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Chapter 15: In the end, we're all family

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Final Chapter

Naruto groaned as he awoke from his dreaming. His body was sore as his wrists screamed in protest. He raised his head and wondered why it was so dark out.

"It's not...Morning?" he whispered. He tried to stand, but he tugged and his body wouldn't move. He whipped his head around and gasped as he discovered he was tied to a post. He moved his legs and managed to stand as his hands were tied behind his back. He was still wearing his sleep pants and tank top, confirming that it all was not a dream. He struggled against his bindings and yelled when they tugged on the skin of his wrists.

"You're awake," a smooth voice said. Naruto's head whipped around and stared at the person before him. Sai gave a weak smile as he approached and stood before the blond.

"Sai, what the hell is going on! Untie me!" the fair-haired begged. Sai's smile began to strain as he continued to stare at the blond.

"I wish I could, but I'm afraid I can't," he said quietly in sincerity. Sai looked at the dirt floor before looking back at the blond. Naruto clenched his fists behind his back and looked at the floor.

"Sai, are you...Like Ino?" Naruto asked him. Sai seemed surprised but it only showed for a moment.

"So Sasuke told you what he was huh? It's only natural, especially after everything that has happened between you two. However, no, I'm not like Ino...I am Ino," he explained. Naruto looked confused as he continued to take in his surroundings. He was in an aged barn, pieces of the wood missing from some parts of the walls. Naruto briefly wondered how the old place was still standing.

"What...Do you mean?" the blond asked, staring at his friend. Sai bit his lip and took a deep breath.

"I was at no time a real person to begin with. I was never born into this world. Ino created me apart from herself. I am the last part of her that held sympathy and sincerity. She cast that part of herself away and made me," he said. Sai walked to a near by barrel and sat on it. Naruto for the fist time saw the extreme sadness in Sai's normally stoic face.

"I'm...Just a shadow. A servant who cannot disobey Ino, even if I tried," he finished quietly. Naruto felt the wind blow through the cracks of the barn, and he shivered. Footsteps approached from the outside and crunched the old hay on the floor of the building. Naruto and Sai looked up to see Ino approached them from the entrance of the barn.

"Have a good nap Naruto?" she smiled stepping up to him. She looked Naruto over and huffed as she swatted at the bangs of his hair.

"Honesty, I don't know what Sasuke-kun sees in a weak human like you. He should have chosen a crafter female to be with instead," she smiled, flipping her hair. Naruto frowned darkly and looked away.

"Let me know when you see one," he said casually back. Ino's smirk dropped, and she shrugged. Sai watched nervously as she pulled her hand back and let it fly forward, slapping the blond across the face. Naruto grunted but otherwise didn't make a sound at the impact.

"You're funny Uzumaki," she smiled again. She turned to Sai, who sat quietly on his barrel.

"Sai you lazy ass, wait outside and let me know when they arrive. I told them to be here in another few minutes," she told him. Forced to obey, Sai stood and walked toward the entrance without a sound. Ino raised her hand and curled it in the air. Naruto suddenly felt heat at his ankles, and he looked down. White fire began to circle at his feet as it rose to be about the eye level with him. The heat increased and Naruto suddenly felt it hard to breath. He struggled against his binds as fire licked at his ankles, burning him but not leaving a mark.

"let's see how brave you are when I cook you like a pig," Ino hissed. She turned away as the fire grew and burned a brighter white. Sai returned minutes later and frowned deeply at Naruto's condition. He watched the blond squirm as he spoke to Ino.

"They are here," he announced, looking at the floor. Ino smirked and looked back at the blond.

"Well then, let's not keep them waiting, shall we?" she said. Naruto watched as Ino raised both of her hands, and a black mist rose in the air. The barn started to shake as pieces of wood were stripped from the walls. They flew into the sky and landed in several parts of the field the barn resided in. Naruto closed his eyes as fire and dust brushed against his face. The barn was torn apart, walls collapsing around them and hay flying everywhere. The walls fell as the roof was blown away. Ino's mist coated the area as Sai continued to watch standing next to her. When it all settled Naruto opened his eyes and took it all in. He looked straight ahead to see Sasuke and his family staring worriedly at him from the other side of the field. Sasuke's face held a look of rage as he took it all in. Naruto stood straighter as he caught Sasuke's eye. He tried to speak, but it felt as if all his oxygen was being sucked away. The family stepped forward as Ino and Sai walked forward also. They all met in the middle as Neji, Gaara and Kiba stood behind Sasuke ahead of them. Nagato and Itachi stood close to one another at the back of the group, watching the scene carefully for both sides. The heat grew to be too much, and Naruto was forced to close his eyes against it. Sasuke took one look at his blond's condition and growled throatily, eyes turning a menacing shade of red and black. Ino smirked as she knew this was a sign that Sasuke was close to ascending.

"All right you bitch, were here, hand over Naruto!" Sasuke hissed. Kiba, Neji and Gaara stood rigid as Ino walked forward toward Sasuke.

"Now now, we have to wait until midnight remember?" she cooed.

