Innocence Implied

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Summary: Dean is 21 and Sam is 17.

This is the continuation of my Innocence Trilogy so if you haven't read them it might pay to go and read them first and then come back here. I promise the story will be here waiting for you when you get back.

Author's Note: Sorry it has taken me so long in getting this series back up and running, I'm not sure exactly how often I will be updating but I do promise to do my best to update on a regular basis.


Chapter One: Long Time No See!


Grangeville Maximum Security Prison

Grangeville, South Dakota

July 4th 1999

The large gates of the prison slammed behind the newly paroled prisoner as he stood and let the sun warm his aching bones. The dark truck pulled up and he slid into the shotgun position, 'you got the information I needed?'

'Yeah this the kid?' the driver flicked a photo of a young man, and then another of the same young man talking to a taller youth. 'Got him and his brother.'

'Excellent work.' Ed smiled and fingered the photos, 'my boy has grown up hasn't he.'

'He's twenty now, the kid brother just turned sixteen.'

'So little Sammy is not so little anymore.'

'They're still with Winchester.'

'Not for long and I'll get my boy back, maybe the baby as well.' Ed Harrison sat back and enjoyed his freedom, 'let's go find Daniel.'


Apartment 112

Moonlight Apartment Complex

Nineteenth Street

Tulsa, Oklahoma

May 2000

Lurid faces floated menacingly in the sky, all painted with grotesque clown masks, all laughing with hollow artificial mouths. The sky filled with them, on balloons, kites, flags anything that floated. The sky turned red; it smelt of blood and something else, something unattainable. Thunder rolled across the landscape and purple flashes of lightening littered the sky painting eerie shapes on the blood-red skyscapes.

Then the man spoke, his gruff voice bringing with it more terror, more dread than any thunder storm on a clown-faced-sky.

Dean sat up panting heavily, he could still feel the tremors vibrating through his muscles, desperately he turned to make sure that Sam was still in his bed, still asleep the fact only partially calming his thoughts but not his stomach. Lurching from the bed, he stumbled to the bathroom and dropped to his knees at the toilet just in time to vomit violently into it. The voice kept echoing in his mind, the face of the faceless man played in front of him, 'why the fuck now?'

'Dean you alright man?' A sleepy-eyed Sam slouched against the bathroom doorjamb and gazed down at his older brother a look of genuine concern written across his youthful face.

'Yeah ... yeah ... I'm ...' Dean groaned and retched again spitting up the last of his dinner, 'so gross.'

'Dean what is it? Since when do nightmares make you throw up that's my department.' Sam asked handing a glass of water and damp wash cloth to Dean. 'What's going on? You're scarin' me dude.'

'I'm fine Sam honestly,' Dean managed to get to his feet on the second attempt and suddenly Sam was there with a supportive hand but not crowding his brother's personal space.

'What was the dream about Dean?' Sam asked, 'I heard you call out his name.'

'Dunno who you're talkin' bout Sammy.'

'Him ... Old Stinky ... I remember Dean.' Sam admitted quietly sitting on his bed opposite Dean, 'I know everyone thought that I was too young but I remember what he did to us ... to you.' Dean looked at his seventeen year old brother and flashed back to when they were small boys in seconds. With a tiny Sammy, a big and heavy metal brace on his leg. But most of all he kept seeing the face of that man the day he took Dean and then the day he shot Sammy.

'I have no idea why I am dreaming of him Sam, it's not like ...' Dean's face paled again as his stomach started to lurch, 'dammit where's dad?'

'He and Uncle Bobby will be back in two days ... Dean what's wrong?'

'Ed Hartington I've been dreaming of him again after all of these years I can't get that bastard out of my head.' Dean spat out the very words making him want to throw up again. 'Why?'

'I dunno Dean but ... it's weird I could've sworn I saw him the other day, older but him ... but it couldn't be he's in jail and the last time I saw him ... fuck Dean I was only four years old.'

'You, you think you saw him? Where? Where did ya see him Sammy?' Dean asked urgently jumping up he lunged at Sam and gripped his biceps tightly, 'where did you see him?'

'Dean, Dean you're hurtin' me man.' Sam wriggled out of Dean's grip and then pushed his brother away, 'I thought I saw him hanging around school the other day but he's in jail they put him in jail for what he did to us.'

