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Bolt: We've finally landed in the World of Monster's Inc.!

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Chapter III: A Twisted World It Is

"OK guys." whispered Bolt. "On the count of three"

The closet door slowly crept open. The three got ready for their ambush. "One" counted Mittens. The insides of the closet remained unknown in the shadows.

"Two" counted Bolt. The closet door was almost halfway open. Rhino suddenly caught sight of a green leg which pumped him up with adrenaline.

"Three!" Rhino shouted as he instantly charged in towards their mysterious encounter. Bolt and Mittens followed through instinct and they leapt towards the dark closet.

"Aaaaahh!" shouted Mike as he was barraged by three animals. He was thrown aback and landed down his head(his body…?) on the floor.

"Aaaaahhh!" shouted the three in surprise as well. "It's a green one-eyed man!"

"Mike?" said Sulley as he went around the dark hollow halls of Monsters Inc. after dark. It took him a while before getting to the laugh floor to see Mike getting pulled apart by a dog and cat, and a hamster in a ball bouncing up and down on him right on his eye.

"Ow! Ow! Quit it!" shouted Mike as his arms and legs were being pulled separately by Bolt and Mittens.

"Don't stop!" yelled Rhino as he continued to bounce up and down, making Mike's eye a little sore.

Suddenly, Rhino readied to bounce higher up into the air. But as he was in mid air, Sulley nabbed Bolt and Mittens into a company bag. And as Rhino propelled downwards to Mike, Sulley caught him into the bag and zipped it shut.

"Hey!" the three yelled as they tried to get out of the bag.

"You okay Mike?" said Sulley as he helped him up the floor.

"Yeah… I guess…" he said, massaging his eye to help it get better.

"What are these strange creatures doing here?" asked Sulley before turning around seeing a half-open door with the red light on. "And what's this door doing here?"

Mike gasped and tried acting inconspicuous. "Uhhh…. I found it here like this." he said.

"How did it end up like this? Who opened this door?" Sulley asked tentatively as he investigated, making Mike a bit nervous.

"Uhhhh… you know, maybe we should-" he said as he closed the door shut. "-just… pretend this never happened!" He continued as he got the door back to the storage. Mike pressed the red button and it got up and trailed away. "M-maybe it was left here."

"Wait a minute, there weren't any doors left after we were done" said Sulley as he investigated. Every word made Mike even more nervous. "And I'm sure everyone left the building right after- Mike…"

"Okay!" Mike retorted out of guilt. "It was me!"

"Mike! What were you thinking?" shouted Sulley. "You could've jeopardized the company!"

"I just wanted to beat Phlegm for a change!" said Mike. 'That way I could get a better salary than what you already pay me, and I could finally move in with Celia."

"And you wanted to beat him by cheating?" argued Sulley. "Mike, do you really think Celia would've wanted you to do that?"

Mike fell silent. "I'm sorry, okay? Sorry. I promise, it won't happen again."

"Good. Now we have to get these guys back to their door." said Sulley as Mike went to the table to get the door combination. Mike scowered the table lifting and opening every folder he saw.

"W-where's the folder?" Mike muttered. "Where's the folder, I placed it right here." he continued, raising his voice a little louder.

"I don't remember any folders there when I came here Mike" said Sulley.

"That's impossible!" blurted Mike. "I put it right here!"

Sulley suddenly remembers about the human pets rustling in the bag. "Look, let's think about this in the morning. For now, we'll have to think about what to do with these guys" he said as he raised the bag.

"No, seriously Sulley, I placed it right here. How could I open the door, if it wasn't here?"

"Let's look for it in the morning, right now, we should close up" explained Sulley.

Though persistent, Mike sighed and agreed to Sulley. They exited the building with their 'stolen goods', unaware of what was watching them.

"Let. US. OUT!" shouted Rhino.

Bolt and the gang were still in the bag. They could feel the driving motion of a car. Though they were trapped in a small space, Bolt didn't seem to mind. In fact, you could say he liked it.

While Mittens was trying to life the zipper out of the bag, Bolt took his chance of trying to make a move.

"You know, I never noticed how soft you are", Bolt complimented smoothly, leaning closer than possible towards Mittens.

"Stop squeezing me! I'm trying to get us out!" Mittens complained.

"Awww, but I really like being this close to you" Bolt charmed. "You sure you don't want to change your mind?

"W-what..?" Mittens muttered. "Aha, of all places, you choose to hit on me now? What incredible choice of timing you have."

"I think you actually like what I'm doing" flirted Bolt as he drew himself even closer, interrupting further Mittens attempt to free them. Mittens finally couldn't take it. She tried to get as much momentum on her paw in the empty space available and slapped Bolt as hard as possible.