"Fuck you, give me one reason not to blast you and take Naruto right now?" Sasuke hissed as she walked closer. Ino smiled but motioned over her shoulder. Sasuke was a bit surprised to see Sai standing close to the fire that surrounded Naruto. Sai remained emotionless as he looked them all over, but it turned grim a moment later. Sai raised a hand as a black substance raised from his palm. It looked like ink through the air as it circled both, him and the blond.

"Try it and I'll have Sai kill Naruto slowly and painfully. Just like your father did to my parents!" she hissed. Sasuke's eyes settled as he looked the blond female over.

"Is this what this is all about? Ino, we were kids then, all of us. What happened was a tragedy but your parents were killing people! Why can't you understand that?" He tried to reason. Ino shook her head as her fists clenched at her sides.

"Your parents and mine were friends. They were family, and he killed them all! Then, he came after me and killed me Sasuke! I don't exist. It's only my hate for your father and your family that keeps me alive! I want you to feel it, I want you to feel the pain I did when your father killed me!" She yelled into his face. Sasuke felt the raw hatred swirl off Ino like a wave. The others behind him grew tense as the feeling swept over them. At the back of the group, Itachi's eyes narrowed as he watched the girl tremble. It seemed to him that rage was all that was keeping Ino in this world after all. The older raven lifted his wrist and examined his wristwatch. Sasuke only had ten minutes until midnight. Setting his sights back on his brother, Sasuke seemed to fidget on the spot. No doubt he was starting to feel the beginning doses of power surging through him. Between the situation with Ino and his bloodline, Itachi would die before he let his brother become a dark crafter and live his life in pain like himself. Nagato looked over Itachi to see the other thinking carefully.

"Itachi?" he asked in worry. The raven felt his lover grab his hand and squeeze it. A flood of warmth coated his insides, and he realized Nagato was trying to calm him.

"I'm fine, just...Watch Sasuke," he asked of him.

At the front of the line, Sasuke was still staring Ino down in a torrent of hate.

"I don't give a shit anymore. I did feel sorry for you, but I take it all back. Your parents made the decision, and frankly, I'm glad they're dead. Your kind doesn't belong in our world," Sasuke hissed back at her. Ino didn't seem intimidated by Sasuke's words in the slightest. Sasuke took a step back when Ino's features began to change. Everyone watched in horror as the sound of cracking bones filled the air. Ino grunted but growled a moment later as her form shifted.

Naruto briefly opened his eyes and watched as Ino transformed. His eyes went wide as her frame grew long and lanky, her clothes molded into her skin as it turned grew and leathery. She spread her arms like wings as her hands formed into razor-sharp claws. Sai beside him took in a breath, and Naruto noticed briefly that the ink in the air around him wavered and swirled. He looked to Sai and saw the other sweating and holding a hand to his chest. His skin was turning an alarming shade of white as his eyes turned black and watery.

"Sai?" Naruto managed to croak out. The other looked at him and to Naruto, it looked like the other was fading before his eyes.

"I don't have...Much longer," he whispered in pain. Ino continued to change as her form grew and her eyes disappeared. Before them all was the monster who had plagued Naruto's nightmares for over a week. The tall creature with its disfigured mouth let out a horrible wail as its eye sockets glowed in a blue light.

"That is her true form," Itachi told them all. Neji, Gaara and Kiba looked to him.

"What?" Kiba asked.

"Ino never got the chance to grow up because she died as a child. Her physical appearance altered because she had no idea what she would look like as an adult. She is forced to take the form her hatred turned her into," he explained. Sasuke watched in anger as Ino turned to Sai.

"Kill the rest! Sasuke is mine!" she growled out in a horrible rabble. Sai had no choice but to nod. He stepped forward with the ink surrounding him as he walked to the middle of the field.

"Sai, stop, please!" Naruto shouted after him. The raven gave him a weak smile despite his appearance.

"I'm sorry Naruto. I really did...Want to be your true friend," he said one last time. Naruto watched with watery eyes as he was forced forward. His eyes turned a terrible black as he lifted his arms. His ink swirled above him like a cloud and expanded. It fell like rain on the grass as Sai weaved his arms around one another. The ink rose from the earth and molded, taking shape. Naruto watched in awe as heads and tails formed from the masses and ears sprouted forth. They grew in size and before Naruto knew it he was looking at ferocious animals. Five large black tigers spawned from Sai, each more menacing then the last. Sai pointed to Sasuke's family, and they all growled and hissed like real tigers. They leapt at each group member as Ino swiped Sasuke, catching the boy in the middle and sending him down the field.

"Sasuke!" Naruto yelled. The blond coughed as the heat of the flames increased, causing his lungs to ache. Down the field, Sasuke caught himself and landed on his feet as Ino approached.

"Ragh!" her deformed figure screamed. Sasuke narrowly avoided swipe after swipe of her clawed hands. He could see a strong mist coming from her form as he struggled to avoid her hits. His eyes briefly glanced to the side to see black figures roaming the fields and after his family. The brief glance caused him to fall back as a swipe hit his shoulder. Blood streamed as Sasuke hissed into the injury. He jumped back and narrowed his eyes at Ino.