'Damn it ... I'm sorry Sammy,' Dean muttered when he saw how upset and pale Sam was becoming, 'it was just a dream anyway probably coz of the chilli I had for dinner.'


Sam heard the rumble of the impala before Dean had pulled up in front of his school, shaking his head with a mixture of amusement and concern he hurried down the front steps and ignored the calls by some of his friends. If Dean was picking him up from school, then there was either something wrong or their dad was back early from the hunt.

In his haste to meet up with his brother Sam stumbled, catching his toe on a small rock righting himself before he took a face-plant in front of anyone Sam, blushed and looked around hoping that Kristy Nichols was not around.

'Oh God.' Sam looked up and stared into the face of one of his worst nightmare terrors. 'No, no you're in jail.' Scrambling to get to his feet Sam sprinted towards the impala as the sleek black car came to a stop near the main gate.


Dean finished cleaning every weapon in their place, tidied the apartment up twice, put their dinner on and still had time to waste before Sam came home from school. Normally he would sleep in on his day off, go down to the local pool hall and hone his talents, find a girl to spend the day with, anything for fun. But, but today was different, he couldn't shake the feeling of dread that had descended over him and no matter what he did nothing would shake it. After checking the time once again, he decided to pick Sam up from school, maybe take the little geek out for a coffee or something.

The closer to the school he drove, the more worried he became, he kept checking his rear vision mirror for someone following him, 'getting paranoid in ya old age.' He muttered and turned the volume up on his tape deck. Just as he pulled up in front of the school he saw a frantic looking Sam sprinting towards him, he turned the tape off just as Sam wrenched the car door open.

'Hey Sammy school that bad?'

'Dean ... he's here, I – I saw him.' Sam panted out, 'go, go now please drive Dean.'

'What's going on Sam? Slow down and take a breath.'

'Dean he was here, it was him please just drive.' Sam turned his full puppy-eyes on his brother as his breathing hitched.

'Okay, okay we're going.' Dean turned the key and felt his baby come alive under his hands, as he pulled away he glimpsed at Sam who was staring wildly around him, trying to catch sight of someone or something.

As they drove away from the school, Sam finally started to calm down, 'sorry Dean.'

'Care to share Sammy?'

'Ed, Ed Hartington I saw him just now when I was coming out of school.' Sam panted out the words, 'it was him Dean it was him.'

'Jesus Sam, okay calm down you're gonna start hyperventilating otherwise.' Dean forced himself to stay under the speed limit as they turned into their street. 'We'll check it all out when we get home.'

'He was there watching me Dean, I – I tripped and nearly fell ...' as he spoke Sam started to unconsciously rub his leg, 'my leg gave way I think or I caught a rock or something...'


'I looked up and he was standing in front of me, just a few feet away,' Sam blushed and looked down at his hands, 'I got up and ran ... God Dean I'm such a coward, some great hunter huh.'

Dean bit his lip and swallowed down the angry retort biting at his lips to be let out, he pulled into their parking bay and stopped the car before he turned to face his younger brother. 'Sammy, hey Sammy look at me,' he waited until Sam finally looked up at him, 'you are not a coward, you did the right thing. Aside from not confronting him alone, you didn't do it in public, there were innocents around Sam and you had no idea what he was going to do.'

'Would you've run? Would dad?'

'Yes Sam, both dad and me we would've both run, sometimes you just have to pick ya battles.'

'What are we gonna do Dean? Dad's not back and ... and.'

'We're not gonna panic, let's get upstairs and find out exactly what's going on.' Dean locked the impala and made Sam go ahead of him while he scanned their surroundings for any signs of danger.


Sam sat on the edge of the sofa and watched Dean pace the floor while on the phone to their father, he twisted his fingers together and tried to keep calm, he could hear his father's voice in his head, condemning him for being such a coward.

'Dad I rang ... he got released on parole ten months ago ... no ... no ... yes Sir ... yes Sir ... he's right here with me ... see ya then dad.' Dean hung up and turned to look at Sam, his stomach clenched when he saw the look of fear etched on Sam's face. 'Dad wants us to be packed and ready to leave as soon as they get back.'


'Bobby will be with him, they're coming straight here.'

'Oh okay.'

'Dad wants you to stay home if Ed knows where you go to school we can't risk you going back ... what's wrong Sam?'

