Xion the Author: Ta da! The first Bolt X Monsters Inc. crossover!

Bolt: Looks nice!

Mittens: Definitely!

Xion the Author: Took a break from writing Ice Age fanfics (check them out if you like, they're awesome) and decided to make this story. I was thinking about making this for a while, and its killing me, so I decided to make it anyways. I'm not sure where this will go, but hopefully you'll just enjoy the ride.

Bolt Inc.

Chapter I: Every Story Needs an Intro

"One… two…" Rhino took a deep breath before beginning his daily routine.

"Rise and SHIIINE!" Rhino leaped up from the kitchen table and bounced his ball down between Bolt and Mittens. The sudden slam woke the two up in the instant.

"Woooaahh!" The two sleepyheads shouted in unison.

And even from different worlds, people shouting in surprise of getting waked up was everywhere. Even in a place where people didn't roam, but monsters.

"GooooooD MORNING!" shouted Sulley at the top of his breath, the sound reaching everywhere in their apartment.

"Aaaaaaaahhh!" shouted Mike resulting from the loud roar. He tumbled over his bed landing on the floor. He got up on all fours, and looked up to see where it came. Naturally, it came from his best bud in the whole wide world.

"Come on, Mikey! Get up! You're gonna be late for work!" said Sulley with his loud voice almost like he was shouting all the time.

A large ringing sound echoed in Mikey's ear. He slammed his ear with his hand to try and make it stop, unfortunately, it didn't. "Geez Sully, not so loud. You might even wake up the neighbors." said Mike finally getting up from the floor.

"What do you mean? No one's occupying the one next door." said Sulley.

"I meant the other next door." said Mike.

"Pfff what? The Biggins? Come on Mike that's ridiculous. Even if everyone on the planet would shout at the top of their lungs, they wouldn't hear anything." said Sulley as he walked to the kitchen. "And I'm not exaggerating."

"Isn't that being a little mean?" asked Mike.

"Their deaf, remember?" answered Sulley as he wore a tie.

"Oh… right." said Mike before grabbing some toast that shot right out of the toaster. Sully grabbed his suitcase and went out the door. Mike followed while eating his toast.

The sun was shining bright. Another great day for a pet to live. Bolt stretched his paws out with Mittens out on the floor. They yawned in unison, and when they noticed they blushed for a moment.

"Uh… where's Penny?" asked Bolt after stretching.

"She went out to her friend's house, I think." answered Rhino.

"Ngggggghhhh..." Mittens moaned as she stretched for a longtime. "What time is it already?" she asked.

"Oh, just around 10 o' clock. You just missed breakfast" Rhino said pointing at their filled food bowls. "The humans probably didn't wake you up cause the two you looked so CUTE sleeping next to each other!"

Bolt and Mittens shivered and looked at each other. "We were doing what?" they thought.

"Oh you guys were snuggling so much, they couldn't concentrate on what they were doing because of the CUTENESS!" continued the hamster.

This made Bolt and Mittens more embarrassed over each other.

"So, I'm gonna go watch T.V." said Rhino. "Any of you guys want to watch with me?"

"Sure!" agreed Bolt. "What about you, Mittens?"

"Nah, I think I'm gonna have a little 'catwalk'" she said before leaping out the kitchen window.

Rhino rolled his ball towards the couch and bounced up a spring carefully placed nearby, making him pummel up and land on the couch. Bolt stared at the window Mittens left through. "She's been doing this for a while now." Bolt thought. "I wonder what's gotten into her."

"On second thought Rhino, I think I'm going out for a walk too." Bolt said before leaving through the backyard dog door.

"Okay! shouted Rhino as he channeled up and down the television screen.

Bolt ran out to look for Mittens. "Something is definitely wrong with her." He thought. He scanned the backyard looking for her. He sniffed the ground acting like the police dogs on the news yesterday. He then realized how stupid he was. "She's a cat for pete's sake" Bolt thought again. He immediately looked up the roof and checked fence. And there she was, standing well-balanced on top of the wooden fence.