"Enough!" he roared. Sasuke's eyes turned black as he pushed everything he had into the earth. Rocks emerged from the ground, and he quickly shaved them to become sharp. He sent them toward Ino and smirked as one caught her in her thigh. She screamed in her rough voice, making more black mist emerge from her leg. He sent more toward her as she tried to come near. When He ran out she took her chance and aimed a kick at his chest. Throwing his arm up, he sent a barrier up which caused her to fall back.

"This ends now," he hissed, raising up his arms again.

Forced to separate from Gaara, Neji took his own tiger on. The animal managed to swipe him with its claw and sent him crashing into in the ground. He speedily got up as his normally pale eyes went black. He forced a wave forward toward the beast which the animal hastily shook off. He backed up and fisted his hand by his side. It wasn't often he was forced to use his full power. The tiger came at him again, and Neji swung his fist forward. The power in his palm connected with the beast, causing it to howl and hit the ground before eventually disappearing. Neji smirked in victory.

"Neji!" Gaara yelled. Neji's head flew to the side, but he was too late. Another tiger spat at him as he closed his jaws around Neji's still extended arm.

"Ahh!" The brunette screamed as he felt blood start to soak his sleeve.

Gaara rushed forward, eyes dark as charcoal. He sent a large red wave ahead and nailed the cat across its back. The tiger let go as Neji landed on the ground and clutched his now bleeding arm. He groaned in pain as he watched the tiger get back up. Before it could get up on its legs, Gaara was on it. Pulling his energy into his right foot, Gaara slammed his boot down onto the beast's neck. Neji heard a loud crunch and winced as the tiger dissolved back into ink and sank into the earth. Neji closed his eyes in pain but opened them as a pair of hands grabbed his shoulders. Gaara looked down at him in worry as he helped the brunette stand. They heard fighting all over the field, and Neji pointed his head toward Kiba.

"Go help him, I'll be fine!" he said. Gaara hesitated but nodded.

"Don't move," he asked of him. Neji smirked at his boyfriend.

"I can't guarantee that right now," he said.

Kiba growled as his own foe proved too strong. The cat was much larger than any of them as it swiped and hissed at him. He jumped back and sent energy toward the cat's head. The tiger easily avoided them and swirled around, hitting Kiba with its tail. Kiba hit the ground in a dust cloud.

"God dammit! I fucking hate cats!" he yelled into the air. His eyes went black as the marks on his face glowed red.

"I think I should fight fire with fire!" he growled. Kiba slashed his own hand through the air and punched the ground. The cat growled in annoyance as the world under his feet shook and broke apart. Kiba smirked as a head formed from the dirt, followed by another head. He watched his creation rise as a hellhound snarled as it pushed itself up from the earth. It's body grew larger as the tiger hissed in warning. When the hellhound fully formed it shook its two heads and howled at the night sky. Access dirt flew as the hound growled at the tiger and showed its two sets of large teeth made of sharpened boulders. Kiba pointed at the tiger and spoke to the hound.

"Fetch!" he commanded. The hound wasted no time as it pounced on the tiger, one head biting the neck and the other a front paw. The tiger howled in pain as it crashed to the ground, grass flying everywhere. Kiba panted with the amount of effort and power needed to raise his summoning. He fell to one knee as sweat gathered under his bushy hair. He watched his creation kill the tiger, ink flying everywhere like blood. He felt hands on his shoulders, and Kiba looked up to see Gaara.

"Hey cousin, what the hell are these things made of?" Kiba asked as he sucked in breath. Gaara helped him to his feet as another tiger roared on the side of the field.

"Energy, I can't sense anything but energy," Gaara said. Kiba's head whipped around as his hound bounded over to him and licked his hand.

"Good boy, now, why don't we help the others?"

Nagato jumped back as his own eyes glowed black and white. He threw a punch, but it missed as the tiger he fought yowled and hissed. He clenched his teeth and whipped his head to the side to see what Itachi was doing. He called the other's name as the tiger continued to pound against the force field the other had thrown up. Itachi winced each time the cat swiped it and hit it powerfully with teeth and claws. The raven panted and turned pale as it drained him to keep up the barrier.

"Itachi!" he called again. He watched in horror as one powerful swipe caused the barrier to crack. Itachi hit the ground on his knees as he threw up from the effort of keeping up his energy. The cat got him in the side, causing him to roll as a trail of dust followed him down the field. Itachi picked his head up, spitting blood as he bit his lip. He sat up on his forearms and watched the large animal make its way toward him.

Nagato felt his rage boil as he yelled into the air. His body convulsed as his senses sharpened. He felt his blood pumping behind his eyes as he shot a large purple wave at the animal he fought. It hit the tiger across the face as it finally exploded with a cry into a puddle of black ink. With the threat gone, Nagato pumped power into his legs and teleported to the other side of the field. Itachi panted as he continued to spit blood, watching the tiger approach.

"Itachi!" a voice yelled. The raven grunted as he was grabbed and pulled against a solid chest. He opened his eyes, not realizing he closed them. Nagato held him tightly as he threw up a barrier to the animal. The tiger swiped angrily at being denied his prey. The barrier held as Itachi watched Nagato's eyes swirl between colors. He felt shaky and sick as he was held against Nagato's body. His vision faded in and out as his hands shook and ached. His whole body felt like it was on fire from being denied human souls for so long.

