Mommy Harper and Mama Alex

One prank gone wrong and now Harper's going to have a baby. Who got her knocked up well it was Alex. But who pulled the prank , Justin did. Big trouble coming for the Russo Family. What are teenage girls to do.


( Harper's POV )

I'm Harper Jeniffer Finkle, I'm 16 and I'm going to be a mother. I have no idea how I got pregnant . Your thinking well sex duh. Yes I had sex but it wasn't with a guy it was with my best friend, Alex Russo. Alex is a girl and I know what your thinking ok hold on a girl but that's impossible. Well....... your right and your wrong. You see she's a wizard so is her family. Not her mom , you see her dad was a wizard but he gave up his magic for Mrs. Russo who is a mortal like me , so he could marry her. Now his kid's are wizard's.

Justin is the oldest he's smart, hard working and a show off , Alex my best friend is a trouble maker the laziest person in the world , but hey shes my best friend I couldn't see my life with out her and then there's Max , Max is........ odd and weird and definitely out there. But so am I , I like making my own clothes. I love colors every single one of them, I love making something old to something new. My ideas might be a bit out there but I wouldn't change anything at all.

So back to how I got pregnant . Alex pulled a prank on Justin and he got really angry so angry that he pulled a prank and used magic to help him. He messed up BIG TIME. The spell he was planing on using was supposed to make Alex go bald. Poor Alex if he did do that. But right now I'm not the biggest Justin fan . I down right hate him for what he did. The spell he cast made me and Alex have sex and now I Harper Finkle am having my best friend's and mine love child.

My life fucking sucks and now I have to tell my parent's. Get Alex to stop fainting from shock of us having a kid and go threw high school and oh yha I have to make a perfect lie so all the other mortals believe me. I'm 16 , I'm going to have a wizard child and I might go to jail for killing Justin for getting Alex to knock me up. But hey I'll be smiling threw the whole thing , Hahaha I think I've gone mad.


Well I don't think this is a good story idea when I thought of it but Amy said to go for it she said it sounded cool. I hope you guy's like it if not just tell me and I'll dump this fic.