Need (Part 3)
by BrDPirateMan

Little by little, Neku was becoming more inclined to liking Eri more than Shiki. He was still unsure whether it was love or lust that drove him, but he could be sure of one thing and that was he couldn't get enough of this girl. With her curvaceous body, revealing clothes and lively disposition, Eri was every boy's wet dream. The kind of girl every teenage boy would dream of getting naked and making love to. A masturbatory fantasy.

And he was living this very dream as reality.

Something about getting into bed with Eri was compelling. Perhaps it was the way she would do lap dances on him while peeling her clothes off in close proximity. Maybe it was the little things, like her wonderful-sounding moans, or the salty taste of her skin when he licked her on the neck, shoulders and between her breasts… It could be the manner in which Eri responded to his every move, squirming to his touch and kisses as she lay trapped and vulnerable underneath him… More likely it would be the fact that he fit so snugly inside her, creating the most heavenly of sensations as he rocked to and fro on top of her.

Either way Eri pushed all the right buttons for Neku.

Having sex together became an integral part of Neku's and Eri's lives, though it was obviously kept a secret from everyone. Eri parents were frequent travelers, being involved in some kind of business or something, so she was often left home alone to take care of herself. This freedom was something she really squeezed the advantages out of to maximum effect, evident from the number of times she invited Neku over for some "fun".

She didn't know how many times he came over for this purpose. Either she didn't care or lost count. But if she had to hazard a guess, at one point they had made love for a total of seven times.

Admittedly, there were a few times when Eri's guilt would resurface, but the moment Neku's naked body came into view, pumping his absolutely wonderful shaft into her, she would forget about it all again.

Neku had once voiced his fears to Eri as they lay in bed after a particularly exhausting session.

"Eri, is it really okay for us to make out so often? If someone finds out, we're finished. We may even go to jail. I mean, we're not even 18 yet!"

Eri had placed her index finger on Neku's lips softly. "If you don't tell anyone and I don't, no one will ever know."

"So it's a secret between the two of us, it would seem."

"That's right," said Eri, snuggling up to him.

Parents are out. Invite Neku. Neku comes. Get it on. Once. Maybe twice. Neku leaves. Clean up mess. Hide evidence. Act normal when parents are back.

It almost became routine for them.

Then came one particular Friday which would be a day that Eri would never forget. Unfortunately, not in a good way.


Classes had ended on that fateful day. Everyone was hoisting bags onto their shoulders, noisily chattering and eager to leave the premises. It was the end of another grueling week of school, and the need to relax for the weekend was thick in their minds.

Shiki hooked an arm around Neku's as he was checking his desk to see if he left anything behind. With slight surprise, he turned to look at Shiki.

"Oh, Shiki, what is it?" he asked with a smile.

"I was thinking maybe we could walk home together," giggled Shiki, her cheeks glowing pink. She was simply adorable when she blushed. "We haven't been able to do that for a good while now, right, Neku?"

"Yeah, that's cool with me! Let's go."

"By the way, Neku," chirped Shiki. "Thanks again for the ticket."

"Oh, it's nothing…" The Prince's latest concert was on Sunday and Neku had bought a pair of tickets for both himself and Shiki.

Neku still liked Shiki's company, but he couldn't ignore the fact that Eri was a source of romantic happiness for him too. This disturbed him greatly. He was two-timing his girlfriend, and his… mistress, the cheery Eri who brought them together in the first place, was in the middle of the entire freaking mess.

He was not comfortable with it, even though Eri might be. He had to make a decision. After all, he wouldn't be able to keep up the charade for much longer…

Even before they left the by then empty classroom, his cell phone chimed. "Oh, a message," he said absent-mindedly. "'Scuse me a sec while I read this, Shiki."


He dug into his pocket, fished out his cell phone to start reading the message and was shocked to see the name of the sender.

It was Eri.

No… what does she want this time? I'm not exactly free right now.

With the screen turned safely away from Shiki, though in a convincing way, he scrolled through.

Hi Neku, Eri had written, where r u? Can u meet me at rooftop now? Sorry, just a little sumthin I need to ask of you. C U there?

What could it be that Eri wanted? He was curious. Every time before they agreed to get dirty, she would tell him to come over to her place. It was always at her apartment that they would make love. But here she was asking to see him on the rooftop of the school. He guessed it must be something really urgent… nothing to do with sex at all, right?