"Nagato," he called as blood seeped between his lips.

Both men heard a loud roar. They turned to look out the shield to see Kiba running toward him. A large two-headed hound came bounding behind its master as Gaara ran behind both. The hound bounded over its master and locked its jaws into the tiger's side. The large cat howled with pain as it landed with the hound on top of it. Nagato dropped the barrier and stood up off the ground. They watched the hound kill the tiger, causing more ink to explode and cover the hound. The dog shook off the access ink and panted, tongues lolling. It walked up to Kiba and the other patted the large dog on both its heads.

"Good boy," he said. He waved his hand and the hound sunk into the earth with a final howl. Nagato stood with a weak Itachi barely able to hang on to him.

"Itachi?" Neji said, walking over holding his bleeding arm. Gaara went to the brunette's side and examined his arm. He ran his fingers over the area, attempting to pour what energy he had into the minuscule wound. Neji stopped him with a short glare but allowed Gaara to pull him closer.

"I'll be fine. We have to help Sasuke and Naruto," Itachi weakly said. Nagato worriedly looked his boyfriend over but nodded at his words.

"Gaara, Kiba, see if you can help out Sasuke. Neji and I will help Naruto," Nagato said. He gently set Itachi onto the ground as the raven wiped the last of the blood from his lips.

"Itachi, try to stay awake," he whispered. Itachi shook his head and looked to where Sasuke and Ino were fighting.

"Nagato, it's going to happen, I can feel it. Sasuke is going to ascend soon," he whispered to the other.

"Leave that to us," Nagato urged. Itachi still didn't look convinced as Nagato slowly stood up from his crouching position.

"Let's move!" He urged.

Naruto watched behind the fire as Sai's body flinched every time another large tiger was killed. The ink from the animals fell to the earth and soaked back up through his legs to his body. Bruises appeared on Sai's skin in several places. His neck developed bite marks, and cuts opened on his hands and face. Sai staggered on the spot and to Naruto, it looked as if he would fall over any minute.

"Sai..." Naruto whispered. The raven didn't look at him as he watched Kiba and Gaara approach him. Both the boys looked menacing as they approached them both. Naruto had to struggle to keep his eyes open as Kiba pointed at Sai.

"Guess I was right to suspect you had something to do with this," he hissed. Gaara crouched and forced power into his palms.

"We took care of your creations, that means your next," Gaara growled. Sai's face didn't change, but it was noticeable that the two cousins were looking at his injuries. Sai stood there impassively as his gaze wandered over to where Ino was fighting Sasuke. The blond's yells and shouts of either frustration or pain could be heard across the field. Nagato and Neji ran up behind Sasuke, their combined power throwing the girl to the dirt in a pain filled heap.

Sai grunted as a fresh cut marred his cheek, blood sliding down his pale face and gathering in the neck line of his shirt. He shook his head as he raised his hands at the two cousins. Black ink shot from his hands and gathered in clouds above his head. The ink quickly took shape as a long snake like figure merged. Kiba and Gaara stood their ground as a large Chinese dragon roared and crawled on the ground before them. The eyes glowed blue as it roared, causing the hair on the back of Naruto's neck to rise.

Ino growled as Sasuke, Neji and Nagato stared her down. She stood on shaky legs as her form shifted, and she was forced to go back to her human one. She panted as blood coated her hair and clothes from Sasuke's vicious attacks. The ravens gaze went from her to the now large dragon on the other side of the field.

"Knock it off Ino, you've lost. You're out numbered!" Sasuke yelled. She shook her head as she smiled evilly.

"Oh no Sasuke-kun, I'm only getting started!" she yelled. She looked over to Sai, who had the same injuries she did. He looked at her just as his dragon roared again and snapped at Kiba, who got too close.

"Sai! Kill Naruto!" she commanded.

"NO!" Sasuke yelled. He watched in horror as the large dragon forced Gaara and Kiba away from Sai. The raven looked at Ino in anguish but knew he had no choice but to obey.

"But..." he tried. The look Ino gave him sent a shock of pain down his spine. He hissed at the pain as he slowly turned toward the blond still tied to the poll. Sasuke pushed the power into his legs, but he felt something else stir in his body. He gasped in pain as the air around him seemed to become thicker and harder for him to breathe.

Itachi's eyes widened as he felt Sasuke's power increase. Looking at his watch he gasped as the little needle was set to his midnight any second.

"SASUKE!" he shouted, running toward his little brother. Nagato and Neji were pushed back as the power around Sasuke grew. They covered their faces from the heat and even Sai's dragon could feel the pulse of power as it swung its mighty head from side to side. Sasuke screamed as every bone in his body seemed to burst with pain and energy. Naruto briefly opened his eyes against his own heat as he watched Sasuke fall to the ground on his knees.

"Sa...Sa...Suke," he weakly whispered. Not being able to hold himself up anymore Naruto's legs gave out, and he slid down the pole to the ground. His body landed on the white fire as it grew around him, absorbing him completely.

