Need (Part 1)
by BrDPirateMan

Neku turns to Eri for advice on how to woo Shiki, but Eri, who secretly harbours an infatuation for him, has other ideas… Rated M for strong sexual scenes.

His eyes were the most beautiful ones that she had ever seen in her entire life. They were like sapphires that would shine even in the blackest of nights.

She was taken with his cool, calm demeanour. While he wasn't exactly famous for being comfortable with people, he was still friendly and could be surprisingly easy to chat with.

And of course, Eri thought that he was simply handsome. Of all the guys she had met, he was… perfect.

The boy in question was Neku Sakuraba. He had been introduced to her along with other friends like Beat and Rhyme, by her best friend Shiki. And while Beat was goofy and funny, and Rhyme was sweet and philosophical, Eri felt that Neku was the most interesting one among them. The moment she laid eyes on him she knew he was special in a way she couldn't describe.

Before long she began to harbour a deep crush on him. She would talk to him whenever she could because she loved his company. However, Neku never saw through her and was thus unaware of her real feelings for him. Eri remained as simply a friend to him, something she badly wanted to change.

She wanted, of all things, to be his girlfriend.


"Eri," called Neku.

"Oh!" Flustered at his sudden greeting, Eri managed a quick "Hi", before being reduced to a blushing fit when he walked right up to her.

He's simply gorgeous, she thought as he fixed a constant but not penetrating gaze on her.

"Hey, Eri, I know this is kinda sudden, but… you're Shiki's best friend, right?"

"Why, of course, Neku," replied Eri, playing with a frond of long pink hair in her fingers. "What's up? Need anything?"

"Well…" At this point he looked away and the redness in his cheeks was noticeable. Eri mentally noted that he was cute when he blushed, too. But her train of thoughts was interrupted when Neku spoke again.

"The truth is… I like Shiki a lot."


"Y-Yeah, I like her, and I want to ask her out, so I thought… since you're her best friend, you might know what she likes and all."

"Oh… Um, I see…" Eri had always loved Neku in secret, but hearing him say that he was in love with Shiki, she felt like her heart was being crushed by an unknown force. Disappointment clouded her judgment and it was hard to think clearly.

But despite that, Neku was a friend all the same and she would do anything to help him out. So, hiding her true thoughts with her usual bubbly, cheery self, she asked earnestly, "What exactly do you need help with?"


Ever since she knew that the object of Neku's affections was Shiki and not her, Eri's infatuation with the Sakuraba boy only increased. In fact, it was growing to a head and becoming borderline unhealthy.

Eri knew that Shiki was her bosom buddy, the kind of friend you stick up for, the pal you'd gladly set a chunk of time aside for to hang out with. But right now, regarding the matter of Neku Sakuraba, she was fierce competition. She wanted Neku, but he wanted Shiki. Would this be another example of unrequited love?

Oh, how torn Eri was on the inside. She often sighed in dismay, not knowing how to reverse the situation at hand. The problem is, she had agreed to help Neku woo her rival in love, and it hurt her more than it should. It felt like the biggest defeat ever.

It was during these times of worry and frustration that she would attempt to fill in the void in her bleeding heart any way she could. She would role-play romantic dates with Neku in her head, and pretend her pillow was him and hug and kiss it passionately. But soon she became obsessed with him to the point that whenever she found a little free time to herself, she would lock herself in her bedroom, take off all her clothes and masturbate on the bed, imagining Neku making love to her.

She would profess her love for him while inserting two fingers up her birth canal, thrusting in and out with a feverish madness. When she got too wet down below she would wipe her own fluids off that oozed onto her hand and lick them clean, enjoying her own flavour and thinking how much Neku would like it too if he got a chance to get dirty with her. And when she knew no one was in the house but herself, she would often take her wild self make-out sessions to other parts of her apartment. Once, she got the coffee table wet with her own sweat and juices, and was forced to clean it up quickly before her parents returned.

More than just a crush, she badly needed to be intimate with Neku. She needed to satisfy her hunger for him, and fast, before she really got out of control.

But she knew that if she made one wrong move, it would be all over between her and him.


"So I was thinking," said Neku, "I figured you might have some tips that I could use to get her to like me better."

He and Eri were sitting in a fast-food restaurant having a quick meal together. For Eri, it felt almost like a date with him, and she was quite thankful. However, Neku asked her to come with him for tea simply because he wanted to cull dating tips from her.

