A lady talks to a muggle psychologist about memories she has been recalling after twelve years.

Would you think me crazy, if I said I think I dated a wizard once?

A wizard? Why do you think that?


Memories of what?

Life with him, two years is what I recall.

You spent two years dating a wizard?

Yes I think so, wait...we were married.

If you were married, why aren't you together now?

I think his world was getting too dangerous, so he did something to make me forget.

Then why haven't you forgotten?

I don't think he wanted to do it too me, so he didn't do it well.

Do what well?

Obliviate my memory.

I see, and where did you two meet?

We were seventeen I think, he was just out of school, we met at a restaurant, and I was serving his table. We got married about six months after that, if I recall correctly.

How long ago was this?

I think about twelve years.

Do you know where he went to school?

Oh...I forget, it had a funny name...an animal...wart hog...wait...Hogwarts!

I am not familiar with this school.

You wouldn't be, it is hidden you see, protected I think, by magic.

I see. How long have you been remembering these things about your husband?

Not long at all, something in the paper sparked my memory.

In the paper?


Do you remember a name?

Yes but you might think I really am crazy.

I promise I won't.

His name was Sirius Black.