Unfortunate Soul

Dark clouds hovered most parts of the sky with toxic smoke emanating from the factory. Waves clashed against the port where a young boy stood looking out across the ocean. He stared at the shadowed speck that resembled a much more civilized city located on a separate island miles away. He stared at the city with lost and concern eyes. He came to this port because…


The boy became startled and turned towards the voice behind him. He saw an overlarge man, or was it an elf by those blue ears. He had a top hat with flower décor on the side and wore circular glasses. He also wore a playful big grin; and carried a pink umbrella with a pumpkin at the end.

"Who…who are you?" the boy stammered, gaining some courage to stand up to a weird looking stranger.

"I'm the Millennium Earl, it's nice to meet you," the man bowed. "What's your name?"

"Yusei Fudo"

"I guess that you are an orphan?" the Earl inquired.

Yusei looked down, his eyes saddened. He nodded in response. "I… lost my parents 4 years ago in an accident… I never knew them."

"Ah… how sad… would you like to meet them? I have the ability to bring back the dead," the Earl said.

The boy stared at the Earl and seemed awed by the news, almost tempted, but…he averted his glance. "…sure I would like to meet them, but I… rather have them rest in peace where they be…"

The Earl frowned behind his grin, then his grin grew…

"There won't be another chance," he pressed. "Don't you feel jealous of other kids your age that knows and spends time with their parents?"


"You said you want to meet them and get to know them, right, Fudo Yusei?"

Yusei's knees shook underneath him as the Earl's face was an inch close to his. A sudden aura he couldn't explain sent chills up his spine. The boy's eyes were dilated as the Earl's eyes stared deep into his as if he stared into his soul. Yusei felt from the Earl he was suddenly put under a spell.


The Earl's grin changed into a crook grin. "Good boy…." With a snap of his fingers, two skeleton-like statues appeared from a transparent vortex. Both of the statues had an upside down red star on their foreheads.

"Go on, call their names," the Earl pressed, hiding a smirk behind his grin.

Yusei stared at the figures. He bit his bottom lip and gulped nervously. His heart pounded anxiously as he was about to meet his parents. He inhaled and shout as loud his lungs could let him and it echoed in the sky.


Bolts of lightning shot down upon the figures which caused Yusei to fall back in fear. Sparks of lightning carved the names on their forehead over the stars. The figures shifted, their "hands" twitched, then they looked at their "hands".



"What have you done?" his "father" cried. Yusei cringed.

"Yusei, you…you….turned us into….into akuma? Monsters?" his "mother" cried. Tears swelled in Yusei's eyes.

"M-mommy…. " the boy choked.

"We risked our lives for you and this….." his "father" "clenched his fist" in aggravation.

"My, my….. would you two do the honors of taking over your son's body?" the Earl said.

Yusei's body froze and shook in fear as his "parents" hovered above him. "D-daddy? M-mommy?" no, they couldn't be his parents, but deep within his mind they were. He felt their souls were there, but…. Tears spilled down his cheeks.

"Yusei…" His "father" spoke as his "parents" approached closer and closer to the boy. "We're sorry…."

"We love you!" they cried as they lunged at their son. Yusei's eyes dilated with fear, his mouth opened with silent screams.

The Earl watched with pleasure as his creations feed on the boy's soul. "Poor unfortunate soul…" he grinned sorrowfully. He walked up to the boy as his akuma were finished. "Hungry?"

The boy stared at his master with eyes filled with emptiness.


The door creaked open notifying the inmates of the visitor. The orphaned children and their caretaker's faces shone with joy to see the boy.

"Yusei, where have you been? I was so worried," Martha chided. No response came from the child as he held his head low.

The Millennium Earl chuckled as he enjoyed listening to the agonizing screams from the children and two adults from the inside of the orphanage. He loved every melody and moment of it. He skipped towards the entrance as he spotted the boy stepping outside. He patted him on his head.

"Good boy… my good, good akuma servant. Shall we leave to your new home?"

The boy gave no response. The Earl grinned, a glint shone in his eyes. This boy was his property and shall serve under him for as long as eternity.


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