Indeed, Eri was Shiki's greatest buddy. She knew about her personality, what interests she had and even what ticked her off. Even though Eri was disappointed that it wasn't her but Shiki that Neku liked, she nonetheless felt compelled to at least be a most sincere friend to him and divulge whatever secrets she had that he could use to his advantage.

"It's so cute that you're going to make a move on her," she giggled.

"Make a move? No! It's not like that…" protested Neku with a slight nervous stammer to his normally consistent voice.

"Ohoho, it's fine, Neku. You know, there has been this twinkle in her eye when she talks to you lately."

"What do you mean?"

"Haven't you noticed?" said Eri, taking a sip from her soda. "That's one of the subtle clues that proves…" She leaned in and lowered her voice to a husky whisper, "…that she really likes you."

Neku blushed. Incredulous, but no less happy to hear her words, he simply said, "You've got to be kidding me."

To which Eri nodded to gave him confirmation that it was true.

"Well, um… If that's what you say, then I should probably take the first step. I mean, she's not going to come up to me and ask me out on a date, that's for sure. Why, I wouldn't allow that to happen… It'll hurt my pride as a man!"

"Nice thinking, Neku," Eri teased him playfully. In a mildly seductive voice she breathed, "Hee hee. With such wit as yours, I might probably just like you myself."

Neku spluttered on the soda he was sipping at that time, coughing like a maniac. When he found his voice, the first thing he said was "What?"

Eri simply laughed. "Just pulling your leg. Really!" Messing around with Neku's head and seeing how much he blushed was a lot of fun for Eri. Even if she couldn't have him, it was still a rush to tease him like this.

"Hmm, alright, well…" Neku was dabbing his chin, dripping with soda, with a tissue. "Maybe you can start giving me some tips already."

"What kind of tips in particular?"

"For starters, perhaps you can tell me about what she likes? I know a bit about her, but not that much…"

"Ah, well," Eri said, rubbing her chin and with her eyes affixed to the heavens to suggest deep thought, "You probably wouldn't know it, but she's a fan of the Shopaholics movies. And as you know, there's one coming up, so…"

Neku was all ears. He was scribbling a lot of mental notes in his head. Eri reminded him that Shiki was attentive to little details such as when you opened the door for her, or remembered that she hates milkshake so you would do well not to order one for her. Before long she had exhausted all possible strategies, so they spent the rest of the afternoon talking about everything under the sun until evening darkened the sky.

Down the streets of Shibuya they went as Neku walked her home. Eri grew the urge to latch onto his arm, as it would be so romantic, but steered clear of doing so; it would totally freak him out and not in a good way. Finally, at half past six, they had arrived back at her apartment.

As she opened her front door they shared a few more minutes of casual conversation about the latest Tin Pin craze before Neku spoke in a semi-serious tone.

"Thanks for the tips, Eri," said Neku. "You're really awesome."

"Don't mention it," said Eri, who was quickly blushing. "We're friends, so we gotta help each other out, right?"

"Yeah..." He was grinning from ear to ear.

Eri's heart was pounding against her ribcage in nervousness. She was alone with Neku. This would be the perfect chance to drop a hint about how she really felt towards him… She mustered as much courage as she could…

"Oh well, I guess I'll be off for now, Eri," Neku said, taking a step away from her front door. Then he smiled again and said good-naturedly, "I'll definitely get you a drink sometime for helping me!"

"You can give me something better," muttered Eri, barely audible.


Eri clapped her hands on his shoulders and leaned in swiftly to kiss him on the lips. Completely taken by surprise, Neku could do nothing but stand there and let the girl smother him. It was a good half minute before she broke away with a large goofy grin on her face, which was as red as his.

Unable to think coherently, Neku could only stutter unintelligibly. "Wha… What…"

Retreating slowly back to the open doorway, Eri turned on her innocent charm once more. "Good luck, Neku," she chirped, beaming widely. "I'm confident you can win Shiki's heart for sure!" And she went back inside, closing the door behind her, leaving Neku in a daze.

The orange-haired boy, with his mind all blurry, was confused by Eri's actions. He left the building with even more questions for Eri, questions he knew he might never get the answer of because she would probably dodge around the issue.

Eri leaned against the front door, light-headed and with shaking hands. She brought her trembling fingers to her lips with the lightest of touches, as though she was afraid a normal touch would ruin her delicate mouth.

I've kissed him, she thought giddily, I've actually kissed him. Maybe now, he'll notice me more.

