He watched his kind being destroyed one by one by humans at a high range. These humans were not ordinary humans, but Master called them "Exorcists".

The Earl despises them and only wished of their extinction from this Earth.

Those akuma that those exorcists are destroying are much weaker than him, a level three. Even as a high level akuma, he was still under his control with little free will.

Yusei studied the exorcists. They were strong in different ways, but had their individual weaknesses.

As he watched the akuma being destroyed, his eyes widened in surprise of what he saw. The souls of humans floated towards the heavens as if almost being sucked into a vacuum.

Could it be? If he was to be destroyed by these exorcists, he would be saved? His heart pumped with a desire of hope.

Yusei jumped down from the roof and gracefully landed a several distances away from the exorcists. They became startled of his presence then relaxed when they called him a "human".

"No, he's an akuma."

Yusei stared at the one responsible for that voice, a boy with a weird gadget looking thing on his left eye. He guessed with that eye, that boy could see akuma. The exorcists positioned themselves to fight.

"Wait! Don't hurt him!"

"What? But….but…."

The boy ignored his comrades as he stepped forward and headed towards him. The boy continued to ignore his friends as they called out to him.

"Allen-kun!" "Oi! Allen!"

"What's your name?" the boy asked. He sounded stern, but curious. Yusei studied him…. The boy had white hair and grey eyes. He also had a red scar on his left cheek. He noticed a red star of akuma on his left temple. Was he attacked like him? How did he survive?

The boy stared at him eagerly waiting for an answer.

"Yusei Fudo and yours?"

"Allen Walker" the boy studied him for a moment. "You're...an akuma, but…"

"I'm tired of killing," Yusei replied plainly. "But I have to, I was programmed to." He stared into his grey eyes. He pleaded,

"Please, Allen, kill me… kill me before I kill you….please!" His heart pounded as it cried out as if it will burst out of his chest any moment. Remorse had overthrown his body as he stared into the boy's eyes.

Allen stared at the akuma in disbelief, at the same time held sympathy. He placed his hand on his forehead. Memories of the akuma flowed into his brain; also the same thing happened as memories of the boy flowed into Yusei's mind.

Both had the same fate in meeting the Earl, but one survived with the Innocence.

The boy freed his grasp as his hand vibrated from the wave of their memories. Grey and Sapphire met and time stood still for a moment. The boy knew what he had to do.

Allen calmly closed his eyes then reopened them. He softly tapped his clawed, black fingers on Yusei's forehead.

"Pitiful akuma, let your soul be saved."

Yusei smiled contently as warmth overflowed his body as rays of salvation showered upon him. The heavens are welcoming him. He sensed his parents crying with joy within his heart.

"Thank you, Allen"

The boy watched as Yusei's body disintegrated into dust that sparkled under the ray of light. The dust hovered into the heavens until the akuma was no longer in sight. A tear of joy dripped in his place as the last remain of him.

Allen held his head low. He bit his bottom lip and clenched his fist as he fought back the tears forming in his eyes. He choked as his throat became parched.

He vowed to destroy the Earl once and for all.


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