Mommy Harper and Mama Alex

One prank gone wrong and now Harper's going to have a baby. Who got her knocked up well it was Alex. But who pulled the prank , Justin did. Big trouble coming for the Russo Family. What are teenage girls to do.


( Harper's Room )

" What am I going to do, What are we going to do Alex" said Harper as she looked at her best friend with a blush on her face. Harper was 3 month's pregnant. Alex looked up at Harper and looked at her blushing. She couldn't look at Harper and blushed herself she still saw pictures of Harper naked in her head. Harper moaning, screaming her name and begging for more. She saw Harper more then she every wanted too.

" I don't know, but Like I said I'll be there for you and mini Halex" said Alex as she smiled.

" Umm, who's mini Halex " asked Harper as she looked confused.

" Put the H from your name infront of mine and you get Halex but if it's a boy then I don't know what to cal it" said Alex as she frowned.

" Right , well how about we just call it baby for now." said Harper as she rolled her eye's. Yha, it was cute that Alex made a nick name for there kid. There kid, huh wow there having a kid. No matter how many time's she said it in her head it still shocked her.

" So,... what now I mean I knocked you up what are we going to tell everyone" said Alex as she looked at Harper.

" I don't know , I have to think what I'm going to tell my parent's. There going to freak out and kill me" said Harper as she ran her hand threw her long red hair. Harper closed her eye's and fiddled with her hair. She had to think of a perfect lie but what , what would be the perfect lie.

" Let tell them the half truth then" said Alex as she walked over to Harper, it was the first time since they had sex that Alex was that close to Harper.

" What do you mean the half truth?" asked Harper as she looked at the floor avoiding looking at Alex.

" Well not the wizards part but that your having my baby. We'll tell everyone that we are dating and that we love each other so much that we went to the doctor and boom your having my baby's." said Alex as she looked at Harper hoping that it would make her smile.

" Alex what are you fucking stupid , do you ever fucking pay attention in class we're both fucking girl's we can't have a baby that impossible . AHHH THIS IS SO FUCKING MESSED UP!" yelled Harper as she glared at Alex.

" Look I'm sorry ok I'm trying here Harper, ok I'm trying my hardest but this is all to much for me to think about. " said Alex as she started to cry. Harper frowned and went to hug Alex.

" I'm sorry I shouldn't yell at you it's not your fault I just a bitch I guess please don't cry Alex Please" pleaded Harper as she hugged Alex. Alex hugged her back.

" Your not a bitch Harper , your to nice , sweet and innocent to be a bitch" said Alex as she looked at Harper with tear's in her eye's.

" I'm not so innocent now hehehe if I was I wouldn't be knocked up" said Harper with a small smile. Alex rolled her eye's and smiled at Harper .

" Yha, well I lost my virginity to you too , you know I was pure as snow look at me I'm going to me a mom at 16" said Alex as she smirking at what she said.

" Right snow and your a angel too" said Harper as she poked Alex in the arm.

" I am" said Alex as she poked Harper back.

" Ok , I think I could work with our little lie but you know we're going to get so much trash about this." said Harper going back to there problem. Alex frowned it was fun was over time to get back to life.

" Yha, but I have you so it's ok we know the truth and we can do this" said Alex as she grabbed Harper's hand.

"I know we can do this we make the perfect team. Ok heres what we tell people like you said we love each other and we went to the doctor's. We tried the new experiment for me to get pregnant with your child and it worked. Now, I know this might sound weird but I need you to go with this it's for my parent's it'll lessen the blow, Alex will you marry me" said Harper as she looked at Alex.

" WHAT!" yelled Alex as she looked shocked at Harper.

" Well if I told them that were getting married then maybe they won't kill me and you too" said Harper as she frowned. Alex looked at Harper, and she thought about what she said it would help to make there story believable if they did say that there getting married. But she didn't love Harper that way, sure shes having her baby but come on what about the cute boy's at school .

" I need to think about this Harper , thats really big for me there I get your well you know and it's mine but what about the cute boys at school" said Alex as she frowned. She really had plan's to ask lot's of boy's this year to go out with her.

" I know , I'm sorry ... it's ... it's just that what about my parent's that's going to be the first thing to come to there mind's if we say that we love each other so much to have a baby why aren't we getting married" said Harper as closed her eye's and rubbed her head. Alex looked at Harper she could tell Harper was stressing hard here .

" Well, when we get to that then we'll wing it but I don't want to be tied down and have people stay away from me if they have the hots for me" said Alex as she place her hands on her hip's.

" Fine , then you think about something but it better be good" said Harper as she threw her arm's in the air in frustration.

" Harper it's not like we're a real couple we're just having a baby" said Alex as she looked at Harper.

" You know what , how about I just do everything by myself like everything else . I'll just tell people that I went to a party and hooked up with a guy." said Harper as she left her room leaving Alex alone.

" Harper get back here , we're not going to do that" said Alex as she ran after Harper. Harper made it to the top of the stair's then she turned around to look at Alex.

" What , what do you want Alex, I get it ok just let me think I can think of another lie ok just go away and leave me alone." said Harper as she glared at Alex with so much hate. Alex back up a bit she never seen Harper that mad before.

" Look , I'm just saying that let's wait we don't have to say we're getting married. If we do that the wizard world would take away my magic and well I know I'm being selfish here wanting to date guy's and keep my magic." said Alex as she frowned.

" Alex how are you going to date guy's if your telling them that you love me and I'm having your baby and fuck the wizarding world I'm not part of it" said Harper as she glared at Alex. She had a point that was there lie that they loved each other so bye bye cute boy's.

" But you are part of the Wizarding word Harper , our kid well it's going to be a wizard like me" said Alex as she pointed to Harper's slightly bloated belly. Harper looked down she knew she was starting to show and she place her hand on her tummy.

" Fine, but what are we going to say were waiting en till we turn 20 so we could get married." said Harper a she looked at Alex.

" Yha, and we'll be just girlfriend and girlfriend to the world," said Alex as she smiled.

" Ok, so girlfriend what's next" asked Harper as she rolled her eye's.

" Well girlfriend, let's go tell my I mean our family our little plan." said Alex as she smiled at Harper and leaned forward for a hug. Harper hugged her back and patted her on the back.

" Yha, our family woo who" said Harper as she smiled .

" Hey, we love you Harper." said Alex as she frowned.

" I know I love you guy's too, it's just the word family making me uncomfortable, you know with you me and the baby thing. It's just makes me think we're going to be a family for life." said Harper as she looked at her tummy.

" Yha, family you and me babe and the little Halex " said Alex as she place her hand on top of Harper's hand to feel the little unborn Russo- Finkle Baby.


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