I wrote this in the car yesterday on the way to the beach and I really like how it turned out. I'm normally not a poetic type of person, so I really am looking for comments here on how this turned out. Thanks everyone.

P.S. This poem takes place right after Falling for the Falls part 1.

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A Chance

(A poem from Allison Munroe's point of view)

I was given a chance.

A chance to be someone, to make my mark on the world

I was destined for greatness,

Brought to the town where dreams became reality

When I first got here, I was ready for anything

I had gotten lucky.

Lucky enough to be introduced to amazing people

I loved these four new friends,

And took comfort in each and every one of them

When I arrived on the show, I knew I was home

I had my limits set.

These limits weren't harsh; I was told they were for my own good

I listened to them intently,

Thinking how easy it would be not to break the rules

When I had boundaries set, I did my best with them

I met my match.

He was my opposite, a match definitely not made in heaven

I reprimanded myself repeatedly,

Scolding myself whenever he made me smile

When I found him, I tried to resist

I fell hard for him.

All he was was trouble, but that's what I loved most about him

I found myself charmed,

Mainly by his sweet side and amazingly good-looks

When we were together, I felt something

I had a problem.

A problem that got blown out of proportion

I was told I had betrayed them,

That they controlled how I felt, how I should act around him

When I had fallen, they refused to help me up

I was given a chance, and I just might have blown it.

So what did you think? I kind of like how this turned out, but I'll never know what you liked/disliked unless you review. :)