She couldn't stop squealing with joy as she retired to her bedroom, mission accomplished.


Ever since Eri kissed Neku, he could never think straight. It came to him as a shock, not a rude one, but one that he did not expect nonetheless. The only question in his head was, Why did she kiss me?

He had always kept alive his dream of kissing Shiki, the girl of his dreams. He often fantasized about confessing to her, something he intended to do soon. Then they would share a passionate first kiss, after which they would go on dates. He was so much in love with her, he could marry her.

But his thoughts would invariably return to the day he was kissed out of the blue by Eri, whom he regarded as just a friend. He was sure she felt the same way about him too. So if they were just buddies as he thought they were, why did she do that? Why did she do something that only lovers would do?

Neku figured at first that Eri might actually have feelings for him, but quickly tossed that theory to the back of his mind. Sure, she was cheery and funny and interesting, but she didn't seem the type to develop a liking for him; she just didn't seem that way. Without a solid enough reason, Neku settled for the possibility that maybe Eri was merely teasing him. She did like to play harmless pranks on people sometimes. That'd probably be it, he thought. Probably. And he would try to concentrate on how to put her tips on wooing Shiki to good use.

The more he pondered about this, though, the more he was convinced that Eri looked at him in a different light.

Despite the confusion in his mind, Neku eventually asked Shiki out, and she agreed with a big grin on her face. That Friday night they went to see a movie – a "Shopaholic" film, which was one of Shiki's favourites – and have dinner afterwards at a trendy café, with Neku making sure he put Eri's tips to good use.

From the way Shiki was smiling and blushing the whole time, Neku knew he was making a lot of progress with her, especially when he had the upper hand with Eri's precious tips. Always open the door for Shiki, never order milkshakes, and so on. He had psyched himself up and made lots of preparations, reciting important advice over and over again like a mantra.

By the time they were back on Shiki's doorstep, Neku knew that Shiki would probably have an idea of how he felt towards her.

"I really enjoyed myself, Neku," sighed Shiki, whose blush, Neku thought, made her look even cuter.

"Yeah, same here," mumbled Neku, embarrassed himself. The silence that followed was a little uneasy, but it was filled with innocent puppy love. Not knowing what to say next, he muttered a muffled goodbye and skittered away. Shiki called her own goodbye to him as she watched him bound off into the darkness of the night.

With lovehearts spinning around her head, she went to bed a happy girl, giggling in a silly manner.

Neku had done the impossible. He had mustered enough courage to ask the girl out, and they actually had fun on their date. It was the perfect scenario, almost too good to be true. He couldn't resist shouting a loud "Yes!" as he was running back home, ignoring the stares of the few passers-by. And he couldn't wipe the grin off his face.

I need to thank Eri for all her advice! he thought to himself. The memory of the pink-haired girl giving him an impromptu kiss quickly faded away to nothing, and before long Eri was forgotten for the rest of the night.


"Hey, Eri," Neku almost yelled into his cell phone, "I asked Shiki out! We went out last night!"

"Really?" cried Eri, trying hard to mask the hurt in her voice by sounding extra-cheery. So he really likes her and not me, she thought gloomily. Even with the kiss I gave him, he still prefers her over me. Still, being his friend, she had to at least appear genuinely interested in Neku's affairs. So, with mock excitement, she giggled, "You have to tell me every single detail!"

"It's thanks to your advice that the date went smoothly," said Neku, causing Eri's heart to lurch for a bit from being praised.

She couldn't deny the fact that she was still attracted by him. She wanted so badly to be with him till the end of their days. She needed him.

Eri knew she still had some fight left in her and decided to press on. Ignoring all good sense and courtesy, she made it her personal mission to snatch Neku away from her very own best friend.

It wouldn't be pretty, she knew. But she had to do it, or her heart would keep bleeding.

"Hello?" came Neku's voice, upon receiving no further reply from Eri.

Eri quickly composed herself, and thinking quickly, she blurted out, "C-Come on over to my house! I want to listen to every bit of your date!"

Neku was a bit hesitant at first, muttering an "Um…" and trying to figure out an excuse to politely decline, but Eri was insistent and persuasive. "It's no fun if I don't know half of what's going on," she pouted. "Especially when I was the one to help you."

"You have a point, Eri. Alright, I'll see you in… oh, ten minutes?"


"Right then, later."


Eri was twiddling with her hair nervously as she was waiting for Neku. Who would have thought that ten minutes would take so long… She hoped to be able to leave him with another big hint when he arrived.