"What's up, Neku?" Shiki's angelic voice broke his chain of thoughts.

"Oh, um, Shiki… Something has cropped up. Apparently one of my baseball teammates needs to see me. Something about club activities." Neku was an ace baseball player in school. "Sorry, but could you go on ahead without me?"

The disappointment on Shiki's face stabbed Neku in the heart like a dagger. For a good instant he considered ignoring Eri altogether and having a nice walk with this girl. But apparently it was not enough to change his mind. He was still intent on seeing Eri.

"Well, that's okay, Neku," she said. Then she cheered up. "Let's meet up soon though. Okay?"

"Yeah! Of course!"

"And I'll see you at the concert on Sunday, Neku!"


And with this he bolted away for the stairs, leaving Shiki to rub her arm in slight sadness. She would have to walk home alone again… But at the back of her mind, a thought tugged at her. Neku was acting awfully strangely these days...


Eri was waiting impatiently on the rooftop, sitting on the concrete and letting the sun shine down on her face. Even for the middle of the day, it was pleasantly warm. Not too cold, not too hot. There were some clouds in the sky, but none so big that it would threaten to rain.

A click was heard as the door opened. She saw Neku emerge and called him over.

"Eri, what's going on?" Neku asked, sitting beside her. "Did something crop up?"

"W-Well, kind of…" muttered Eri, failing to contain the redness on her face.

"Did I get in trouble again?" he probed further. "Ms Kanako is not mad at me again, is she?" He was referring to their form teacher, who was not famous for having a good temper.

"Oh, no, nothing of the sort. It's… It's just…"


The girl tugged at his sleeve and lowered her voice just enough for Neku to hear. "I… I need a cummie."

"A what?"

"I'm about to go crazy right now and I need some good old-fashioned loving to clear my head."

"Eri? Oh goodness…" Neku slapped his forehead. "You have got to be kidding me. Are you telling me to hump you right now?"

Eri nodded shamelessly.

"Why now anyway?" Neku's voice had a slight tinge of annoyance. "And of all the places to have sex… the rooftop of a school! Someone might find us, like the janitor or someone! Are you out of your mind?"

"I don't care, Neku…!" Eri gritted her teeth. "I'm going to explode any time now."


Eri pinched him in the arm.


"Ow, man!" Neku nursed his arm. Geez, this girl… she's totally oversexed! "Okay, okay, fine. We'll do it right here and now. But I'm warning you, this is the last time we're doing this in a public place. Next time we do this it'll be at your house when your parents are out. You hear me?"

"Yes. I hear you," Eri breathed. She was so glad that he finally gave in. She lay down and lifted her skirt.

"We'll have to make this short and quick. The longer we take the riskier it becomes."

Neku roughly yanked her panties down to reveal her sweet spot, already wet and glistening in the sunlight. He fished out his wallet, took out a familiar-looking square packet and ripped it open. Eri watched as he sheathed his very rigid instrument of love. Her breath quickened in anticipation.

He was so hard and she was so tight as he pushed his shaft in. Their parts rubbed together and grew so nice and hot that Eri could have sworn Neku was made of fire. This is gonna be one hell of a gooooood quickie, she thought, feeling his manhood balloon up completely inside her. "This is really sinful," teased Eri, loving the way it was pulsating against her tunnel.

"I guess we're all sinners at the end of the day," he shrugged, "so come on and let's get this started. My parents are going to freak if I get back home too late." Eri nodded in agreement, pushing in and pulling out with her entire body.

As a moaning Neku slid in and out slowly and rhythmically, small encouraging noises escaped from Eri's throat.

"Mmm… Aah… W-Wonderful…" moaned Eri, feeling sweat soaking into her blazer.

"Speed up, Eri," said Neku, blood pumping into his head at breakneck speeds. "We really don't want to be late for lunch."

"You speed up," she retorted, suddenly feeling a great spasm as Neku jabbed deeply into her in retaliation. The boy could feel the girl's inner walls massaging his organ. If there was a word to describe "greater than magnificent", this feeling would be it.

Neku was kneading her breasts through her half-open blazer when her shrill voice rang through the air alarmingly. "Oh god!"

"Shh! You'll alert someone!"

"But… But I can't stop it. When I need to scream, I just… Aaagh!"


