They greying old Marine wrapped his arms around his beautifully stunning red headed wife; Molly and pulled her closer to him, his hands resting on her hips.

The amazing woman leant back into her husband's arms and rest her head on his shoulder, turning her head slightly and pressing her soft luscious lips to Jethro's pulse point.

He pulled her closer to him and ground his hips against her backside, and smirked, as she sucked lightly at his neck and ran her tongue along his skin.

Turning her around quickly and kissed her passionately on her red lipstick stained lips, smearing the make-up across both of their lips and partially their cheeks.

She moaned as his strong arms ran over her body, pulling him closer and massaging her stunning body.

Gibbs lifted her and coaxed her legs to wrap around his waist, and he lay her down on the boat, and kissed down her neck making her moan and writhe beneath him

Carefully he slid the straps to her bikini from her shoulders, and threw it to the side, his lips sucking on her exposed skin, and leaving slight marks over her usually pale complexion, which had a slight tan to it from being on the boat for the past month.

Her head was thrown back in passion, whilst her hands threaded through his silver hair, and he moved his lips from her breasts down her stomach until he tore her bikini bottoms from her using only his teeth.

The use of his tongue, teeth and lips had her writhing beneath him and moaning out his name loudly

Molly moved and kissed her husband deeply, as they made love beneath the watchful eye of the burning sunshine.