I'll kiss him again and see what happens, she thought, playing with the idea in her head over and over again. It'll have to be subtle yet noticeable. She was known for teasing people. If she poked fun at him by kissing him in a mischievous way, maybe it'd make him pay more attention to her without freaking him out.

To hopefully increase the impact of her actions, she had changed into a crop top and a pair of ridiculously skimpy micro shorts. Almost all men's minds were the same, she knew. No matter how hardened they could be, there's nothing quite like baring a lot of skin to lower their defenses. For her, this tactic was easy, especially since she was one of the prettier – and more popular – girls in school.

A chime rang through the air. The doorbell had rung. Eri nearly jumped out of her skin and her heart started beating hard and fast. Was that Neku at her doorstep? She leapt to her feet and answered the door.

True enough he was standing there dressed in that all-too-familiar purple hoodie. He was smiling broadly, and it was obvious he had lots to tell her.

"I went out with Shiki!" he exclaimed, half-mad. "We had a date!"

"Yeah, that's awesome!" Eri lied. Neku meant everything to her. She wanted him, needed him. How could he go out with someone else, even she was her best friend? She didn't like that one bit. "Come in, come in," she said, motioning him inside her living room. "Need a drink?"

They sat down on the couch together once she brought the two of them sodas. He was sitting with the coffee table in front of him, but she was cross-legged facing him. And she was so close… Neku didn't think anything of it, though. Everyone was used to her sitting in all sorts of weird positions when she visited them, because she loved being casual and carefree, not having to give a damn about what others thought about her. Her favourite way to sit in a lazy chair would never be the proper way, but sideways with her back leaning against one armrest and her legs dangling over the other.

Eri's habit for freestyle sitting gave her an excuse to talk to Neku up close where she could gaze into that beautiful face of his.

"Go on and start talking already!" giggled Eri, shaking him gently by the arm. "The suspense is killing me!"

"We went to watch the new Shopaholic film that just came out…" Neku began, face starting to turn red.

He looks so cute when he's blushing like that, she thought, very much enjoying the view of him up close. "…so we were watching and she seemed really glad that…" Half of what Neku was saying just flew over her head. "…there wasn't a time when we were out of things to talk about…" She was too caught up in drinking the sight of him with her eyes. "…the date didn't feel awkward at all! And…" Gosh, I could just stare at him for hours…

"Eri?" Neku suddenly realized that she had a blank look on her face. "Eri! Wh-What's with you?"

"Huh? I heard every word!" she fibbed, scared that he would be cross at her for not listening. Oh no! He found me out! I've blown it!

"You know, Eri… I know we're pals and all, but… could you let go of my arm?"

"Your… arm?"

Much to her shock, she saw that both of her hands were wrapped around his arm. She must have done that unconsciously!

"I'm sorry!" she spluttered, her face a livid red. "Sorry sorry sorry! I didn't mean to… Uh, I mean, I wasn't... I didn't know this even happened!"

"Whoa, calm down, Eri." Neku tried to calm her down, a little smile forming on his mouth, though it was obvious that he too was blushing. "Just a small mistake, nothing more…"

"I didn't do it on purpose! Really I didn't!" she cried, mortified. "This wasn't part of my plan, or something, or…"


"N-No! It's… It's nothing!" Waah! I said too much! "I'm sorry, Neku… I'll sit farther away from now on!"

However, a stifled snort could be heard from Neku. He was covering his mouth in a vain attempt to hide his… laughter? He's…laughing? Indeed, he couldn't hold it in anymore. He started to laugh right then and there. What's with him?

More stupefied than angry, Eri prodded him in the arm. "What's going on? What's the deal, Neku?"

"Sorry, Eri," he tried to suppress his guffaws long enough to reply. "It's just… when you were apologizing just now, and you were flailing your arms so comically like that, you kinda remind me of Shiki."

"Comically… Wh-What's that supposed to mean?" Maybe she was a little annoyed now. "And what's this got to do with her?"

"Whenever Shiki makes a huge blunder, that's what she does. Apologise profusely and flap her arms like the wind. It's funny to watch, but it makes her appear cute at the same time.

"What you did was similar to Shiki's behaviour." Neku chortled, quieter this time.

Could it mean that he thought Eri was cute too? No, it couldn't be. Shiki was the shy, reserved type. Acting like a nervous headless chicken would be something her friends might expect of her, and it certainly endeared herself to Neku, but Eri doing the same thing would simply make her look foolish. It just wasn't something that smart, fashionable Eri would normally do, if at all.