"Ow!" uttered Bolt in agony.

They suddenly felt the car go to a halt and they started the feel the bag being lifted. They could hear sounds like doors opening and something like spoons being clamped up together. In a few seconds, their bag fell silent until it was opened and they were released inside a cage.

"You know, they're not as vicious as they look, Mike", smirked Sulley, remembering the entire incident on how they beat him up.

"Ha ha, I forgot to laugh", said Mike. "Well, at least this cat doesn't look as bad-" Mike tried leaning his hand to pet her when Bolt immediately bit his arm.

"Ow!" agonized Mike, pulling his arm back instantly and Bolt crashed on the bars of the cage. Bolt shook his head and growled at them.

"Back, you foul abomination! Lay one finger on her, and I will hunt you down till the end of oblivion."

"Foul abomination?" Mike bewildered.

"T-they can talk?" said Sulley in surprise.

"Ooooh! Nice come back! Superhero Bolt is BACK!" shouted Rhino.

"Let me guess, that line was rehearsed a lot before", said Mittens.

"Pretty much" said Bolt.

"Well, at least this makes things easier for them to communicate with", said Mike while rubbing his wound.

"Good, we can communicate easily" said Bolt after overhearing them. "Then listen up, manifestation of evil. What were you planning to do with my person?"

"Manifestation of evil?" Mike was once again offended. "Oh yeah, sure. Might as well call this guy Fuzzy wuzzball.

"Don't change the topic Green Devil." Bolt instigated.

"Ooooh! The Green Devil! Menacing!" Rhino taunted.

"Are these guys for real?" whispered Mike.

"So are you going to answer my question? What were you planning to do with my person?" demanded Bolt.

"Your… person?" asked Mike.

"He must mean the girl you wanted to get laughs from" answered Sulley.

"Get what from?" asked Mittens, making sure she didn't just hear what she thought she did.

"Laughs" answered Mike. "It's the supreme energy source of our world."

"You've got to be kidding me" said Mittens in disbelief.

"It's true", said Sully as he took a video cassette tape from on top of the television and inserted in the cassette player. "Here, watch this."

"Aaaaaaaaaahhh!" the video presented a girl screaming her wits out.

"What we have here folks is the old traditional manner of collecting energy" narrated a familiar voice in the video. "Let's see how much energy that gives us."

The video shifted to a capsule showing a red bar going only halfway up.

"Now, here we have the new better and more efficient way of collecting energy!" narrated the voice.

It then showed a couple of scenes of monsters making children laugh, and shifted towards a capsule showing the red bar going up higher than capacity.

"You see here ladies and gentlemen, is the new vision of Monsters Inc." narrated the voice. "Laughs is a more potential source of the precious energy that keeps your home running. Laughs produce ten times higher than Scares."

The scene then shifted to the front of the building and every worker of Monsters Inc. "Hi!" introduced Sulley, "My name is James P. Sullivan. And I'm the new head of Monsters Inc. And we make your lives better, by making children, laugh."

"The previous owner shoved us lies of children being toxic to touch, and that Scares was the only available source of electrical energy" narrated Sulley, who was actually the voice all along. "But they aren't as bad as we think."

"Together" said Sulley and was joined by every worker in the scene, "We make your lives better."


After the video presentation, the animals couldn't believe their eyes and ears.

"W-was that, i-is this-"Mittens blurted out spontaneously.

"It's as if the magic box has sprung alive" muttered Rhino. "Quick, Bolt! See if you have heat vision!"

"What?" Bolt cried.

"Just do it!" Rhino shouted.

As stupid as it was, Bolt tried it anyways. Unfortunately, nothing happened. "Okay, so I'm still normal me"

"Normal?" said Mike. "You're a talking animal!"

"Yeah, well you're a talking stuff toy" Bolt retorted.

"All right, that's it, let me at him!" shouted Mike as he grabbed the cage.

"Woah woah woah! Easy Mike!" said Sulley as he stopped Mike from making an obvious mistake. "Look, they came from a door, and we don't what's out there. Things like talking pets might actually exist"

"Yeah, but they look so weird" whispered Mike. "I mean, their eyes are so small, they have a strange pair of legs. Where are the tentacles, or the other head, or the other eyes-"

"It's mysterious as the existence of humans, don't think about it too much" said Sulley. "I mean who knows, we might be able to get along with them."

"Hello, earth to Sulley, they're animals. What makes you think that?" Mike asked.

"What do you mean? We went along with a certain girl, remember?" Sulley answered.

"Okay okay, I get your point" said Mike as he grabbed the key from the table and pushed it through the cage lock. "Well, here goes nothin'"