Sasuke looked up to see Naruto fall into the pit of fire. He yelled in agony as energy seemed to pulse in every cell in his body.

"NARUTO!" he yelled into the night sky.

Ino watched in fascination as Sasuke's skin took on a whole different color. His eyes opened wide to the sky as they turned gray as his pupils turned crimson red. She smiled wickedly as she let her mist surround her and curl to her being.

"You're mine!" she smiled. Without waiting Ino rushed forward past Nagato and Neji as she went for Sasuke. Neji missed her as she passed and his skin tingled from standing so close to Sasuke.

"Sasuke!" the brunette shouted in warning.

The raven barely noticed Ino through all the pain. He flung his hands forward and without meaning to, let out a large wave of power. Everyone was sent to the ground as the beam of energy passed them. The beam went forward toward Ino and struck her in the chest. She screamed in pain as it went through her, splitting her wide open. She fell to the ground as the beam went past her and hit the large dragon across the field. The creature went down in an explosion of black ink raining upon them all. Sasuke grabbed the sides of his head as more beams came from his body. Nagato jumped back as Gaara grabbed Neji and huddled them both on to the ground. Kiba fell and covered his head as Sai covered his face with his forearms.

"Sasuke!" Itachi shouted.

"Itachi! No!" Nagato yelled over the roar of power. Sasuke growled like an animal as Itachi came up to him and hugged him from the back. He tried to make the boy calm down but only succeeded in supplying Sasuke's anger. He grabbed his brother tight and tried to think fast as the younger boy transformed.

He'll transform into a dark crafter if I don't do something!

Itachi bit his lip as he closed his eyes and buried his face into Sasuke's hair.

Forgive me Sasuke...Nagato...I love you both...

Itachi poured what was left of his soul into his little brother. He released every inch of energy in his being and flooded the body beneath him in light. The waves around them all calmed down as Itachi's eyes turned from black...To white. Sasuke calmed as he felt a warmth flood his backside and coat his nerves and bones, making all the pain go away. The boy calmed as his skin color slowly turned back to normal from its grey tint. Sasuke panted as sweat coated his brow. He looked up and saw that there were several craters in the ground from where his energy had collided with the earth. He looked to his family as saw them all taking shelter in various places on the ground. He looked across the field to where Naruto now lay on the ground unconscious, the fire having finally gone out with the strike to Ino's chest.

The blond girl lay on her back, her black mist radiating from the huge hole in her chest.

The raven went to move but felt someone grabbing him from behind. He looked back to see Itachi standing there, his face buried in Sasuke's hair.

"Itachi, I'm alright now. You can let go," Sasuke whispered urgently to his brother. His older brother didn't move though, but the grip on his waist did.

"Itachi?" he asked his brother, sounding worried.

"ITACHI!" Nagato yelled desperately.

Itachi suddenly became limp as his arms dropped to his sides. Nagato pushed energy into his legs, arms outstretched to catch the drained raven. Sasuke could only watch in fear and confusion as Itachi dropped to the ground, his body colliding with Nagato's. His once black natural eyes were a pale grey, his skin taking a paper like appearance. His brother breathed softly, his chest barely moving.

"Itachi, Itachi, please stay with me! Stay awake! Why did you do that?" Nagato cried out, shaking the other. Sasuke felt his body go numb to the blank look in his brother's eyes. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and Neji stood there, looking urgent.

"Ino is getting up! Go to Naruto, we'll take care of her!" he said. Sasuke nodded numbly, his eyes still on his brother.

"O-Okay," he said, only half conscious of what was going on around him. He rushed forward toward Sai, who was sitting on the ground, holding his chest. His breathing grew labored as Ino struggled to rise in the middle of the field.

"You all will pay for that! I'll suck you all dry! I'll kill you and all your loved ones! I will get my revenge!" She screamed randomly. She blinked as Neji, Gaara and Kiba surrounded her. She clenched her teeth in fright as they all raised their hands at her, their eyes turning black in unison.

"Stay in hell where you belong, bitch!" Gaara growled to her.

"And do stop bothering us will you?" Neji asked in a menacing way.

"What they said," Kiba shrugged.

Together they combined their powers. Each cousin summoned a blue flame as they pointed their palms at Ino. The girl spun in place, looking at them all in fright. Her blond hair fell from its pony tail and scattered wildly behind her. Unable to keep her form she randomly shifted from her creature form to her human one, sometimes in between as the mist continued to leak from her chest. Her blue eyes were wild as she looked over all around and at the growing flames in their hands aimed at her.

"No . . . No . . . NO! I can't die! NO!" She screamed hysterically.

Without giving her time they all shot forward toward the girl. Ino screamed in agony as her leaking mist was drowned out by the hot blue flames. Her body melted as the hole in her chest grew, bits of skin peeling like paper and disappearing into the air. She threw her head back and screamed as parts of her turned into mist and blew away with the wind.

She raised her hand toward the sky and stared at it as she screamed for a final time.

Her voice echoed into nothingness at last. Her remnants scattering in the wind.

"Rest in peace, Ino," Neji couldn't help but whisper, feeling sorry for the girl.