There was also the pressing matter of her not making any progress with him. How long did she have to be hurt from listening to him rave about her best friend like she was the best thing since sliced bread? She could stand the crushing feeling in her heart no longer. Without prior thinking and with eyes downcast, she asked him a question:

"Neku… Do you really like Shiki so much that there's no room for me?"

His laughter quickly rattled off and died. In its place was an emptiness, a kind of shock. "Wh-What?"

Oh no! What did I just say to him? thought Eri, panicking for a bit before quickly regaining her composure. No, no, this is my chance. I must tell him what I really feel about him.

"Well…" Eri refused to look at him, tracing circles with a finger on the leather skin of the couch. "It's just… you always keep talking about her… and you look like you really enjoy her company, but…"

"But what?"

Eri chickened out at the last minute. "Um, nothing… Forget I said anything, Neku."

"Hey, hey now…" Neku clasped his hands on her shoulders gently, causing her to jump slightly. "We're friends, right? You can tell me anything, I'll listen."

"What, like you wouldn't tell anyone?"

"I don't gossip," he said truthfully. "If it's not something you're comfortable with others knowing, Eri, I wouldn't tell."

"Um…" Eri was unsure of whether to proceed or retreat completely and fail.

"You know, someone once told me… 'Trust your partner'! So maybe you're not my partner or what, but you're definitely my friend." He gave her a reassuring smile, completely oblivious to the turbulence inside Eri's mind. "And since you're my friend, anything you wanna keep a secret is safe with me!"

The redness in Eri's face only deepened. He was so kind to her, so caring. She swore, having met so many guys in her life, there never was one so tactful as him. With renewed boldness, she spoke again with determination.

"Neku… I… The truth is… I…"


"…I like you, Neku."

Time stopped. There wasn't a single sound coming from the busy streets of Shibuya outside the window. It was unusually creepy, as though a nuclear bomb had gone off and they were the only human beings left in town.

Neku found his voice after a while. "C-Come again?"

I can't back down now. I've got to be firm! And so she repeated her last sentence. "I like you, Neku."

"Wh-What?" Neku was incredulous, and wondered if this was another one of her pranks, but the look on her face was too serious even for a deadpan expression, that it was impossible to see how she could be joking. He didn't even need to confirm with her whether she was pulling his leg or not. He knew she meant every word. But still, he knew it to be a good idea to stay on his guard. He was expecting her to burst into laughter after a while, but nothing of the sort happened.

"Eri, um, wow… I don't know what to say… I just… You can't be serious about this."

"No!" Eri almost shouted, urgency in her voice. "I really like you, Neku! I've been trying to tell you for days now, but I never found the chance. I just think you're so cool and such a nice guy… that I completely fell for you!"

Neku remained skeptical, although he noted that her forthrightness was somewhat disturbing. "You can't be serious," he said again, treading carefully. "It's just one of your jokes. That's all, right?"

"You…" Eri was frustrated to the brink of tears. Why couldn't he listen to her? And after all that pep talk about being friends and listening to each other, too! He was such a hypocrite! Was Shiki all he could think about? And not her?

"I'm not lying, Neku!" Eri's hands were balled into fists, shaking angrily. "And… And I'll prove it to you!"

With lightning speed she cupped her hands onto Neku's cheeks and smashed her lips into his. He was stunned, powerless to do anything to stop her as she furiously attacked his mouth with soft, supple lips. Eri was afraid to let him go, for fear that she would never be able to see or talk to him again. At the same time though, she was enjoying her second kiss with him, the very atmosphere a concoction of pleasure and danger.

Eventually Neku's tense body softened up and he let the girl do what she was doing. He had been kissed only once before by Eri; not even Shiki's lips he had tasted, which was understandable as they had only just gone on their first date. The sensation in his mouth was overwhelmingly… good, he had to admit.

Eri broke away with an audible "smack". The frustration had long melted away. Both she and Neku looked at each other without a word.

"Wow," muttered a flabbergasted Neku at last. "Eri, that… I…"

"I like you, Neku…" Eri said. "Are you convinced now?"

"Well, I just didn't think you'd like me. You didn't seem the sort."

"Neku, maybe it's Shiki you're in love with, but please, at least once, give me a chance!"

"Uh… But I'm going out with – "

"Please… I'll do anything for you…" she begged, leaning in again and breathing into his face.

