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I have been planning to make this fic for a while now. I got inspired by the movie The Covenant. Though I have made a few major changes but I still wanted to keep the main stream with twists. Different characters of course but mostly the ones everyone likes. This is a SASUNARU. If you not likely the yaoi then why the hell are you here, huh? It will become lemonish but mostly allot of fluff going on between high school students. Jealousy and romance are my fav with a little drama. I hope u all like it. Flame me and I'll roast your bastard ass from coast to coast. Got that? Well alright then, enjoy!

"Inner Thoughts"



Sasuke stared out across the water toward the large party on the other side. It was freezing cold, yet people wore skimpy clothing anyway. He felt movement behind him, signaling that the rest of his gang arrived. He heard one of them take a large intake of breath.

"It's fucking freezing outside and they want to party, huh?" Kiba sighed, adjusting his collar.

"It's their choice and a foolish one at that. Don't they know that half of them are going to call in sick Monday?" Neji said casually as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Idiots make me sick. At least, they were smart enough to make a few bon fires and keep warm from all the alcohol they have over there," Gaara said, voice low and uncaring. Sasuke smirked and turned to look at them.

"Well then does that mean I'm the only one going over there? I personally want some booze and a hot piece of ass tonight that doesn't involve screaming girls," Sasuke said, looking back across the water.

"Hell no, I'm not sitting here when my Hinata is over there waiting for me!" Kiba yelled.

"I'm in it for the alcohol..." the red head mumbled licking his lips.

"Oh goodness, a drunken Gaara...Like none of us has never seen that before," Neji rolled his pale eyes. Gaara whirled on him.

"Close your trap!" he growled, eyes shining.

"Lordly lord...Calm down dear cousin. I don't feel like getting blood all over my clothing," Neji replied, eyes also flashing.

"Enough! Both of you calm down, I won't have a blood bath at my first illegal party," Sasuke said.

Neji and Gaara faced away from each other growling. Kiba shook his head and walked over to them.

"Relax cousins," he said, swinging an arm over both their shoulders. "Let's just enjoy ourselves tonight, okay?" Both huffed but didn't say anything.

"They're acting like children," Sasuke thought looking over his cousins.

"All right...Now that you two are done making out, let's get over there shall we?" he asked them.

They all nodded and fell in step behind Sasuke. All of their eyes flashed red when they fell to the water. Sasuke started off first and took a step on to the glassy surface. It held his weight fine, and he smiled. All of them walked across the water to the other shore, far away enough not to be seen in the dark. They made their way over and landed on the opposite bank.

"Neji, where did you park your car?" Kiba asked looking around.

"I parked it over by the boat launch so it's easier to get to from here. You remember the one, the blue jeep?"

"Yeah I do, so that means it's parked by the woods by everyone else?" Neji nodded.

"Yeah I remember, not that I need a car, but it's mostly for show."

Gaara narrowed his eyes at everyone.

"Enough chit chats, let's go already!" He all but growled.

"Patience is a valuable thing," Neji said calmly.

"Yeah, it's not like it can kill you or us, for that matter," Kiba replied smiling.

Gaara gave the two glares that promised pain if they didn't close their mouths. Kiba rolled his eyes as he followed the impatient red head. Sasuke followed after Kiba and Neji after him. They made their way over to the party.