AN: short heartland AU story. (Au= alternate universe) basically its Ty/Amy but when Ty was 7 (and Amy was 6) he moved with his parents away from heartland ranch, a place where they do treat and trains horses. Now 10/11 years later they meet again when Ty and his family are visiting one summer. I don't think I'll make so many chapters in it but here you go.

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Chapter One: Hello hello.

Amy Fleming 16 years old living on her parents Marion and Tim's ranch was down at the stables as usual early in the morning. She was getting the horses food and water, checking if there was enough hay and if the hay were clean. There was a lot of work to do at a ranch. When she was done with the first stable she went over to the next but on the way Ben stopped her.

"Keep that up and you won't be needing me," Ben said playfully, he was a stable guy helping them and a friend, also two years older than Amy.

"Hey Ben and you can relax I only finished the first stable you can still have the second," Amy smiled.

"Oh joy!" Ben said with fake excitement in his voice. Amy laughed at him and told him she would join him when she had eaten breakfast.

She went inside to find her mother, father and granddad Jack Bartlett in the kitchen.

"Morning honey," Marion said to her daughter and gave her a kiss on the cheek while cutting letters.

"Morning mom, dad, Jack," Amy said to them. Her dad and Jack said morning back.

"Mmm smells good," Amy said and looked at the breakfast table, which her Grandfather probably had cooked himself as he almost always did.

"Well dig in kiddo," Her dad smiled. So Amy sat down at the table and started eating.

"So when was it they would arrive again?" Tim asked his wife who shook her head at her husband.

"At noon, which will be the tenth time I'll tell you this," Marion answered and joined the table with a small plate of letters for herself.

"Right noon and I only think you told me three times," Tim said and gave his wife peek on the lips. Amy and her grandfather cut faces at each other without Tim and Marion noticing.

"Who's coming?" Amy asked confused.

"She has that from you, and the it's the Baldwin's that are visiting, don't you remember? They'll be here the whole summer," Marion answered her daughter with a smile.

"I remember I just didn't think it was this early," Amy said. The others laughed.

"Maybe we should warn you and hour before they arrive here so you can get all the hay out of you hair and dirt away from you face," Amy's grandfather kid.

"Why? I'll be looking like this again soon and look who's talking," Amy shot back playfully.

"Well first expression are the most important ones," Jack told his granddaughter.

"I've know them since I was born, I just haven't seen 'em since I was 6, so they already have a first impression of me," Amy said and took a sip of coffee.

"Give up Jack 'cause she isn't giving in," Tim chuckled and Amy stuck her tongue out at her father.

"But I'll shower before they come here, promise, now I have to go help Ben," Amy said and got up.

"Bring him a muffin I'm sure appreciate that," Her mother said. Amy agreed silent and took a muffin with her out for Ben. In the second stable she found Ben who did in fact appreciate it.

"So looking forward to see the Baldwin's again?" Ben asked as he took the muffin.

"Not really that much," Amy said honestly.

"Yeah? Didn't you have this huge crush on that guy Ty?" Ben asked half kidding.

"First of all I was like five or six years old and how do you even know about that," Amy asked him with a playful but still stern look.

"Oh look, work" Ben said, took a bite of his muffin and quickly went away.

Amy continued her work until her friends Soraya and Joni. Soraya didn't work at Heartland but she helped them out a lot. Joni on the other hand did work at Heartland and she was also Ben's girlfriend for soon a year.

"Hey you two!" Amy yelled at them and waved.

"Hey Amy seen my boy?" Joni asked.

"He's working," Amy said.

"Oh well then I wont disturb him," Joni laughed.

"So Amy how do you think it will be to see Ty again?" Soraya asked.

"So you are the one that told Ben," Amy said and looked at her friend.

"Maybe I mention it when he was around but you didn't answer my question," Soraya said playing innocent.

"I don't have any expatiations," Amy said but she was lying. She was actually quite nervous, she hadn't seen him since she was six years old and now he was staying the whole summer. Soraya and Joni said that they later would go for a ride and if Amy wanted to come with them, she declined.

At eleven O'clock Amy went inside to take a shower and clean up. Now she didn't make a big deal out of it so it was just normal clothes and all. He looked out of her window on the second floor. A 4x4 was on the road towards them, followed by a blue pickup. Must be them, Amy thought and went down stairs to find…

"Lou what are doing here?" Amy asked her sister and went over to give her a hug.