Just before their lips connected again, to her surprise, she heard him whisper, "Okay".

When she kissed him again, he returned it softly and carefully. She felt his hands slowly hug her close to his body, sending shivers down her spine. She could tell Neku was enjoying this. Eri kissed him deeper and with increased passion.

Eri's temperature kept rising exponentially as her lips danced with Neku's. Her mind was starting to blacken with lust and dirtiness. She couldn't think of anything else. Before she knew it, her body was acting on its own. One hand slowly made its way to the zipper of her micro shorts and pulled it down. She forced them off of her hips, sliding them down her luscious legs, whereupon she kicked them aside.

She was about to get to work on her top when she heard a most unexpected thing from Neku.

"Eri… we should probably go somewhere else."

She understood. "To the bedroom it is, then," she sighed into his ear. Still glued to each other and kissing, they hobbled away to the privacy of her bedroom, locking the door behind them. Eri lay on her bed and stretched in the most arousing manner she could manage, enticing him with a come-hither look on her face.

"Come to me, Neku," she growled, "Come and join me."

For a brief moment, Neku felt guilty about cheating on Shiki. He had actually let himself be seduced by this crafty girl, when they both knew he was clearly in love with her best friend. While conscience still had a grasp on his mind, he attempted to protest.

"W-Wait, Eri," he said, watching Eri toy with her pink hair. "On second thought, maybe we shouldn't do this…"

"Hmm?" Eri wasn't listening much, if at all.

"Yeah, you see – "

That sentence trailed to silence and dissolved in Neku's throat as he watched her suddenly sit up in bed and peel off her crop top, which she cheekily tossed in his direction. By instinct, he caught it in his arms. He was immediately struck by the fragrance of Eri's bodily scent that was impregnated in it. She chuckled softly at his reaction.

"If you don't want it," she said, winking at him, "you'll miss out on a lot."

The sight of the curvaceous Eri plucking at the straps of her skimpy white bra, and caressing the low-strung panties which were precariously perched on her hips, made Neku go crazy. All his guilt flew out the window. The matter with Shiki could wait. He simply had to explore more of this beautiful girl. And if she was willing, then what had he to lose?

So he climbed onto her bed, and with their knees on the mattress, they embraced kneeling and resumed chewing each other's lips anew. Eri pulled his shirt off and let him roll his fingertips all over her smooth back. Breaking apart for air, she gasped in awe upon laying her eyes on something that Shiki, or probably no other girl in fact, had never seen before: Neku being topless.

With a trembling hand she traced the surprisingly rigid muscles on his chest, trailing downwards to his abdominals. She knew Neku was handsome but she never thought he had such a ripped body underneath that misshapen hoodie of a shirt. Eri was shivering uncontrollably.

"You… You work out?" she squeaked, in a tiny voice unlike her normal one.

"Well, kind of," replied Neku, who was busy drinking in the sight of Eri's bare body. "Though I don't do weight-lifting all that often."

"You look great," gushed Eri, growing bolder and rubbing her hands on his chest, thoroughly enjoying herself.

Neku said nothing to that, though it was obvious from the small, barely noticeable smile that curled up on his lips that he took it as a compliment.

When he took his pants off by himself, Eri's mouth gaped open. Apparently, he was nursing an erection within his boxers, and it looked ready to burst out of its prison of cotton. She had never seen a man without his clothes on, much less a real… male thing. Unused to the sight, there was not a spot on her face that wasn't red. For that matter, so was Neku from seeing a girl practically naked and so close to him at that.

Neku and Eri did nothing for several moments except blush and fidget. Eventually it was Eri who got things flowing again. She wrapped his neck within her arms, and edged closer to him until their foreheads were touching. Her bra-clad bosom nestled against his chest. My God, Neku thought, her breasts squashing against him ever so tantalizingly. This is heaven.

When she locked her lips with his once more, their discomfort from being unclothed in each other's presence eased gradually, and they lost no time groping everywhere. Neku was particularly partial to the small of her back, touching it often, pulling at her panties ever so slightly. Eri's hands traveled along every muscle of his tense body, particularly his chest, which she loved placing her hands on.

They fell together onto her bed, continuing to kiss passionately with her underneath him, his well-hardened manhood poking against her crotch, eager to enter. For Eri it was both ticklish and arousing. She finally parted with Neku's chest and reached behind her back to unhook her bra, which came off to expose her petite breasts to the boy. Neku was initially shocked to see a real woman's mammary assets for the first time, but he was impressed.