"Sorry, Neku… But… ahh… this… this is such a good… a good… AAAH!"


Eri tried to keep her voice down, but it was difficult. Neku was genuinely afraid that everyone would hear and rush in to see what was wrong. Thinking quickly, he jammed his lips against hers to shut her up. It worked admirably. Like a baby with a pacifier, she stayed silent… at least for a little while.

Along came a particularly jarring spasm and she involuntarily yelped, causing Neku to panic.

"Eri! You'll wake the dead!"

"Ha… ha… very… nngh… funny…"

"I'm serious! Rrgh… I can't hold it in myself. Quick! Kiss me!"


"Just do it!"

Clumsily and without grace, she plastered her lips onto his, her bosom pressing against his chest. All Neku needed to do was keep her mouth occupied long enough for her to have her orgasm.

Eri was starting to shudder, indicating she was going to have an orgasm soon, and it appeared that Neku would have his at about the same time as her. From past experience, he knew she was prone to screaming where climaxes were concerned, so he kissed harder. She tried to pull away for a bit to let out a cat-like yell, but Neku kept her head in place with his hands, their lips never parting. This was their secret life. There was absolutely no way anyone would know. Especially not Shiki.

The tip of Neku's shaft tickled the very end of Eri's cervix, giving rise to massive spasms which shook her body.

"Mmmmph…!" she tried to yell and disperse her pent-up energy, but Neku's mouth prevented her lips from moving. He kissed even harder.

"Mmmh… Hmmmngh!" Eri knew she was in a public place, but she needed to call out to the heavens. She pinched him, trying to force his mouth open. Unfortunately, Neku had a high threshold of pain. The poor girl was dying to let it out.

Just a little longer… Neku was counting the seconds. It wouldn't be long before they –

Tears of frustration previously unshed seeped out of Eri's eyes as she screamed into Neku's mouth. She convulsed like she was electrocuted and Neku thought, scared for a while, that she was going to faint. He felt an instantly recognizable warmth spreading up his shaft, but he had more self-control. All that could be heard out of him was a weak "umph" as he released his bounty of rich, warm syrup.

Unfortunately, while they were busy reveling in their several seconds of carnal bliss, neither Neku nor Eri noticed the door opening…

Only when Eri saw a figure out of the corner of her eye did she shriek. That was when Neku, who had been hard at work satisfying both her and himself, followed her wide-eyed stare and was thoroughly shocked himself.

The uninvited guest had opened the door and come to the rooftop only to be greeted by the sight of Neku and Eri naked from the waist down and copulating. She brought a hand to her lips, shaking uncontrollably from incredulity and disgust. Neku immediately pulled his still fully-extended thing out of Eri's nether region and pulled up his pants, completely forgetting his condom was still on. Eri herself sat up hurriedly and tugged her panties back in place.

"Shiki!" Neku yelped, his face completely pale. "What are you doing here?"

Shiki couldn't find her voice. She couldn't reply. She simply glared daggers at both Neku and Eri, tears on the brink of falling.

Neku lurched towards Shiki unsteadily. "Shiki… This… It's not what it looks like!"

His bespectacled girlfriend raised her open palm and slapped him across the face so swiftly that he didn't feel any pain until a second later. With mouth agape, Neku could only stagger a few steps back, powerless to explain. No excuse could save him now.

"Neku… Eri…" Shiki's voice was thick with venom. "How… How could you…"

Eri opened her mouth to say something, but Shiki stopped her with another slap to the face. The only thing that she could utter was a gasp of pain. Eri knew it was useless to try and dispel the anger that was burning deeply in the eyes of her best friend who had seen everything. The betrayal was like a barbed sting in Shiki's soul.

Only then did Neku and Eri realize how serious the situation had become. All along they thought they were just having some harmless fun with each other, but now that the truth about them was out in the open, they finally knew that what they were doing was wrong. They had taken advantage of a friend's trust in the wrong way and abused it.

"You… You…!" Shiki was finding the right curse to spit at them. "You idiot, Neku! You've been cheating on me! I should have known! I happened to be upstairs and I heard some noises coming from the rooftop so I came to check it out. I never would have guessed that you were doing this… this… horrible thing up here!"

Shiki's eyes were boring right into Neku. Just looking at her made him weaker and more inferior.

