Pein Consults

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The rain pouring outside the dark building in Amegakure was nothing new or meaningful to the eight men reaped in black, billowing cloaks with red clouds marked on it gathered outside their leader's chamber. Weather had long ceased to bother the dark beings whose names sent terror to almost every shinobi that lived. They were the Akatsuki, the Ten who would bring a new Dawn to the world.

"Why the fuck are we here again?" Grumbled a silver-haired, magenta-eyed man with a three-bladed scythe latched on his back. Pride and arrogance dripped all over his face, as if he didn't have a care in the world; then again, who wouldn't be if he was an immortal. Hidan, the Immortal One, the Jashinist, the Foulmouthed.

"No idea; I just came here. Anyone want to fill us up?" Asked a tall large man with unusual blue skin, small black eyes and a sharklike grin stretched across his face. The giant sword slung he was holding was covered all over with bandages, and bits of bloodstain that he had failed to wash off completely before arriving there. Hoshigaki Kisame, Demon Shark, Monster of the Hidden Mist, Tailed Beast without a Tail.

"To talk, no massacares for once," sighed a redhaired man with heavily lidded brown eyes a surprisingly young face; upon closer inspection, though, you would notice that his 'skin' was actually the same material as that of the puppets he was carrying around in his hidden scrolls. Sasori, the Akasuna, the Scorpion, the Puppeteer of the Red Sand.

"Leader-sama wishes to talk to each of us in private; Perhaps he senses a traitor in our midst," said two voices, one silky smooth and the other a rough growl. However, both voices had come from the strange two-faced man - white on the left and black on the right - with his head concealed between a pair of big leaves of a giant venus flytrap. Zetsu, the Hidden One, the Eye of the Dawn, the Preyer of the Dead.

"Well, I've heard that he wants to discuss private issues, which is why he wants to talk to one after the other," snorted a blond man with a long ponytail with a lens scope covering one of his pale blue eyes. He was an overall nice-looking guy, if it weren't for the tongues smacking around the mouths installed unfittingly on both his palms. Deidara, the Terrorist of Iwagakure, the Artist of Explosion, the Worshipper of the Instance.

"I heard so too, senpai! I did so too!" Squeaked an annoying high-pitched voice, which came from a man who didn't have any noticable features on him except the orange swirly mask that completely obscured his face save one eyehole and a tuft of black, spiky hair. Tobi, the Mysterious, the Shinobi of the Single Sharingan, the Drifter.

"Shut up, you moron. Leader-sama should have your head for being so loudmouthed. At least then you'd serve me as an extra heart," growled a tall man (slightly shorter than Kisame) with a grey vizard covering all his face except the area around his green pupiless eyes. The few patches of skin visible were laced all over with thick stitches. Kakuzu, the Bounty Hunter, the Treasurer of Evil, the Monster of the Five Hearts.

"Hn, be quiet already. Leader-sama knows we're here." The cold voice had come from a young man with black hair, with two long tear marks between his eyes and nose. His blood-red eyes reflected the hypnotic pattern of the nortorious Sharingan. Uchiha Itachi, the Betrayer, the Murderer of a Clan, the Triangle Sharingan.

As soon as the words were out of Itachi's mouth, the door which they had been standing in front of creaked open. Out came a pale-faced woman with blue hair and amber eyes. Her expressionless face revealed no emotion at all to discover eight men waiting impatiently right in fornt of her.

"You're here," she said, the small piercing beneath her lower lips flashing as she spoke. Konan, God's Angel, the Paper Wing, Mistress of Amegakure. "Leader-sama is expecting you. Tobi, you are required to enter first. The rest of you must wait here, I'm afraid."

"Yes! Tobi is the first to go! Tobi is a good boy!" Squealed the masked man in delight, leaving the other men to growl in annoyance.

Inside the chamber itself, a lone figure with spiky orange hair sat on his chair, his back turned on the door, watching the rain splattering the whole of Amegakure out of the window. Upon Konan's opening the door, he silently turned away from the window, revealing a deathly white face with small metal rods pierced through it. His eyes were thoroughly grayish-purple, with ripple-like patterns emerging from the small pupil; Rinngnean, the Eye of the Gods. Pein, the God of Peace, the Destined One, Savior of the World.

"Enter," he said.

And thus Pein begins to torture the entire Akatsuki member, one by one... R&R!