As Naruto flung himself at Sasuke, the silence in the room was suffocating. The magical folk were still trying to process the strange exchange between the two boys. The minutes ticked by as the occupants of the room continued to stare at Naruto who was wrapped in Sasuke's arms as he tried to clam down.

Sasuke stood still holding Naruto against his chest as the blonde fought to regain control of his emotions. Naruto had never been good at controlling his emotions. He could easily repress them, tricking himself into believing he was happy, but soon or later the dam would crack and his emotions and feelings would come pouring out in similar scenarios as this. Nightmares had always been the catalyst for Naruto to snap or breakdown. No one can hide from nightmares; they seek you out in the darkness of sleep induced unconsciousness, attacking at a person's most vulnerable thoughts and memories.

Even Sasuke wasn't immune to the power a nightmare possesses. How many times had he woken up screaming as his dreams replayed his family dying over and over again? How many times had he wished for the pain and loneliness to stop, until it finally did, taking with it all positive emotions and light, leaving him alone and hollow in the darkness of his own mind?

'Too many times to count,' Sasuke mused grimly to himself as he held Naruto tightly, like a life line. And Sasuke wasn't denying it. Naruto was his life line. Time and time again, it was Naruto who pulled Sasuke out of the darkness, rekindling his flame again and again, never letting it go out. Now it was his turn. Even as they stood there, Sasuke could feel Naruto slipping into darkness, further away from him. There was no way he was going to let Naruto go.

Becoming aware of external attention directed at himself, he sighed in annoyance. Sasuke had almost forgotten the presence of the wizards.

'God their irritating!' He thought as he slowly turned his neck to see the shocked confusion on their faces. Even Sakura looked slightly shocked and a tiny bit jealous to Sasuke amusement. She might not be as desperate as she was a couple of years ago, but her crush on Sasuke was still solidly there.

Sasuke glared pointedly at her until she got the message. Flushing slightly, she silently started to herd everyone out of the room and down towards the kitchen. Sai was the last to leave, the odd look on his face making Sasuke tighten his hold on Naruto instinctively until the door closed silently behind him.

Slowly and carefully he drew Naruto away from his body, it was time they had a serious chat.

Down in the kitchen Sakura was trying to keep order and control. It was a losing battle, and her head was starting to throb. Question after question were being fired at her, from the magical residents, coming so quickly Sakura was unable to even identify the source, let alone the answer.

"Who are you?"

"What the bloody hell was that?"

"Is Naruto ok?"

"Who was that smug looking twat?"

"Who are you?"

"SHUT UP!" roared Sakura, finally losing her temper. "EVERYONE SIT DOWN NOW!"

Everyone quickly complied, unwilling to risk the wrath of the pink haired girl, who was shaking in anger.

"Bloody hell, this place is going bonkers." Ron muttered to Harry as they all sat around the kitchen table. Harry nodded his agreement turning to his other side, finding the seat occupied by the other strange new comer.

The boy stared back face breaking into a suspiciously fake smile and whispered

"Hi there."

'Creepy.' Harry thought as he smiled back tentatively, quickly looking back to the pink girl.

"All right, now that we have order, let me make some introductions," Sakura had managed to rein in her temper and finally had the attention and control of the kitchen. "My name is Sakura Haruno, upstairs is Sasuke Uchiha and over there is… Sai," she finished kind of lamely, as eyebrows were raised at the lack of surname. "And of course you know Naruto. Naruto is here for his own protection, and we are here to protect him and the rest of you from….outside threats at your school."

Harry traded looks with Ron. Dumbledore had hired kids to protect them?

"Clearly we will be blending in as students at your school," continued Sakura. "Therefore you must all keep your mouths shut about us, got it?" This last bit was accompanied by a sickly sweet smile which promise pain if anyone blabbed.

"Excellent. Well if there isn't anything else…" Sakura trailed off as Sai stood up and walked over, as Sakura looked up at the ceiling. She could hear raised voices rising in volume. 'We better get up there before they start really fighting,' she thought worryingly.

"Hang on a sec!" blurted out Ron rather rudely. "What's wrong with Naruto? Why does he even need protection from you?

As Sakura opened her mouth Sai jumped in first. "That's really none of your business, is it?" He smiled widely, closing his eyes. His voice was extremely cold, contradicting the look on his face.

"Well it is my business, if he is screaming all night like a lunatic."

Harry cringed at Ron's words. 'How can he be so insensitive?'

Clearly Hermione thought the same thing as she wacked Ron on the head, yelling "Ronald! Don't be so insensitive you pig!"

As Ron grumbled, rubbing his head, Sakura let out a deep long suffering sigh.

"Listen up, because this is all that I'm going to say on the matter. It isn't my place to tell you. If Naruto wants to he'll tell you the whole story, but I doubt he will. He didn't even want us to know and we are his team and closest friends." 'Well, apart from Sasuke,' she added silently. "After traumatizing events happened to him only a bit over a month ago, it is understandable that he would be having nightmares. I have my doubts the nightmares will be so noticeable again. Now that he realizes that we know, we will keep himself in tight control to stop us noticing. He is such an idiot sometimes. That's why his emotions and personality are such a mess at the moment. Because of him trying to hide his pain and true feelings." Sakura's voice had dropped in volume as she looked at the floor almost as if she was talking to herself.