She turned her attention to Eri, whose blazer she noted was hopelessly crumpled from Neku groping the pink-haired teenager's chest. "And you, Eri!" she growled, dog-like, "I thought you're my best friend. I thought you're dependable. Now that this happened I can't even borrow your shoulder to cry on!"

"Shiki… I… I'm sorry…" Eri mumbled, ashamed.

"P-Please forgive me, Shiki," said Neku, his gaze still fixated on the concrete at his feet. "I'll… I'll make sure I…"

"Make sure you what?" snapped Shiki. The tears were flowing in rivers down her face. She took off her glasses to wipe her eyes on her sleeve. "What can you do! It's too late now. The damage has already been done!"

Shiki fished into her pocket and produced a piece of paper. It was the ticket to The Prince's latest concert that Neku had bought for her. In a fit of fury she balled it up and threw it in his face.

"Looks like you and Eri would make a perfect match," she hissed. "In that case, fine! Take her, Neku! Take back this ticket and take her with you to the… the damn concert! I don't need it!" Eri was shocked to hear the normally placid Shiki using a foul word. "Damn" was never part of her vocabulary. The fact that she was using it was proof that she was very, very mad.

"But…" Neku made one last attempt to save himself. "But I still love you, Shiki. I really do! I want you to – "

"No!" screamed Shiki, bloodshot eyes searing into Neku. "I never want to see you again! Eri, the same goes for you. You are my best friend no longer! Go find someone else to do your sewing!"

Shiki left, slamming the door behind her. The poor girl cried non-stop as she left the school compounds. Neku and Eri were left on the rooftop, watching her run out of the gate.

Their nerves were shot to pieces. Their lives were over.

All three of them.


Sunday came and The Prince's concert would be a blast. Ai and Mina were going, and so were many of the fangirls in school, but Eri didn't feel like leaving the house at all. In fact, she was cooped up in her room the whole day, hugging her pillow to her chest for comfort.

Losing her best friend Shiki was the worst episode in her life. It wasn't easy nurturing their friendship, which went back about two or three years, and it was officially over in the snap of a finger.

Fear began to cloud her judgment. Shiki had seen them. Would she turn against her own friend and call the police? Or would she keep quiet about it and be content with harbouring intense hatred against her instead?

Eri was worried about her future now. If only she wasn't so obsessed with Neku to the point of seducing him. She knew that at the moment he tore her virginal barrier there would be no turning back. They had passed the point of no return.

She understood at last. Sex just isn't as simple as she thought.

The doorbell rang, halting her train of thoughts. She opened the front door and before her stood Neku. But instead of her usual cheery self, she greeted him in a dull, robot-like manner.

"Hey, Neku. What're you doing here?"

"…Just need to talk to you for a bit," replied Neku, helping himself inside her apartment.

Eri brought out a soda for him, the same type of soda she offered him during his first time at her place. She watched him gulp it all down to wash down his dry throat. He set the empty can on the coffee table before taking a deep breath and closing his eyes.

"Neku," said Eri, fidgeting in the couch beside him, "Talk to me. What do you want to talk about? You came here for a purpose, right?"

"Well, yeah… Just… let me clear my head a bit. It's a little fuzzy…"

Neku took several deep breaths. Then he spoke.


"What is it?" Eri was startled by the seriousness in his voice. What did he want to say that was so important? "What do you want?" But she could guess.

"I..." Neku began, looking away and clutching the back of his neck. Hesitant and uneasy, he struggled to find the right words. Eri was clinging onto the conversation, hoping to find an answer.

"Well, Shiki and I… We're not together anymore…"

Eri gulped. It was her fault alone that she shattered his relationship with Shiki.

"I've been trying to contact her," said Neku. "I want to apologise, but no luck. She wouldn't answer my calls."

"It's the same with me…" Eri suddenly felt very small and insignificant. "I'm so sorry, Neku. This… I'm responsible for this…"

Her face went pale. Neku could only stare at the floor.

Guilt washed over Eri's battered conscience in waves. Only now did she realize the consequences of her rash actions. And as she feared before she got caught up in her own tangled web of lies and deceit, her predictions all came true. Her friendship with Shiki had gone down the drain, and Shiki, obviously enraged, would have spread the word about them both. And so her reputation would suffer too.

Trying to take in everything at once made her start to feel faint.