Sai watched as Ino burned like the witch she was. His body suddenly felt light as he watched Sasuke jog toward him. He made no move to stand and showed no emotion as Sasuke approached him.

"Sai?" he asked, not looking at him in hate or scorn. Sai gave a light smile and pointed to Naruto.

"He is...All right...Just...Overwhelmed," he whispered with all the strength he had left. Sasuke nodded and quickly undid the ropes holding the blonde's wrists. There were some raw spots on the blonds' skin from the flames but no serious burns. He sighed in relief and held the blond close to his body.

"Naruto," he urged the golden haired to wake. The fair-haired made a noise before slowly blinking open his eyes. He looked at Sasuke in surprise, and then his eyes misted up in relief.

"Sasuke, you're alright!" he smiled. He quickly wrapped his arms around Sasuke and hugged him in relief. The raven hugged back just as he heard someone collapse onto the ground. They both looked over in surprise as Sai lay on the ground completely, barely breathing. Naruto urged Sasuke up as they approached the other.

"Sai?" Naruto asked in worry. The pale raven smiled lightly as the blood on his face turned into ink.

"You all destroyed Ino...Good job," he praised wearily. Sasuke knelt by Sai's side as the boy clung to life.

"You're a part of Ino...You'll fade away too," he said softly if not sadly. Sai nodded, and Naruto shook his head as fresh tears coated his face.

"You can't die! You never wanted to do any of this!" he said desperately. Sai smiled at the blond as he shed tears for him.

"It's alright...I can finally...Ask you out on that date," he smiled despite his pain. Naruto cried harder as Sasuke set his hand on Sai's shoulder.

"What will happen to you?" he asked. As much as Sai was a part of Ino, he was the part Ino cast away to make her hate stronger. Sasuke could hear yelling across the field as he looked over at his family. Nagato was shaking Itachi as the others gathered around them both. From the waves Sasuke felt, Nagato was trying to pour what energy he had left into the older raven. Sai felt it too just as his skin began to mist and vanish from parts of his body.

"Sasuke...Please...Take me to...Your brother..." he whispered. Sasuke looked at him before biting his lip. Carefully, he bent down and eased the near dead Sai into his arms bridal style. Naruto watched the pale boy worriedly as Sasuke gently carried the dying soul toward his brother. The family watched as Sasuke approached his brother, carrying Sai up to his brother's side. He lay the other down next to the pale and dying Itachi. Sai reached over and touched Itachi's chest, barely feeling a pulse.

"It won't be much, but...It's all I can give before I go," he said, his eyes starting to close on their own. The family watched in awe and sadness as Sai's body dissolved before their eyes. Naruto buried his face into Sasuke's shoulder and cried as Sai melted and turned into ink. The black substance traveled over Itachi's skin, sinking into the flesh and bringing back color and light. Nagato watched anxiously as Itachi's breathing increased and color returned to his stare. They all watched in amazement as he sat up with the aid of Nagato. Sasuke smiled at his brother as Naruto continued to cry.

"Itachi, you almost killed yourself," he whispered to his brother. Itachi was embraced by Nagato as he weakly smiled at them all.

"I couldn't let you become like me Sasuke," he said quietly. They all looked at the ground where Sai had melted into the earth. All he left behind was his dark shirt. Naruto bent down and picked up the article, watching the remaining murky ink drip off but vanish before it managed to hit the ground.

"It seems Ino killed more than just herself," Neji said softly beside Gaara. Neji held his injured arm sadly as Gaara held him around his waist.

"Let's…Go home," Kiba said.

It was a week later that Sasuke and Itachi began to feel the full effects of what that amount of power had done to them. Sasuke had a hard time controlling himself now that his ascension had happened. He often by accident made objects fly or spontaneously made things happen. The toaster caught fire once, and every book on the library shelves had flown to the floor or out of the windows. The family stayed with him until he could get it all under control.

Nagato moved in, wanting to be closer to the now semi functioning Itachi. The day Itachi had poured half his soul into Sasuke was the day he lost all his powers.

All of them were very surprised but very relieved. It seemed that Itachi's powers had been literally draining him weak over all these years. It was good to see the older raven being able to function without losing his breath or grimacing as he walked. Gaara and Neji had become closer since they allowed one another in. That is to say...They often disappeared for long hours and coming back smirking like bandits.

Kiba finally got his vacation with Hinata...And got her pregnant.

Both were happy though since the round of love making, that night came after Kiba asked Hinata to marry him.

She said yes, by the way.

Sasuke and Naruto spent that entire week with each other. Sasuke was still trying to get his powers in conjuction but often lost control whenever he, and Naruto tried to have sex. At first to Sasuke it has been embarrassing, but then it got annoying. Naruto suggested they wait until Sasuke felt comfortable.

It was back to another Monday when Sasuke was driving them both to school. They entered the building holding hands as a furious looking Sakura stormed up to them.

"Where are they!" she hissed at them. The couple rolled their eyes and looked at each other.

"Who?" Sasuke asked, not amused. He casually slung an arm around Naruto, but it only served to make Sakura angrier.