Mittens was looking at the dogs walking together on the pavement. Obviously, they were all together. This made Mittens sigh, and she rested her face on her arms. Not long after that, she soon heard clanging behind her. She tried to look behind her before the fence started shaking. This made her clutch unto the fence as hard as she could. Being de-clawed had its disadvantages.

"Hey Mittens!" greeted Bolt as he tried to balance himself unto the fence. Mittens looked back to see him trying to walk on top of the fence making his way to her.

"Heh, what are you doing?" said Mittens.

"Oh, you know just-" His paws couldn't take the strain much longer, and he landed his belly right on the fence's flat surface. "-hanging out."

"Ahaha" Mittens giggled a bit. "You're a dog! Dogs can't do… these things."

"Hey, I was able to do it for a while." said Bolt as his paws dangled from the sides of the fence. "Besides, I was an acting dog before. Who knows what stunts I could really pull off."

"Well, all I remember was that you really weren't acting at all, you actually believed all those stuff." commented Mittens

"Aahh… a dark day for a dog…" said Bolt. He then realized what he was trying to do in the first place. "So, what are you doing here?" he asked.

Mittens shook. "What? Oh, uh… nothing. Just you know… hanging out."

"Not funny Mittens." Bolt said seriously. "I know something's up. What's wrong."

Mittens shook again. She only sat silently.

"Come on, Mittens. I'm your friend. You can tell me." Bolt encouraged.

Mittens sighed. "Bolt. It's just… I'm feeling a little… lonely." she finally admitted.

"Lonely?" asked Bolt confusingly.

"Yeah, I mean, look around. You wouldn't see in every corner of your eye dogs not doing it. It's like a fever or something. I guess you could say… it's contagious." she said.

"I'm pretty sure there's some cat out there for you." said Bolt as he have understood her what she was trying to say.

"Look at me, Bolt. There's nothing attractive about me. Even flies tend to move away from me. At least you stand a chance with some girl. You're cute. You're handsome. You're brave. You're like a fantasy wonder to them. Every girl that would set their eyes on you would instantly fall for you."

Bolt blushed a bit. "Did she really mean that?" he thought. He shook his head, trying to look for some advice he could give. "Well, you've got some personality.", Bolt tried.

"Oh please, when does personality help with love these days?" said Mittens. "It's all about looks now and then."

"Oh come on. You're sweet. You're optimistic. You're funny. You're sensitive. You're even a bit beautiful." Bolt rushed out. "You'd even help out an insane dog thinking he's a real superhero.

Mittens fell silent and blushed. "Y-you really mean that?" she asked.

"I do." said Bolt. They looked at each other's eyes after that moment. A spark came between them. Bolt gazed at Mittens eyes shining like beautiful diamonds. It took a few moments before they snapped out and blushed their senses out.

"Uh… *ahem*… we should probably get going." said Bolt as he tried to get his paws up.

"Yeah… uhhh.. we… probably should." Mittens stood up easily. She watched Bolt trying to get his paws on the surface. "Ummm… are you okay?"

"I uh… I think I'm stuck." Bolt admitted.

"Oh, uh, here let me help." said Mittens.

"No no, I've got an idea." said Bolt. He took a deep breath and swung his paws around. "One, two, three!" With one big lift, Bolt was able to free himself and made the fence shake around. Mittens was caught off-guard and was thrown down into ground with him.

Bolt landed with his back on the ground. Mittens flew right on top of him. When they both opened their eyes, they were surprised too each other's face. Their noses were gently touching each other's. They stared for a while before snapping out.

"Uhhh… I need to go somewhere." said Mittens as she climbed out of Bolt's belly.

"Yeah, me too." said Bolt with his head steaming.

They both walked towards to door. They were about to go in at the same time before bumping into each other. "Uhhh… you first." urged Bolt embarrassingly. She went in first and he followed afterwards.

"Hmmm… C.S.I., no. Spongebob, ick." said Rhino as he surfed through the channels. "Ghost Hunters, unrealistic. Lost, I don't get it. Oooooohh! Glee!"

The rest of the day was different from what the two expected this morning. Just a while ago they were friends. Now… it seems different. They'd catch each other staring at one another. And when they do they would look away. Things were definitely getting different. They would blush every now and then when they'd see each other.