'I had a lunch date with Kristy tomorrow,' Sam sighed, 'it's taken me weeks just to get up the nerve to ask her ...'

'Ah sorry dude.' Dean said with sympathy, 'it sucks big time.'

'Ed Harrison ... I remember his face but not much except he hurt you ...'

'He shot you Sammy,' Dean said quietly, 'that small scar on your shoulder ... that's from the bullet.'


'I remember him taking me and leaving you behind. He tried ... he tried to make me into his son Daniel ... he kept me drugged a lot of the time,' Dean's voice broke a little as he forced long banished memories back to the surface. 'He took me into a diner where you were with dad, Jim and Bobby I think. You spotted me and came running ... things happened so fast Sammy ... the next thing I know was you were lying on the floor with all this blood around ya and ya little leg in that brace ... that brace. I was so confused but I knew that ... you were my brother.' Dean looked away swallowing convulsively as he tried to reign in his emotions. 'They let the bastard out on parole for good behaviour how the fuck can they do that?' Dean ranted his sadness quickly morphing into a white anger. 'Harrison Edward Hartington, aka Harry Hartington, aka Ed Hartington, aka Edward Hartington ... that bastard is free they set him free.' Dean continued to pace and vent, he so desperately wanted to pummel something or someone but he knew he had to hold it together for Sam's sake.

The broken look on his little brother's face was the last straw and Dean dropped to his knees, his shoulders sagging, 'I tried so hard to keep you safe Sammy, to keep the men away but it's not enough, it's never enough.' He wept as his tears finally fell, for the innocence lost by two small boys.

Sam watched his brother slowly implode and as much as it horrified him, he found himself taken back in time to when Dean took him into the woods to hide them from the men, Dean was still confused and got scared, so he took them and hid in the brush until their real daddy came and helped them. The realisation hitting him like a tonne of bricks, the reason why Dean was so full on with girls, how he would see red if anyone cracked a gay joke about Sam or himself, Dean had to keep reassuring himself that they were not overtly affected by what happened to them at the hands of paedophiles.

Dropping to the floor next to his older brother Sam wriggled until their shoulders and hips touched and sat there with Dean as they rode out their own fears and horrors. The shrill ringing of the telephone startling both of them, hurriedly rubbing at his tear stained face Dean slowly pulled himself up and went to answer the phone.

'Yeah?' Frowning he listened and waited for someone to speak but all he heard was breathing, 'what do you want?'

'You Daniel, I want you.' An older sounding but still familiar voice sounded, 'missed me son? Because I have missed you.'

'Leave us the fuck alone.' Dean yelled into the receiver, 'or I swear you will live to regret it.'

'Now, now boy don't you sass your father like that.'

'You are ... you've never been my father.' Dean hung the phone up and turned to look at Sam, all he wanted to do was to pack them up and run but they had to wait for their father's return.

'Dean? It was ... how did he?' Sam stared up at his brother with a wide-eyed gaze his pupils dilated and started to glaze over as the shock started to set in.

'Pack! Now Sam pack we're getting out of here ... we'll meet up with dad on the road.'


'Now Sam move it.' Dean barked as he started to throw things haphazardly into a duffle, 'Sam I said move it.'

'Yeah, yeah I'm ... shit Dean how did things get so out of control?'

'He's had ten months damn it Sam he's had ten months of watching and ...' Dean swallowed frantically trying to stop the bile from rising up and trying to escape.

'I'm sorry Dean.' Sam stood in the middle of the floor his hands loose by his sides and his head dropped to his chest, 'I am so sorry.'

'Hey Sam, Sammy look at me none of this is your fault.'

'I'm not ... I'm sorry that you have to feel so responsible for me.' Sam started annoyed with himself for the need to stutter the words out, 'if it wasn't for me you'd be long gone from here.'

'Hey Sammy you are not and you will never be a burden to me!' Dean refuted Sam's guilt-ridden admission, 'a pain in the ass, king of the geeks and annoying little brother but never a burden.'

'Yeah, yeah whatever ... jerk.'

'Alright little bitch get ya packin' done.' Dean said as he headed towards their dad's room, 'I'm gonna see if dad has left anything in his room.'