"Nice to see you too Amy and I came to bid your guest welcome plus it's a big house and someone tried to fix the roof by them selves and when they were down it all collapsed so we're staying until it gets fixed," Lou answered her sister, talking about the episode were Scott Trewin, Lou's husband and their local vet, tried to fix the roof by then it started to make cracking sounds so he quickly got off and then the roof collapsed, he got away in time and nothing happened to him but it gave Lou and their daughter Holly, a two year old, quite the scare. The sisters laughed and Amy gave her little niece a hug.

"Speaking off were is you dear husband?" Amy asked Lou who answered that he was in the stable looking on a horse named Casady who had just recovered from a cold. Amy needed him to check on another horse so she went to the outside and to the stables to find him. He was in Casady's box. Casady was a black and White pinto horse that used to be a riding school horse but the school closed and many of the horses were sold, they found Casady on a market and just fell for him. He had just had a cold and been very sick and they weren't sure if he was still sick or not.

"How is he?" Amy asked Scott.

"He's fine, there's no more fever but he is very weak, so give him something that'll help his immune system and I also heard a rumor that you want me to look at another horse?" Scott said and walked over to his sister-in-law.

"Yes it's Applejack he is looking well a bit like Casady did before he got sick but I just wanted to see if he was getting a cold to," Amy explain on the way to Applejacks box.

"I'll check him out," Scott smiled.

"Thanks," Amy said. The sound of a car trunk being closed reminded her that their guest probably had arrived so she went back inside, Scott saying he would join them soon.

She walked over to the house and went inside. Voices and laughter were coming from the living room.

"Amy oh my you've grown!" Mrs. Baldwin said and gave her a hug (AN: I don't remember her name if it is mentioned, so if you know please tell me, thanks)

"Hi Mrs. Baldwin, Mr. Baldwin, Lee," Amy named them each as she shook their hand. She looked around to find Ty but found out that he wasn't there.

"Ty'll be right down," Mrs. Baldwin said. Amy nodded.

"How was you drive Mr. Baldwin?" Amy asked.

"Oh just fine and call me Brad, please," Mr. Baldwin, Brad, said.

"Amy," A voice said from behind her, she turned around and saw dark haired, green eyed, tall, slim but still muscular Ty standing there, a lot different from the little scrawny freckled boy she remembered.

"Ty, Hello," She said smiling and reached out her hand. he walked over to her and took her hand.

"Hello, Amy long time," He said and smiled, they let go each others hands but Amy could still feel his warmth in her hand.

"Yeah you look a lot different," Amy commented.

"Well I'm not seven anymore," Ty answered still smiling.

"Really I didn't notice," Ty's father joked and the conversation changed. Amy sat down on the empty couch followed by Ty.

"So how you been?" Ty asked her.

"Fine, been working a lot here of course," Amy, answered.

"Of course"

"What about you, Ty?"

"I've been fine, thank you, I've been working a lot too but on my parents farm,"

"Yeah what kind of farm,"


"Wow I would love to see that,"

"Maybe you will," Ty said and smiled at her, then he looked a bit nervous, he ran his hand through his hair.

"So, um, you still got that scar?" Ty asked.

"You mean the one I got when you pushed me of the pony? Yes still got that," Amy replied and rolled up her sleeve a little so you could see a thin scar that went from halfway up her right lower-arm over her elbow and a little up her over-arm.

"Oh yeah I'm sorry about that by the way, never got to apologize before," Ty said and smiled briefly.

"Its okay, you know water under the bridge, I just never knew why you did it," Amy said curious. She hoped he would explain 'cause he had been nice as a kid and he didn't seem like someone that would push you of a horse. Ty hesitated.

"Well I think I had a pretty big crush on you back then, but don't worry, I'm not going to push you of anything now," Ty said talking a little faster than before. Amy laughed.

"Good to know," She said smiling at him. At that moment Scott entered the room.

"Scott! What's the verdict?" Amy asked him getting up from the couch.

"Hold your horses Amy, let me get into the room first," Scott said laughing and took a round introducing himself to the Baldwin's. Then he turned to Amy.