The rest of the day passed by while watching television. It felt like it wasn't long before they it was night time.

Everyone else was now trying to get some sleep. Bolt walked over to the spot he would usually sleep in the kitchen to find Mittens. She looked like she was sleeping already. She sleeps so soundly. Bolt stared at her for a while before snapping out of it. After everything today, he finally realized what he feels. He knows what it is. It's right in front of him. With all his courage, Bolt sat down near Mittens anyways.

"What could possibly go wrong?" he thought, and tried to sleep. Mittens however was still a bit awake. He felt Bolt's warm body near her. She felt like she wanted to leave as fast as she could. But then again, what was this warm feeling she felt. It happens every time she's reminded of him. She stayed where she was. She was too tired to move anyways.

"What could possibly go wrong?" she thought as well.

In the middle of the night, Rhino got up and climbed into his ball. His midnight hunger was calling for a midnight snack. He rolled it across the kitchen. He noticed the Bolt and Mittens sleeping so soundly together. He smiled a bit and tried to roll his ball as quiet as possible as not to disturb their sleep.

Rhino got a piece of cracker and rolled back to his spot. He then heard something a door creaking down the hallway.

Rhino leaned his ball to see if there was anything. Curious about it. He goes through the hallways. He then heard voices. First a gasp, then something like someone was talking. He followed the voices to a door.

Penny's Door.

The closet door creaked open. The girl grabbed her blankets towards her. There was something coming out. Finally, the door opened completely, showing its entire darkness inside. Suddenly, a dark figure came out. The moonlight shone upon, showing its green monstrous skin. It brought out something with both of its hands. But the girl couldn't make out what it was from the dark.

The girl shivered continuously. Her fear was keeping her from screaming out. The 'monster' showed its evil grin before finally saying- "Hello hello testing. Is this thing on? Testing. Testing."

Suddenly the girl's fear was flushed out, and she immediately turned on her lamp.

"Hey! Good evening! How are ya' how are ya'? Hey, it's great to be here in, your room. Where are you from?" The green monster pointed its stick at her, showing that it was a microphone. The seemingly tall monster was actually small, and was only sitting on a tall stool. That girl sat there, confused at the moment.

Rhino leaned his ball as close as possible. He wanted to know what was going on.

He could hear voices, but he couldn't make out what the voices were saying.

"Nevermind." the 'monster' continued. "You're in kindergarten right?"

"What?" Penny thought. "No I'm not."

"Oh I love kindergarten. Best three years of my life." Mike continued. He looked at Penny, and she had that confused, dazed look. "Of my life" he hesitated. "But I love sports. Dodge ball was the best, yeah. I was the fastest one out there. Of course I was the ball. But I… was the ball…"

He looked at Penny again, and she now had that 'am I not dreaming, is this for real' kind of look. "Kids these days… you only get them to laugh when you do this." Mike thought. Mike stood up on the stool, and threw the microphone into his mouth and swallowed it. His stomach started to grumble and gestured Penny to wait for a moment. In an instant, he made a large burp-

From the other side of the door, Rhino could hear a 'roaring' sound. He then started shiver.

-which lasted for a while. The microphone came out of his mouth and he caught it right off the air. Penny then laughed her heart out. She was laughing so hard, she couldn't breathe.

From the other side of the door, Rhino could hear Penny making loud noises. He then noticed the noises as if she was being choked. In reality, she was actually just trying to breathe from laughing too hard, but he didn't know. Rhino then started to tremble.

"Hey, thanks a lot! I'll be here all week!" said Mike as she continued to laugh. "Remember, tip your waitresses!" He continued as he closed the door behind him. "That's gets them every time."

As Penny continued to 'make noises', Rhino kept on trying to listen. Right now he was shivering all over his body. He thought that it was nothing until finally one gripping phrase did it.

"You monster!" shouted Penny as she was laughing too hard. Rhino finally screamed and rushed back into a corner of the house. And in that corner he repetitively keeps saying, "There's no such thing as monster… there's no such thing as monster…. There's no such thing…"

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