"I…" Eri was swaying. "I can't take this anymore…"

"Don't worry, Eri, I'll be by your side."

"No! You don't understand! This whole thing… It's too late to patch up! I'm done for… We're done for!

"There's no way we can show our faces in front of everyone now… How are we going to have a normal life from now on? How are we going to have lunch in the canteen where Shiki and the rest would be hanging out? How are we going to do anything?"

Neku bit his lip as he watched Eri bury her face in her hands, groaning in despair.

"It's hopeless…" She heaved a sigh, clawing her scalp, eager to tear her hair out.

Then Neku spoke again.

"Maybe we're done for, but we still have each other."

Eri turned to face Neku with tears welling up in her eyes.

"You and me, Eri. Just you and me now, but we can be together."

He leaned forward and kissed her. She wanted to protest, to stop the madness that stemmed from herself, but Neku's lips were ever so inviting and the kisses were wonderful. That was when she knew there would be no way she could ever get out of the trap she had fallen into.

So she might as well move on and make the best of what she had. She kissed him back with the same passion as him. His hands started to roam around…

Eri's lips quivered. "Neku, I… I don't know if this is the right time for something like this. And after all that's happened…"

"It'll be alright, Eri," consoled Neku, stroking her cheek gently. "This is a part of our lives now."

"Our lives?"

"Yes. Our. You and me."

"Are you saying you want us to stay together…?" Eri, for a strange reason, saw a glimmer of hope in what Neku just said.

However, ignoring Eri's question, Neku said, "I want you now."

Her guilt quickly disappeared. The way he kissed her had a strange way of freeing the mind and dispersing all feelings of doubt. She began to grow hot and feel sexy again.

Eri brought her mouth to his ear, licking the rim of his earlobe seductively. "Mmm… Neku… I'd like a big banana split with plenty of the usual whipped cream…" She paused and traced slow circles on his chest with her index finger. "Get me that and I'll give you a tip."

"You're disgusting, Eri," Neku snorted, amused. "But I'm curious to know what sort of tip you have in mind."

"Let's find out," snarled Eri, licking her lips. "Oh, and while you're at it, you can bring me a side order of grapes… Two will be enough."

"You really are more perverted than I thought," laughed Neku.

Blinded by lust, the two quickly shed their clothes on the living room floor. Neku whipped off his shirt and pants, and Eri furiously unbuttoned her V-neck, watched intently by her lover as more and more of her milky-white cleavage came into view. Underwear was flung haphazardly throughout the room. Neku grabbed her panties in between his teeth and yanked them off her hips before tossing them behind his shoulder.

Then Neku pressed Eri against the wall and proceeded to feel her up while she rested her hands on his muscular chest, loving the texture of his skin. His own hands, however, were trembling and getting unsteady from the excitement of touching Eri's smooth flawless skin, so it was she who had to put protection on him.

But Neku didn't penetrate her right away. They had more experience this time around, and knew that the longer it took, the better the end result. So he massaged her bare breasts with both his hands while tickling her between the legs with the head of his stiff manhood. He tortured her by pushing in very slightly and pulling out, right at her gate. He couldn't have entered more than a centimeter into her, but it was enough to make her go wild. Eri loved it, evident from the way her face was reddening and from the noises that she was making.

Before long she was whimpering like a puppy, begging him to get inside for real. Obeying her at last, Neku parted the folds of her slit and thrusting upwards into her… very very slowly he did it, and on purpose. Oh god! thought Eri dizzily. As inch after inch of his hard shaft crept forth, she felt the jaws of her birth canal chew down hungrily on it for a tight, flawless seal. Oh god the friction is freaking awesome. Every cry, every grunt she made became progressively louder, and it was music to Neku's ears. Eventually he could press in no further when his full length disappeared within her.

The two forbidden lovers made love to each other standing up, with Eri practically helpless to defend herself from his onslaught as he pumped into her mercilessly. Her legs shook violently and fought to keep her from crumpling in a heap on the floor, but it was hard. Having him doing this to her was like having sex with a pneumatic drill; he was so fast, so strong, so… good.

She could only kiss him deeply as she held him in her feeble grasp and tousled with his hair. She was held in place by Neku's strong grip on her hips, perched on top of his length which seemed to go deeper and deeper. Every time he pushed up into her he yanked her hips towards himself to enhance the experience. Eri was gasping for breath and sweating bullets from Neku's brutal assaults, the boy's aggression as naked as his body. She couldn't escape, not that she wanted to. She was trapped. Before long she could feel her fluids oozing out and dripping onto the floor beneath her.