"Ino and Sai! They keep ignoring my calls, and I can't find them anywhere!" she hissed. Naruto frowned in sadness, but Sakura didn't notice. They had taken Sai's shirt, the only thing left of him and buried it in the Uchiha family section of the cemetery. He might have spawned from Ino, but he had been a member of the family none the less with a mind of his own. His passing hit Naruto the hardest.

"They left town, for good," Sasuke answered her. The pink haired girl's jaw dropped.

"WHAT!" she screamed. Naruto was beginning to get aggravated.

"Don't lie to me! Let me guess; they teamed up with you ass holes and now they think I'm a bitch! Well good, I never needed that slut Ino anyway and that Sai was nothing but a faggot chasing son of a-!"


Sasuke was a bit surprised as Naruto reached out and punched Sakura. The girl fell on her butt looking up at them in complete shock, cheek swelling.

"Just face it Sakura, your friends couldn't stand you anymore. Keep it up and no one will want to be your friend. And if you ever bad-mouth Sai again, I'll fucking kill you," Naruto hissed looking down at her. Sakura only remained on the floor in shock. The couple stepped over and made their way to their classroom. Naruto held back tears as they both sat in their seats.

The whole day Naruto seemed to mope and Sasuke did very well at holding in his powers. When they got home to Sasuke's, all Naruto wanted to do was sleep. Sasuke tucked him into his bed and let him rest while he went downstairs to Nagato, who sat by Itachi in the kitchen.

"How are you feeling Aniki?" Sasuke asked his brother. Itachi smiled from the kitchen island, no longer looking pale anymore. Nagato set a cup of coffee in front of him and sat down close beside him.

"Much better actually, though I'm afraid I'm not used to doing things without my powers...Like lighting the fire place," he shrugged. Nagato next to him chuckled and smiled at him.

"Or cleaning the bathroom, making the bed, balancing the check book, winding the clocks in the hallways," he rambled on. Itachi frowned and elbowed him in the side.

"Like I said, I'm getting used to it. Besides, now you can take over the responsibilities at present," he smiled evilly.

"How have you been Sasuke? Powers developing okay? You know; Neji turns twenty one next month," Nagato mentioned.

"Neji has Gaara; I think he'll be okay. As for me, I'm in control, minor things now, but I'm in control," he said. Sasuke looked at the stair case just as Itachi set down his mug of coffee.

"How is Naruto? He looked tired when he came back," Itachi mentioned. Sasuke sighed and rubbed the back of his head.

"Sakura pissed us off today, and...I think he just feels sad about the whole thing with Sai. I think he feels better since he got a proper burial, but...He just thinks it's...Unfair. It is, but I don't know what to do to make him feel better," Sasuke said, looking away.

"Hmm..." Nagato said, tapping the table.

"Let him think Sasuke; he just needs some time. He's been through a lot, much of it a normal person would never have to face in a lifetime. Be there for him when he needs you," Itachi advised. Sasuke nodded and smoothed back his hair.

"Yeah, I'm going to go to check on him," Sasuke said, heading toward the stairs. Just as he was halfway up Itachi called to him.

"Oh and Sasuke...Wear protection, I'm not ready to be an uncle just yet," Itachi smiled behind him. Sasuke smirked and turned toward his brother.

"That goes for you and Nagato also, big brother," he smirked. He laughed lightly as Nagato's ears turned pink and Itachi coughed on his drink. Sasuke made his way to his room and peaked his head in. Naruto wasn't sleeping, but he was curled on his side staring at the blankets. One blanket was up, and over his shoulder as his hands curled under his chin. Sasuke walked in and carefully pulled the covers back and slipped under. He curled into Naruto as the blond reached out and lightly stroked the side of Sasuke's face.

"You okay?" Sasuke asked, smoothing back the blond's hair. Naruto leaned forward, and Sasuke didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around his blond as the other snuggled into his neckline.

"No, but I will be. Sakura just made me mad. I hope in the end, she gets everything she deserves," he whispered into Sasuke's skin. The raven lightly stroked his boyfriend's hair as they laid together in the silence. Naruto blinked a moment later as he looked up at Sasuke.

"Hey, it's been five minutes and nothing has flown off your shelves," he mentioned. Sasuke huffed and wrapped his arms tighter around his blond in a hug.

"I've gotten good at control. When I'm fully able to, I'll teleport us on a vacation somewhere," he smirked. Naruto giggled as Sasuke gently tickled his sides.

"Like Hawaii?" he asked. Sasuke smiled and leaned down to gently kiss his blond.

"Whatever ever you want Naruto...Technically; I'm the most powerful caster in the world right now," he bragged. Naruto kissed back but rolled his eyes.

"Until one of your cousins turns twenty one that is," the flaxen mentioned. Sasuke turned him over and leaned over his blond.

"Don't spoil it," he mumbled teasingly. Naruto laughed fully as Sasuke slowly kissed the skin of his tan neck. The laughter turned into a moan a moment later as Sasuke softly ran his tongue over the blond's collar bone.

"Sasuke," he said breathlessly. The raven pulled back and stared into Naruto's eyes. Sasuke saw the desire steadily swirl within those blue depths. Naruto unwound his arms from Sasuke's neck and went to the buttons on his own shirt, leisurely undoing each one.

