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Tears of rain fell from the heavens. The wind moaned and screamed, shaking tree and animal alike. The streets were deserted of any life as the invading puddles of water grow in size and depth. All villagers were safely inside, hoping and praying that this unusual display of weather was quick in passing so their lives could continue without the troublesome addition of bad weather. Even to the more optimistic of thinkers, it really did seem like the gods themselves suffered and were releasing their sorrow and pain down upon the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

For the occupants of the Hokage's office in the Hokage Tower, the worsening weather reflected the turmoil inside the room.

The Hokage, blonde hair in two bunches stood behind her desk facing the boy who sat in the chair opposite, scrunched up, as if trying to hide from a cruel reality.

"Naruto Uzumaki," Lady Tsunade spoke in a heavy tone. The boy looked up hearing his name. Shaking blonde hair out of shockingly blue eyes, Naruto looked around as if awaking from a deep sleep. His normally floorless skin was covered with cuts and bruises and finger shaped bruises trailed down his neck disappearing under his shirt.

It had been three weeks since Naruto had been captured by Akatsuki and only three days since previously Missing Nin, Sasuke Uchicha had carried a bleeding and broken Naruto through the gates of the village.

Tsunade's heart wept for Naruto. The once innocent and carefree boy, had been physically and mentally tortured and from what the physical examination of Naruto was showing, raped at the hands of the Akatsuki. Tsunade's blood boiled at the thought of everything her precious person went through. If she ever got hold of Akatsuki leader Madara Uchicha she would rip him limb from limb. Madara had placed a seal of Naruto disabling his ability to use the Kyubbi's charka. He couldn't even heal himself, this being the reason as to why cuts and bruises were still visible on his cheeks, days after receiving them, cuts that would have normally healed in hours of being inflicted.

In Tsunade's opinion Naruto really had been dealt and a poor hand by fate and she knew what she was about to do would be nothing but further damage his fragile mental state. 'But really' she told herself. 'It is for his own good. I won't let them get their hands on him again.'

"Naruto Uzumaki," the Hokage repeated. "For your own safety and the safety of the whole village, I am here by sending you away from the Village until I feel the threat to your person has passed. You shall be accompanied by guards that I see fit to watch you and you shall be under the eye of an old friend of mine. Under his watch you shall recuperate and heal and hopefully learn a thing or to."

Before She had even got half way through her explanation, Naruto had already started to panic. Interrupting Tsunade, he yelled "You can't send me away! They'll find me! He'll get me! Please let me stay and I don't want to be alone."

"Naruto, Listen to me" Lady Tsunade said firmly. "This is for your own good. I'm sending you to a new world, one you have never been to. There their lives are completely different. It will be like starting a new life. Please just for a while."

But it seemed Naruto had stopped listening. After hearing he would be sent away he had shut down. 'I knew they still hated me. Sending me away. They hate me. I can't go. NO!'

"No!" He screamed out loud. "NO! Please! I can't go back into the darkness! Please help me! Let me stay I swear I'll be good please!"

"Naruto," Tsunade tried to calm him down. "It will be ok—"But by this point Naruto was hysterical.

"I didn't ask for this!" He yelled "I never have gotten one say in my life in 16 years! In my whole life I have never been given a choice! But not this time! I refuse to go!"

He stood up and made to bolt out the door. "Kakashi," Tsunade said sharply. The masked man standing in the corner, quickly stepped forward and grabbed the fleeing Naruto, effectively restraining him.

"I'm sorry Naruto, forgive me. Kakashi take him now." Tsunade spoke in a heavy sorrowful voice. Her heart was breaking, she knew Naruto's trust in her was breaking, she could see the naked betray in his tearful eyes.

Kakashi reached forward and oddly enough grabbed an old boot off the Hokage's desk. Naruto was still yelling profoundly at the Hokage and only realized something odd was happening when he felt a jerk of his navel and took one last look at the Hokages tearstained face before he was pulled unwillingly into the darkness.

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