"Applejack doesn't have a fever but you are right he doesn't look to healthy either I would say put him in a box away from the others and give him what your giving Casady," Scott said but he wasn't finished. "Also Alberto coughed when I was on my way out of Applejack's box so I checked him out too and I would consider moving him too," Scott finished with a serious look.

"Okay I'll put 'em all in the quarantine boxes, mind if I go now?" Amy asked her parents.

"Not at all honey, go ahead, and Ty why don't you help?" Marion said looking at Ty who then looked at Amy. Amy nodded as showing she didn't mind.

"Okay sure," Ty said and followed Amy out. They walked quietly over to the stables.

"I don't remember it this big," Ty said.

"Um one of the stables broke down under a tornado, it was really horrible but when we rebuild we decided to build it bigger," Amy said and shrugged by the memory it was almost a year ago.

"I'm sorry," Ty said, Amy looked at him to see if he just said it because it was what you would say whatever if you meant it or not but he was sincere, his green eye's understanding.

"Thanks," Amy said smiling. They had now made it to Applejack and Alberto's boxes. They were placed next to each other.

"I'll take Applejack, he doesn't like strangers," Amy said. Ty nodded and went into Alberto's box. Amy watched him and he really seemed to know what he was doing. He gave Alberto time to check him out before he did anything. Amy went in Applejack's box.

"Hey boy," She said to Applejack who stood with his head lowered down. Amy put the rope on Applejack's bridle and went out side with him.

"You ready?" Amy asked Ty who stepped out of the box just as she had finished her question.

"Yep and I think Scott was right that he needs care, just look at his muzzle," Ty said and Amy did Ty was right and so was Scott Alberto was getting sick.

"Okay this way," Amy said and lead the way to the quarantine boxes that was a small building away from the other stables. Amy showed Ty which stable to put Alberto in. after they were done with that Amy explained about their use of herbs and so to heal the horses and what they should give the three sick horses that could help them. Ty seemed sincerely interested and offered his help. Amy approved smiling thinking that he was pretty cool actually.

Later at dinnertime they all sat down at the table. Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin, Marion, Tim, Lou, Holly, Scott, Lee, Ty and Amy. Jack was there also with Nancy a woman he had started seeing and who had helped him cook dinner. Soraya, Joni and Ben had also stayed. It had been an eventful day and Amy thought that it was a pretty cool day. All had been open and polite to Ty as Amy had introduced him to Soraya, Joni and Ben and he had been even more polite and nice and it wasn't pretending but real. He was going to fit in easily. When they were done eating Soraya, Joni Ben and Nancy left. The others went inside the living room Amy however went outside to check on her favorite horses Spindleberry and Sundance. They were playing around in a paddock. Amy laughed at them and just stood watching.

"They look like they have fun," A male voice said behind her, she recognized it as Ty's.

"Yeah they're surprisingly good friends," Amy said. Ty leaned onto the fence next to her.

"Yours?" Ty asked.

"Yes, the pinto is Sundance the other is Spindleberry," Amy answered.

"Fits them," Ty said.

"What about you? What kind of horses do you have?" Amy asked him.

"A mustang named Dazzle and then I just help around with all the others," Ty answered. Amy smiled at him; he smiled back his hair fell down into his eyes. They heard footsteps behind them and looked it was Lee, Ty's little brother, coming their way.

"Is things more interesting out here?" Lee asked.

"Don't know were just talking," Amy said.

"So that's a 'no'?" Lee asked in a more rhetorical way. Ty rolled his eyes at his little brother.

"I could show you around if you want?" Amy asked nicely.

"Nah I'll be fine by my self," Lee said and walked towards the stables.

"Sorry about him, that's just Lee in a nutshell," Ty said shaking his head.

"It's okay," Amy said.

"You know, I like it here, It's nothing like home but it's really nice," Ty told her.

"Thanks I love it but then it is home for me," Amy said tried to hide a yawn.

"Tired?" Ty asked.

"A little," Amy confessed.

"Well I need to unpack anyway, Good night," Ty said.

"Night," Amy replied and watched Ty go back inside. It was still yearly but she had promised to call Soraya and tell her abour the day. So she would go to her room and call her up believing that it could be a pretty good summer vacation, if just Applejack, Casady and Alberto would be sick-free then everything would be great.

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