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Derek's mom found the picture of the baby, the small little tiny baby.

She wanted to wait till breakfast was ready to talk about it. It was December, Derek's mom and sisters where staying till after Christmas. Which was six days away. Elle had put up a tree with Derek a week or so ago. They got presents for each other they where still under the tree.

"Elle, Breakfast!" Derek yelled.

Elle came out of the bedroom. Tired, still after laying down for an hour in a half. She sat down at the table only to have Derek bring her over a plate of food.

"Thank you" Elle kissed hem on the cheek.

"Derek what's this?" Derek's mom asked.

Derek and Elle saw the picture of the baby that Derek's mom had, they where just going to tell it like it was.

"Mom..." Derek starred.

"Where having a baby" Elle said.

Derek's mom got this huge smile on her face, she had always bugged Derek about having grandchildren. Derek's sisters where looking at Elle's belly.

"Congrats Derek" Sarah and Desiree teased hem.

"Elle where are you going today?" Derek asked.

"To the mall; with JJ" Elle said.

"Okay?" Derek asked.

"I'm giving you time to spend with your mom; I am going with JJ" Elle said.

Elle put her plate in the sink, then went into the bedroom. A couple of minutes later you could hear the shower running.

"Derek?" Derek's mom asked.


"You two aren't married yet?" She asked.

"Mom; I'm going to ask her to marry me on christmas" Derek stood up.

"That's really responsabile of you"

Derek put the plates in the dish washer, he never did this at home. He lead this sisters and mom into the spare bedroom.

"This is where you guys are going to be staying" Derek led them in.

"DEREK!" Elle yelled.

Derek walked out of the room. He gave Elle a kiss as she left. JJ pulled up; Elle hopped in the car.

"Hey girly" JJ smiled.

"You ready to go to the mall?" Elle asked.

"I haven't been out in so long these two weeks are going to be awsome" JJ said.

"Yeah" Elle said.

"I'm going to come with you to find out the sex of the baby; so we can have a baby shower" JJ said,

"We need to have some names" Elle laughed.

"You and Derek need to talk about that" JJ laughed,

Penelope won't talk to Derek at all; she won't even look at him. She will talk to Elle just not Derek.

"Do you know why Penelope won't talk to Derek?" Elle asked.

"I think she's mad at him" JJ said,

"I can't wait to see this baby" Elle smiled.

"I hope if it's a girl that she will look like you" JJ laughed.

"If it's a boy.."

"he'll look like Derek" They both laughed.

JJ and Elle where finally at the mall; Derek was having dinner with his mother.

"Why didn't you tell me your girlfriend was pregnant?" Derek's mom asked.

"I didn't know how to tell you" Derek said.

"You wanted to tell her in person" Sarah asked.

"Yeah" Derek laughed.

"I get to be an aunt" Sarah and Desiree yelped.

"You guys don't have anything for the baby?" Derek's mom asked.

"It's not me; Elle's finding out the sex at nineteen weeks" Derek said.

"Derek, you should find out the sex of the baby two it's something you guys could bond on" Desiree said.

"I'm going to talk to her about it" Derek said.

JJ and Elle where in a baby store; Elle was looking at all the clothes.

"Elle when are you buying a crib?" JJ asked.

"I have one" Elle said.

"How about that diaper changer thing where you can put the babies clothes in there too?" JJ asked.

"I think I need that" Elle said.

"I know the baby's present once you find out the sex" JJ said.

"I'm so tired" Elle complained.

"You want to go home get some rest?" JJ questioned.

"I'm perfecly fine just a bit tired" Elle laughed.

"Your pregnant; I guess this is normal" JJ laughed.

"I would think" They both laughed,

"This small little baby lives in there kinda hard to believe" Elle said.

It was a while later; Elle had gotten so tired that she knew it was time to go home. She opened the door and placed everything on the floor being tired was horriable for her.

"Elle are you okay?" Derek asked.

Elle tiptoed into the bed room as tired as she was she had almost fallin over everything. Derek came running up behind her. Catching her as she started to fall.

"You have got to get some sleep" Derek kissed her forehead.

Derek looked over at his mother and sister smiling and giggling before they knew Elle was out like a light. It only took Elle a minute to fall asleep; normally it would possibly take her forever.

"What?" Derek shut the door softly

"Nothing" His sisters giggled,

"That's the mother of my baby; and my possibly soon to be fiancée" Derek smiled.

"So your going to be a father; what a exciting thing" Derek's mom laughed.

"It's not that simple mom" Derek said.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm scared; Elle going to have the baby and we are going to be horriable parents" Derek sat down

"I think thats normal" His sisters laughed.

"I guess; Well I have got to go to bed" Derek laughed,

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