Oliver knocked on the door of Wayne Manor. He was carrying a bottle of wine while Mia carried her red purse. He was wearing a grey suit with green shirt while Mia was wearing a golden yellow knee length dress.

"Mr. Queen, Miss. Dearden." A grey haired man with a British accent said with a curt nod as he opened the door "Master Bruce and Master Dick are expecting you. If you would like to follow me."

"Let me guess; you're Alfred Pennyworth?" Oliver said, receiving a nod from the man as he led them through the manor "I figured, Bruce used to go on about you all the time like you were his father."

"I would never presume to replace Master Bruce's parents." Alfred said "However, yes, I raised him since he was eight years old."

"When his parents died." Oliver said "I can relate."

"Indeed." Alfred said as they entered a dining room where Bruce and Dick were sat at a table "Sirs, Mr. Queen and Miss. Dearden here to see you. Dinner shall be ready within the next ten minutes."

"Great, thanks Alfred." Bruce said, gesturing to the seats at the table "You two want to take a seat?"

"Thanks." Oliver said as they sat down before holding up the wine bottle "I brought wine."

"Great." Dick said, rolling his eyes "More stuff for Bruce to tell me not to drink."

"Oh, I'm sure Brucey will make an exception this once, right Bruce?" Oliver said, looking at Bruce.

Bruce looked at him for a moment, not sure what to make of it. Half of him wanted to tell Oliver where to go, half of him wanted to say sure why not.

"Fine." Bruce said "But only if you're letting miss. Dearden drink too. It'd be rude otherwise."

"Oh, absolutely." Oliver said "And still using last names? Wow that must be the longest you've stayed professional with a young woman."

"It's up there." Bruce said with a smirk "But you forget, I always had the utmost regard for legality."

"Yeah, I remember." Oliver said "How many times did that get you in trouble again?"

Before Bruce could reply, Alfred came in pushing a silver trolley with five plates on it. He set the plates down in front of each of the people at the table and setting an extra place for himself before sitting at it.

Mia looked down at the plate. There was steak, jacket potato, carrots, sweet corn, lettuce, tomatoes and onion.

"This looks great." She said, getting a kind smile from the old man "Thank you."

"You're quite welcome." He said.

"Tastes great." Dick said "Al, this is the best steak you've ever done, and that's saying something."

"Thank you sir." Alfred replied.

"This is brilliant." Bruce said, cutting into his potato "You've got to stop outdoing yourself, you're going to start making me too fat to move."

"I'll keep that in mind." Alfred said, before looking to Oliver "Mr. Queen, weren't you in school with master Bruce?"

"Oh god." Dick said to Mia as Oliver, Alfred and Bruce started having their own little conversation "Looks like we're going to be sat here bored all evening."

"Looks like it." She said, raising her glass of wine "Here's to boredom."

"I'll drink to that." Dick said, raising his own glass before gulping down half of its contents and nodding towards Oliver "Wow, he has good taste in more than just room mates, huh?"

"Yes, he does." Mia said, refusing to let herself blush at the compliment.

There was no denying Dick was attractive, even if he was a bit arrogant. She supposed living in what could be classed as a top of the line bachelor pad, that was to be expected. However, all she had to do was keep him busy so Oliver could disappear to take a look around and that was all she was going to do.

"I'm just going to head to the bathroom." Oliver said as he got up "If you'll excuse me."

"Of course." Bruce said, seeing the job of keeping Oliver distracted could be easier than it seemed.

"Mia, don't do anything I wouldn't." Oliver said with a grin, pointing at Dick "And you, don't do anything I would do."

"No promises." Dick said with a grin.

Bruce sat at the table finishing his meal for a minute before putting his fork down and getting up.

"I've got to go make some calls." He said, walking out of the room and calling back "I'll be in the study if anyone needs me."


Oliver had been looking around the ground floor of the manor for the last ten minutes, trying to find exactly what Bruce was hiding. He'd ended up in the study, trying to find something in there. As he began looking around the desk, he heard someone coming. Acting quickly, he moved into the corner, hiding in the shadows.

Bruce came walking in and walked to the keyboard in the opposite corner to Oliver. He played a few notes, causing a clicking to come from the grandfather clock. He walked over to the clock and pulled the front gently, causing the clock to open, exposing a hidden staircase which he headed into. Before it had a chance to close, Oliver quickly slipped in, counting on the lack of light in the staircase to keep him hidden

After a minute of walking down stairs, Bruce disappeared round a corner. When Oliver got to the bottom, he understood why. He was inside a cave full of high tech equipment. He noted the long black sports car on a turn table adjacent to a silver chamber that led into what appeared to be a changing room. He stepped further in and began moving towards the changing room.

"Can I help you, Mr. Queen?" A gravelly voice said from behind him.

Oliver span to see a figure in a dull grey body armour with black boots, black scalloped gauntlets, further armour, this part black, around the crotch area, a black scalloped cape and a cowl with what appeared to be bat's ears on top. On the centre of his chest, there was a yellow oval with a bat emblem in the centre of it.

"Love the outfit." Oliver said "Let me guess; Batman?"

"Yes." Batman replied "Mr. Queen. Or do you prefer Green Arrow?"

"What, what makes you say that?" Oliver said.

"You display all the tell tale signs of a dual identity, so I looked into you and all known vigilantes." Batman said "Given what you wore to Lex Luthor's charity gala after dark Thursday and your penchant for archery, it doesn't take the world's greatest detective to work it out."

"You are as good as they say." Oliver said "Well, since you worked mine out, do I get to peek under yours."

"No." Batman said "Now, tell me. What is it you came to Gotham for really?"

"Well, funny you should say that." Oliver said "I need to talk to you about something, but first, Bruce, lose the mask. I saw you come in here and go round there."

"Fine…" Batman said, removing his cowl to reveal Bruce's face underneath "So, what is it you want to talk about?"