The air was filled with electricity as they flung their undergarments off. Eri winced upon seeing Neku's… well, she didn't know what one looked like in real life, but it appeared to be just about the right size for her. Then, remembering that she had a small stash of condoms bought specially for that special occasion – like now – she managed to calm a hyperventilating Neku from blindly satisfying his basic desires long enough for her to take the box out of a largely hidden corner of her bedside drawer.

This is it, she thought, staring at the unopened box of condoms in her shaking hand. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do this right…

"Maybe I can help," said Neku, close to drooling.

"Not so fast, cowboy," replied Eri coolly, though admittedly it was difficult to maintain her own sanity.

She fished out a square metallic wrapper from the box and tried to tear it open, but her fingers were quivering so much that Neku had to do it for her, to which she mumbled a slurred thank you. This being their first time, both took a few minutes to calm down and read the instruction booklet. After a few fumbled – and frustrated – attempts, they finally managed to put the offending rubber tube on for him.

With the sheath in place, they began to grow excited again. However, Eri suddenly experienced an incongruous wave of guilt. Here they were in her bedroom with all their clothes cast aside, ready to get the final act started, but she felt slightly terrible stealing her best pal's boyfriend.

Should she halt before feelings were hurt, emotions scarred forever? The crossroads she was now hovering at were very important. True, it was she who brought Neku into the whole… mess, but was she really all that prepared to lose her virginity to a boy who wasn't even her lover?

Even more crushing questions came hurling towards her all in one go. Would she and Shiki still be friends if the latter knew of her boyfriend's infidelity? Where would her reputation go once everyone knew? For that matter, both of them may be sexually ready, but they were still at the tender age of sixteen, and as of yet, they were minors. Would they be arrested if word got leaked out that she had slept with Neku?

Neku was in a crawling position and was about to dive in, his throbbing shaft mere inches away from her sweet spot, when Eri scrunched her legs together defensively and covered her bare breasts with her arms.

"Wh-What's wrong?" asked Neku, taken aback.

"I'm… I'm scared, Neku…"

Confused, he pressed for an explanation. "What do you mean? Didn't you want to do this?"

"S-Sorry, I was just… hesitating. So many… doubts. I know I started this, but now I don't know if I'm ready…"

Neku's blue eyes stared straight into her soul, and while Eri would admit any day that they were mesmerizing, it was hard to tell what he was thinking under that poker face of his. What was he planning in this silence? Again more questions bombarded Eri. If it turned out she was unwilling after all, would Neku just go ahead and attack her? She shuddered. No, Neku would never do such a thing, she thought, light-headed. He's my friend.

The boy spoke again.

"If you're not ready, I wouldn't do this. Trust me. It's your call. I respect your decision. I mean, this is the first time and all, you know. I don't want to spoil it."

That did it. Neku's kind words won her over. Even in the face of such carnal desires, he was cool enough to put her at ease, even going so far as to stop for her sake. She was now truly convinced that she had fallen head over heels in love with him. Once again she was filled with inextinguishable lust that could only be satisfied in one way…

"Oh Neku, you don't know how much your concern means to me," Eri said, unfolding her arms and spreading her legs. "Come."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm certain this time. Sorry for earlier."

"No, that's fine… Okay now…" Neku's breathing was shallow and fast, his eyes turning wild.

"Satisfy me, Neku!" cried Eri, offering herself to him.

Entranced by Eri's seductions, Neku parted her legs some more and wedged himself in between, pushing himself inside her birth canal and tearing her protective barrier in the process. Eri yelped in pain, gripping the sheets and refusing to let go. The destruction of her vaginal diaphragm signified the beginning of the loss of innocence for both her and Neku.

They had both been virgins, but now their virginity was lost forever. It was an irreversible change.

The pain was pretty intense for Eri, and she couldn't stop a tear from rolling out the corner of her eye. She was grimacing a lot. Neku noticed and tried to console her as best as she could.

"Are you alright, Eri?" he asked, genuinely concerned. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so hasty."

"No, Neku, it's not your fault," Eri sobbed, feeling his hardness inside her. "We're both new to this sort of thing. We don't know how this is supposed to be… so this is to be expected. Besides, I'm sure the pain will subside soon enough."

"Alright, if you say so," said Neku. "In the meantime, I'll help you forget the pain."

He brought his lips to hers, kissing deeply. She gasped when he traced the curvy outline of her body with both of his hands, which began at her ribs, sliding down her waist and down to her hips before feeling their way back up until he just touched the sides of her breasts. Eri was trembling uncontrollably. His touches were gentle but electric.