Sai cleared his throat loudly snapping to attention. "Well I better check on Naruto and Sasuke before they start-" However Sakura's voice was drowned out by the sudden increase in volume from the conversation upstairs.



As Harry and the rest of the wizards exclaimed in shock, Sai and Sakura exchanged resigned looks.

"Too late," said Sai.

In all honesty, Sasuke didn't actually know how the "little chat" he was meant to be having civilly with Naruto had turn into an all out shouting match.

'Naruto is so bloody confusing!' Sasuke couldn't understand what Naruto wanted. 'One second he is crying and hugging-actually hugging me- the next moment he is all 'leave me alone' and angry and- well acting like a complete idiot.'


Sasuke drew Naruto back from his chest, and sat him down on the bed, sitting down next to him.

"Naruto we need to talk about this."

Naruto smiled didn't reach his eyes as he tried to act happy as he said "I'm glad you're here. I'm surprised the old hag even let you come, how did that happen?"

Sasuke got straight to the point, ignoring Naruto's attempt at topic change. "Naruto this is clearly affecting you greatly and I think it is best if you talk about it."

"Let it go Sasuke."

"No stop being a dope! I thought you trusted me! You were the one how told me in the first place!"


Naruto's attitude had done a 180. He was really angry now. Sasuke was so shocked at this complete change, he was speechless was a moment. What the hell was wrong with him? This jumpy emotional train Naruto was on was starting to piss Sasuke off.


Naruto glared at him. "But-" Sasuke had finally lost what little patience he had.




To Sasuke it was clear that Naruto was spiraling out of control and it was up to Sasuke to rein him back in again.

'Yes I'll have to keep a close watch on him at all times. And that black haired kid needs to back off. He seemed pretty adamant in 'helping' him.' Sasuke sneered as he thought of Harry leaning over Naruto before he had burst in.

The sneer was wiped off his face as he tuned in to Naruto's ranting words.

"You are so hypocritical you know that Teme? You never talked about you obvious issues about your whole family being killed, and it landed you in a whole load of trouble. I mean you joined Orochimaru and pretty much ruin your life and then almost killed you brother who turned out to be fucking innocent! And then you have the balls to whine at me for not talking about it, when your closed off stuck personality is the reason you screwed your life over! I mean if you had just stopped and actually considered the whole Itachi situation, the whole avenger and village betrayal could have been avoided!

Naruto stopped suddenly at the sight of Sasuke's face. He realised he had crossed a line as Sasuke walked forward shaking with fury, but Naruto didn't back down. He couldn't now.

Sasuke was struck dump with anger. Naruto knew not to mention the fight with Itachi.

In the middle of a mission for Orochimaru, Sasuke had run in to Itachi, and the fight had started. It was a long, painfully long battle. During the battle Sasuke had found out the truth about his clan's murder. It had been Orochimaru who had killed them all and framed Itachi. The village council knew the truth and had sent Itachi off to Akatsuki with clan's murder as cover.

Obviously Sasuke was beyond angry and had ran off to kill Orochimaru, leaving Itachi half dead in the debris of their battle. Killing Orochimaru had been easy. The old man was weak with the need for the body switch. It was after killing his mentor that was difficult.

The internal battle within Sasuke was almost the death of him. After being lied to for most of his life, and cutting all bonds and ties because of the lies, he had no where to go and no one to run to. He had tried finding Itachi, but he had vanished after the battle. Falling in to the dark void of nothingness, he had aimlessly wondered, until he was saved by chance. Naruto had found him and saved him from himself, pulling Sasuke back from his mental slump. To this day Sasuke had no idea what Naruto must have said to the Hokage for her to let him back in the village because he got off on probation only, which in Sasuke's opinion was a miracle as it was common knowledge that the 5th Hokage hated Sasuke with a passion.

After a month of being back in the village, Itachi had returned and after a lot of fuss and villager fear, everything had been smoothed over and he had started living in the village again. However things were still tense between Itachi and Sasuke. Sasuke was finding it difficult to forgive Itachi for lying, but he was also finding it harder to forgive himself, for not stopping to consider the facts. Itachi would never have killed their family, but Sasuke had been too blind with grief to see the truth.

Naruto should have known better than talking about it. Sasuke couldn't believe that Naruto would use that insecurity in his argument. He was only trying to help and he was being rewarded with below the belt shots.

At this moment Sasuke didn't care that Naruto had just returned from a physically and mentally abusive torturous hell. He pulled back him fist and hit Naruto as hard as he could, letting out all of his anger.

As Naruto spun backwards with the force of the attack, Sasuke froze in shock. Had he really just punched Naruto, recently returned kidnap victim? He was appalled with himself. 'Get yourself under control,' Sasuke berated himself. 'It's not like what he said isn't true. He was looking for a reason to start a fight and you just gave him one.'

On that thought, Sasuke looked back at Naruto who was pulling himself off the ground as blood trickled down his chin, leaking from his split lip. Naruto grinned as he took a fighting stance. "If that's the way you want to place it, Sasuke." Without another word he charged at Sasuke.

"Bloody hell, you moron!" Sasuke yelled as Naruto charged into him, knocking him off the feet. Both of them landing in a tangle of limbs on the ground.

To be continued…

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