Maybe her life as she knew it was pretty much over. Her best friend, her other pals, her standing in society… all gone.

But Neku was here to stand by her, to care about her, to make wild love to her when she needed it most. When she needed a cummie.

Nothing mattered anymore. Only the ferocity of their lovemaking kept her going.

"Neku, oh, you're so good."

"You're not bad yourself, Eri," Neku whispered, his hot breath raking her face and neck.

"Uhhh… Ahh… Aaaaaagh!"

Eri was the first to cry out as an incredible orgasm turned her inside out. The neighbours were living behind the wall she was being ravaged against, and she knew they could hear her but she couldn't care less and screamed anyway, digging into Neku's back with sharp nails. Shortly afterwards, Neku made a low garbled sound and his face contorted in a mixture of pleasure and agony as he felt an especially great surge of thick cream spill out of him into her. Eri's womanly juices squirted out of her in vicious spurts and dribbled down both her legs and Neku's.

Both Neku and Eri started to slow down now that they had reached their climax. When he was finally done with her, and he squeezed the last few drops of his seed out of himself, only then did he detach her off of him, whereupon the girl promptly slid down the wall and became nothing more than a trembling, sweating wreck.

With eyes glazed over, she looked up at Neku, expecting him to thank her for the wonderful five minutes they shared consummating what would be the beginning of their dirt-laced relationship. However, he simply rolled off the sheath and balled it up in a wad of tissue paper, setting it on the floor beside Eri. He strode into her bathroom stark naked where he proceeded to wash his hands.

He came back to see her soon enough. "I'm not done yet, Eri," he said, laying her body full-length on the floor. She could do nothing for herself; she was burned out. But she was excited upon hearing his words. True enough, he thrust two fingers into her gateway, and she gasped.

Audible squelching noises filled the air, mixed with Eri's moans as she squirmed from his touch. His fingers went in and out, spilling honey everywhere. There was not a spot on her crotch that was dry. Mucus coated the insides of her thighs, splattered onto Neku's hand and pooled onto the floor.

Neku used his free hand to spread her wetness over her entire body. He used her skin as a canvas, painting crazed nondescript pictures on her tummy with her own slime that acted like a natural soap. He slapped a generous amount of it onto her bare bosom too, caressing her with frenzied enthusiasm. Neku could not believe he was doing something like this to her, but he enjoyed these new sensations considerably.

Eri was in cloud nine as both of his hands did wonders for her. This was something they had never tried before, but she was awfully glad they did. So she joined in. She told Neku to let go of her folds momentarily so she could scoop some of her seemingly infinite juices, after which she lathered her body up furiously with them. They mingled with her salty perspiration to form a sticky, musky sheen which gleamed off her skin like grease. In no time at all she smelt… well, granted, it wasn't a smell that most people in their right mind would want to smell at all, but to them both she had a most heavenly scent. It was seriously turning them on.

"You are such a babe," growled Neku, unconsciously stroking her faster.

"Well… are you ready for another round?" asked Eri boldly.

"Hmmm… Yes."

Neku retracted his hand from between her soaked legs. Eri shuddered a little. To her delight she saw him getting ready, taking his place atop her. His cooldown time had ended.

He mounted her, nestling his frame against her own sweaty, slimy one. Eri's legs squeezed around his hips, forcing him to penetrate deep inside. More juice spurted forth.

"Oh Neku," Eri purred, gratitude written in her beautiful eyes, "I love you so much. You're the most wonderful boy I've ever met."

"And I love you too, Eri," said Neku, his hot breath raking her neck. "Now let us do it one more time before your parents come back."


Eri's tantalizingly slick body felt amazing. Everywhere on her entire being she was silky and deliciously slippery to the touch. He enjoyed running his hands up and down her hips and ribs, cupping her breasts every now and then. Occasionally he would lick her bare shoulders clean. Eri loved it too. In fact, she was really making it clear to him with especially loud cries and the way she was shifting her hips in long motions. Her insides were substantially lubricated and only served to prolong their lovemaking, which admittedly was their intended purpose. It just wasn't any fun finishing it in sixty seconds.