Dean relaxed as he drove further away from their latest home and towards the rendezvous with their father and Uncle Bobby. He glanced over at his baby brother who was dozing against the passenger window. He could tell that Sam was dreaming and he prayed to that unknown God or whatever it was that Sam was not dreaming of Ed. He sighed deeply when his prayer seemingly once again went unanswered as Sam started to mumble and whimper, 'Old Stinky.' was all Dean needed to hear, as he pulled into the nearest rest stop and reached over to wake up Sam. Parked under a large and shady tree from the warmth of the spring sun Dean made sure that there was no one else around while he attempted to pull his brother out of the depths of his dreams.

Sam felt hopeless as he watched the two small boys, all he wanted to do was to reach out and to protect them, but he was only a witness to the horrors of his memories and dreams.

'Dean I's scared.' Little Sammy whispered and moved closer to his brother, 'bad man comin.'

'Sammy, hey it's okkies Uncle Bobby's gonna be back in soon and then we're going to get dinner.'

'Bad man.' Sammy repeated shaking his head he slid his thumb into his mouth and pressed harder against Dean, not interested in playing with the blocks or anything

'Hey Sammy you feelin' okay?' Dean wrapped his arm around his baby brother and gave him a quick hug.


'Yeah lil dude?"

'Bad man hurts Uncee Bobby.' Sammy whimpered, 'hide Deanie.'

'Sammy what the?' Dean stared down at his little brother unsure of what to make of Sammy when he heard his Uncle Bobby yelling, 'come on Sammy.' He grabbed his little brother and together they ran to the special hidey-hole that only their Uncle Bobby and the boys knew about.

'Boys, ah my beautiful boys.' A large man blocked the doorway just before they had a chance to get through to the hiding spot.

Terrified Dean pushed Sammy behind him and tried to back away from the menacing stranger. 'You leave us alone.' Dean tried to sound as confident as he possibly could and kept Sammy hidden behind him, 'where's Uncle Bobby?'

'Sam dude come on wake up for me, you're scarin' me.' Dean tried once again to wake Sam shaking his shoulder harder this time and was finally rewarded by Sam's eyes fluttering open, slightly unfocused but clear enough for Dean's satisfaction.

'Dean?' Sam blinked and stared around him, 'where? Where are we?'

'Rest stop, man that must've been some dream.'

'Memory more than anything ... when we were at Uncle Bobby's and ... he came ...'

'Ah geeze Sam I'm sorry ... you shouldn't have to remember any of that.'

'You do though don't you Dean?'

'Some of it, he kept us drugged most of the time,' Dean glanced away not willing to let Sam see the truth on his face or in his eyes. His little brother was too adept at reading him already without giving him anymore ammunition. 'Well while we're here we may as well stretch our legs and use the ... yeah try em out anyway.' Dean glanced over at the public toilet block just opposite the car. 'You go first Sammy, I'll keep watch out here.'

'You sure Dean?' Sam glanced over at his brother and noticed immediately the paleness of Dean's cheeks and the dark smudges appearing under his eyes, 'you feeling okay?'

'M'fine Sam now go on or ...' Dean got out of the car and leant against it keeping an eye on the road while Sam hurried over to the toilet block, a frown creased Dean's brow as he noticed the slight limp Sam bore. He couldn't help but worry that it was because of the past coming back to haunt them Sam had reverted to favouring his leg again or did he hurt it when he fell at the school?


Sam hurried out of the toilets as quickly as his stiff leg would let him, his knee felt warm and was already swollen, 'must've twisted it when I fell.' He mumbled as he checked it before coming back out to the car.

Squinting into the sunlight Sam paused and looked around for his brother, the last time he saw him he was leaning against the car now there was no sign of him, 'Dean?' he yelled but the only answer he got was a bird squawking from being disturbed. 'Not funny Dean.'

As he neared the car he noticed a booted foot behind the car, his fear rising to the top notch Sam hurried as fast as his leg allowed him around the impala to find Dean lying unconscious at the rear of the car, the key still in the trunk's lock. 'Dean?'

A slight movement in the shadows caught Sam's eye but before he could react he felt a stinging sensation in the side of his neck, 'nnngh.' Sam cried out as he painfully dropped to his knees with his eyesight wavering he tried to focus on the face floating above him but the strong drugs took effect and he fell unconsciously next to his big brother.

'Welcome home boys.' Ed smirked as he stood over them and let his gaze roam over their bodies, 'welcome home my boys.'