young man, getting kicked in the face.

He looked up and spotted the young man. He had black spiked hair and wore a green suit of body armour with a red tunic over the torso, a black eye mask, a black cape with yellow trim, a yellow belt with several pouches and had an 'R' on the left breast of the tunic.

"Well, if we don't have the bird." He said, sneering "Where's the bat?"

"No idea." The young man said with a grin "Why don't you try asking your guys."

Slade turned to see his men being floored by a tall man in grey armour with further black armour plating all around the crotch area, a yellow belt similar to the boys, black boots and gloves, the gloves scalloped, a black scalloped cape and a cowl with pointed ears like a bat's on top. In the centre of the chest was a yellow oval with a bat in the centre.

"Batman!" He said, a slight hint of worry in his voice.

"That's right Slade." Batman sneered at him, his voice gravelly "You're coming with us."

"And what if I refuse?" Slade asked.

"Then I tell Robin to back off and deal with you myself." Batman said, his eyes narrowing.

"Fine, bring it!" Slade said, shaping up and pulling a short sword off of his back.

"I hoped you'd say that." Robin said "I love this part."

"What part?" Slade said, before realising Batman was descending on him, knocking him down then knocking him out.

"Nice one." Robin said "Three nothing to you I guess."

"Come on, let's go." Batman said as he tied Slade and his men together and pressed a control on his belt, calling the police there "It's getting late and you have school tomorrow."

"Aww man." Robin said as he followed Batman to the long black car waiting round the corner, getting in as Batman did the same.

"Don't complain Dick." Batman said as the cockpit slid shut and he activated the rocket booster on the back of the car "At least I'm not keeping you out here all night. If I were, that exam would be the least of your problems."

"Fine." Robin said "But Bruce?"

"Yes?" Batman said as he drove the car.

"You've got to let me grow up some time." Robin replied "I can't be the boy wonder forever. I mean, I'm eighteen years old."

"I know." Batman said "Tell you what; you come up with something better than Robin and I'll listen."

"Fine…" Robin said as the car flew through a waterfall and into a cave, the cockpit sliding open as it stopped on a turn table "I'm going to go get some sleep."

"Good." Batman said as they got out, pulling off his cowl to show his good looking features and black wavy hair "I'll see you at breakfast."

"Good night Al." Robin said, pulling off his mask and the tunic as he walked past the grey haired man in a suit.

"Good night Master Dick." The man said, turning to Batman "I trust tonight went well master Bruce?"

Bruce sighed, removing his cape and tossing it over the back of the chair at a super computer. He turned to the man in the suit.

"Alfred, Deathstroke was able to kill the councilman. I was too late." He said, hanging his head.

"Master Bruce, I've known you for a long time, all your life in fact." Alfred said, putting a hand on Bruce's shoulder "You may fail in what you've decided is your duty from time to time, but you always make up for it. Look at all the good you do for Master Dick. I sometimes find myself wondering how his life would have been if he had been sent to an orphanage rather than been taken in here, and I always reach the same conclusion; he would've had a much unhappier time."

"I know." Bruce said, raising his head and walking into the adjacent changing room, removing his gauntlets as he went in, calling back "I just think maybe his life would be better without all this. Maybe being Robin isn't what's best for him."

"Master Bruce, isn't that his choice?" Alfred said as Bruce walked out of the changing room in jeans and a t-shirt "Doesn't he have as much right to make his choice as you had to make yours?"

"I suppose." Bruce said "Anyway, I'm going to let him take the lead and set the example here. I'm going to bed."

"Very well sir." Alfred said as Bruce began to walk out "Good night."

"Good night Alfred." Bruce called back as he walked up the stone steps out of the cave, leaving Alfred alone.