"Ah… Neku… I'm gonna explode…"

"Scream, Eri," huffed Neku, moving faster and harder. "I love your voice."


"Louder! You sound so hot when you're out of control."

"Neku… Ahh… Any louder and the neighbours will…"

"Screw the neighbours."

"Y-Yeah," agreed Eri wholly. And so she obeyed Neku's command. Frankly, it wasn't hard. A particularly strong spasm coursed through her muscles, filling her with so much pleasure that she threw all common sense out the window and made the loudest scream ever heard in Shibuya.


"Good girl," grunted Neku insanely. "And here's your reward!"

He began a series of very rough and cruel-looking strokes, tearing Eri apart. She yelled at the top of her lungs as she let him violate her so savagely. All the while groping everywhere. Neck, shoulders, chest. Hips, buttocks, thighs. Her entire body writhed like jelly. She held him in her iron-like embrace and kissed him feverishly, eagerly awaiting the moment of release.

Neku found it harder to achieve orgasm a second time, but nonetheless he was still able to reach his highest point. Another deluge filled out the little rubber tube completely, and his senses went haywire. Eri felt her muscles tightening as she quickly approached the peak of her pleasure, but she tried to delay it as much as she could so she could experience a much greater orgasm. The most she could hold it in was a mere five seconds, but it was enough to gather enough energy for one final climax.

She let it go, and her release was explosive. Oh, it was even better for her this time. Her legs could no longer cradle him and she let them hang loose on either side of him. Her back arched and buckled, like she was a wild horse, and Neku was her rider. Countless tremors twisted her, electrocuted her, shook her uncontrollably. Neku was full and hot with white froth and she could just about feel his warmth inside her through the rubber. Without any regard to whether anyone was watching or listening to them, her howls of satisfaction reverberated around the room. For Neku to hear. Her volume was outrageous but Neku didn't care that his ears hurt. He loved her as a friend, more as a lover, and even more when she was so dirty and shameless.

Neku thrust into her a few more times, with each thrust earning a groan of approval from the grateful Eri. When he was sure he was done, he slowly pulled out, and one last spasm shook her. Without a word, he picked up his clothes and helped himself to her bathroom, leaving her lying on the floor in a pool of sweat and love dew.

As she lay there, she listened blankly to the sounds of Neku using the shower to clean himself up. He's using my soap, she thought to herself, a weak smile on her face. Her soap. Not her mother's or father's soap, definitely not Shiki's soap or any other girl's for that matter, but her soap.

Neku soon emerged fully clothed. He walked over, crouched and gently sat her up so he could talk to her at eye-level.

In quiet tones, he simply said, "I love you, Eri."

Eri was so moved she could have cried. Those were the words she was waiting to hear.

"I love you too, Neku," she reciprocated breathlessly.

"Don't you worry, Eri. I'll be your Prince Charming. Forever."

Eri let a tear of thankfulness run down her face. "Please, let us make love like this soon. Let us be like husband and wife again."

"We will."

Neku leaned in for one more kiss, and after he propped her up against the wall, he was gone. Alone in her own apartment once more, Eri tried to get up, but she couldn't. Her muscles were thoroughly fried. She would have to wait a little longer before she could stand and start cleaning up all evidence of their lovemaking before her parents returned.

Eri and Shiki shared a love for fashion, lots of other hobbies and special moments together.

But because of one boy, they were friends no more.

It ate at her to betray her buddy like this, but she no longer cared. Because now, she had won. Neku was hers, and she was Neku's.

Her hips were bruised from his vice-like fingers on her. She brought a finger to her special area, which was raw and reddened. It stung to the touch. Ignoring the pain, she dipped into her folds which were literally dripping and her finger emerged coated in juice. Into her mouth it went.

Her taste buds registered a bittersweet taste, much like what was happening to her now. The overwhelming bitterness of guilt, laced with the sweetness of victory that could barely be tasted because when it came down to it, such a victory was hopelessly hollow. She smiled, though. She still loved it.


Author's note: I'm really not comfortable with corrupting the characters of TWEWY like this... Oh well. I hope no one gets nightmares from this… I think I'll do more stories with K to T ratings from now on. Still, I have to admit I had fun writing it. Frankly, there aren't many M-rated TWEWY stories out there with boy-girl love scenes, so I hope this is a breath of fresh air for everyone.

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