True enough, she felt her pain ebbing away to nothing, and she squeezed her legs against Neku's hips, giving him a silent signal that she was ready to go again. He understood.

He thrust his pelvis against hers slowly at first. Eri moaned in delight as she felt herself adjusting to the length of Neku's shaft. But as this was their first time together in bed, they lacked experience and so their journey into the land of Kama Sutra was awkward and squeamish. Eri would beg him to go faster, but he would slow down one too many times, though not on purpose. He just didn't know the proper way to make love. Then again, neither did she.

The need for instant gratification was making Eri impatient, for while she was enjoying every second, she wanted so badly to have the type of bone-breaking orgasm that she already knew the feeling of through many weeks of masturbation. She wanted him to give it to her.

"Faster, Neku," she breathed, sweat trickling down her toned body. "Faster!"

"I know, Eri," Neku groaned, totally unsure of whether he was making progress or doing nothing at all to satisfy the girl's cravings. "I'm… getting there."

"Ah… good, good…" Eri squeaked as she became aware of him grasping her hips in his hands and pulling her towards him, gently but surely. Finally they were getting somewhere. She wrapped her legs around his pelvis and tightened her grip on him, forcing him to penetrate much deeper than usual inside her. This shocked both of them; apparently, he had yet to explore the entire length of her birth canal!

But it was all good. Now it felt even better with all of him inside her. Eri was starting to feel minor spasms here and there as Neku continued to pump into her. Hearing his grunts in that manly voice of his was turning her on, and she whined gratefully.

Before much longer her body was telling her the crescendo was close at hand. She welcomed it with open arms.

"Eri… I can't hold it in…" Neku panted.

"You're not supposed to… You gotta… let it out… Nngh!"


"Neku… Oh… Oh, Neku, yes…"

Both boy and girl reached their climax at the same time and yelled as their bodies quaked and shivered from orgasm. The treasure of his loins poured forth out of his shaft into her, or rather, his sheath, but all the same, it felt for all the world like he was flooding her birth canal with his seed. There was so much of it and the sensation was indescribably wonderful. She, on the other hand, was experiencing her own convulsions, but while she was familiar with it by now, this time it was even better because she was sharing these wonderful feelings with the boy she truly loved.

Shaken by aftershock-like spasms, they continued to grunt and holler in pleasure for a minute longer before their energy started to wane and their thrusts became less intense. Eventually Neku fell on top of Eri, his body devoid of energy. Eri was the same, trapped under his slim but wiry frame. He was still firmly stuck inside her, although he was starting to become flaccid, at which point her fluids started dribbling out of her and onto the sheets.

Neku slid himself out and rolled onto his back, settling beside her. Eri, with her hair all messed up, was looking at the magnificent thing he had between his legs, still protected in that little transparent rubber tube, which was chock-full of milky-white cream.

She turned to him and smiled. She was happy. Now she knew what it was like to be a real woman.

"Thank you," was all she could squeeze out of her dry throat before she fell asleep from exhaustion.

Before darkness overcame her, she swore she saw Neku smile…


Eri woke up two hours later. She was still in her own bedroom. But she was alone.

She vividly remembered seducing Neku and enticing him to have his way with her, but while it was so good, was it all just a dream? After all, having her friend come over to her house for a round of… you know… That would be completely improbable, right?

However, when she sat up in bed and her blanket flopped off of her chest, she realized that she was still naked. Her privates felt swollen and they hurt quite a bit too. On top of that, when she whisked the covers away, she found some stains on the bed that could only have come from the fluids within her, along with a spot of blood.

It's my blood, she thought, realizing that her hymen had been broken. So it was real… I… Neku… He made love to me here.

Speaking of which, where is he? Her crush was nowhere to be seen, though she secretly hoped that he was just hiding somewhere to surprise her. Her throbbing little spot was eager to be touched again. But he really was gone. Maybe he's gone back home.

Eri parted the messy loose strands of hair from her face, before heaving herself off the bed. When she stood up, her body made a slight jolt when a few remnants of her sticky fluids oozed slightly painfully out of her sore area. She knew she stank of sweat and sex, and it simply wouldn't do to have her parents find out. In a few minutes she was relaxing in the bath, massaging herself gently between the legs and reliving every bit of her tryst with Neku.

With a smile, she vowed to see him again. She vowed to make him hers.