"Are you...Going to be okay if...We do this?" Naruto asked him slowly if not teasingly. Sasuke watched him unbutton the shirt, his eyes measuring every bit of skin released. Already Sasuke could feel the hints of lust hit his stomach and crawl up his spine.

"More than you think," Sasuke said, voice thick. Naruto finished his shirt and let it fall down his shoulders. Sasuke helped him and kissed the skin that was revealed as soon as the cloth left it. Naruto groaned as a tongue came out and traced his neck down to his chest.

"How do you want to do this?" Sasuke asked him. Naruto thought for a moment and smiled.

"You'll see," Naruto whispered. Sasuke raised an eyebrow but for the moment, shrugged it off. They continued their foreplay as clothing was shed and Sasuke remembered to lock his door and sound proof the walls. They kissed heavily as Sasuke eagerly rubbed himself against Naruto's hip. The blond gasped and ran his fingers down Sasuke's backside.

"I want to...Do it from behind," Naruto whispered in his ear. Sasuke felt his breathe catch as he eagerly grabbed Naruto's ass, crushing their hips together.

"Jesus, you just had to say that?" he gasped. He kissed his blond as he roamed his hands up over the golden haired's shoulders and to his hips. He nudged his own hips forward and dug his arousal into the back of Naruto's thigh with a groan. Naruto smiled and gave a breathless laugh as he took his position on all fours. Sasuke groaned at the sight as Naruto looked over at him from his shoulder on the bed spread.

"Sasuke, you're drooling," he commented in a silk laden voice. Sasuke licked his lips as he reached down and ran his hand between Naruto's legs. The fair-haired trembled as his stomach jumped at the touch. Sasuke leaned down and kissed the middle of Naruto's back as he gently stroked the blond's arousal.

"Do you need me to stretch you?" he asked softly. Naruto shook his head as he bent his hips to Sasuke's ministrations.

"What do you think I've been doing those thirty minutes you were downstairs?" the blond sighed. Sasuke felt his cock twitch at the words.

"You were naughty in my bed without me?" he accused in a husky manner. Naruto chuckled and lowered his top half down while his hips went up.

"And don't forget the magic," he smirked. Sasuke grabbed his hips with a teasing smile.

"Don't trust in my normal skills?" he asked. Sasuke lined himself up with Naruto's entrance. The blond below him squirmed and gave a breathless moan at the feeling of the head of Sasuke's cock teasing his entrance.

"I think standard wise...This is all ordinary for you," he said. Sasuke smirked one last time as he let his eyes turn black. Naruto's eyes widened at the sudden change of the temperature in the room. Without warning a huge bolt of pleasure shot down Naruto's spine, making him cry out loudly. Sasuke moaned in satisfaction as he thrust forward with one motion, spearing his blond to the hilt.

"Oh god!" Naruto cried out, back arching. Sasuke didn't hesitate for even a moment. His hips snapped forward at the feeling as he continued to make pleasure combined with his love making send the blond into a mindless moaning fiesta. Naruto braced himself on his arms as his stomach tightened with every single thrust sent toward his prostate. Sasuke was relentless as he leaned on his knees and threw his whole lower half into the blond. Sasuke closed his eyes and clenched his teeth the more Naruto squirmed under him and gave breathless noises of pleasure.

"Sasuke...Sasuke!" he cried out, throwing his head back. The raven opened his eyes just as Naruto laced fingers with his own hand on the blond's hip. Sasuke squeezed those fingers back and leaned down to kiss Naruto's spine.

"Naruto...I love you," he gasped. Naruto cried out at the words as he soaked the bed spread with his cum. Sasuke watched and clenched his teeth as he shot forward for a final time. He emptied himself into the trembling body beneath, slowly setting Naruto down from the bruising grip he had on his hips. Naruto panted as his face lay on the blanket. Sasuke rolled him over and gently kissed the tired blond's lips. Naruto returned it as his eyes drifted closed. They shot open a moment later, and he gaped as he looked up.

"Umm...Sasuke? You might . . . Want to examine your ceiling," he said still slightly out of breath. Curious Sasuke blinked as his eyes went back to their usual color. He looked over his shoulder, and his eyebrow twitched. A fresh hole in the roof simmered as bits of smoke singed the wood leading to the open sky. Sasuke coughed and looked down to the blushing Naruto under him and for some reason . . . The blond was aroused again.

"Did you just...Cast a fireball?" Naruto asked him. Sasuke shrugged and looked Naruto in the eye.

"You're welcome," he smoothly said. Naruto laughed heavily as Sasuke leaned down and pressed their foreheads together.

"And there is plenty more where that came from love, guarantee it," Sasuke promised.

The lovers kissed as the hole in the roof continued to singe under the blue sky. That was the beginning of their life time together...Forever.



Nagato only laughed.

Wow, seems like its gone on forever. I was hoping to give it a more magical ending but nothing but this came to mind. I thank all the readers and the people who said they liked it. I have many more ideas on the way so everyone better be ready. My college semester ended so I have plenty of time!

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