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Chapter 1 Introduction

Ever since the beginning of non-Hermaphrodite creatures, males and females have always been reproducing.

Mankind in particular has always needed both of these genders to continue their race as a male can't reproduce with another male and a female can't reproduce with another female.

Some species like fish, amphibians, and half of the reptile race never see their mates again while others such as birds, the other half of the reptile race, and Mammals especially humans become paired for life.

Such a rule is still applies for the Ultra species. However the way that a male and a female Ultra become permanent mates is more complex than any other species.

The moment the two genders see each other they must remember the exact time they first saw each other.

This information is important for them to remember because to become mates, they must embrace and kiss at the exact time they first saw each other. Not a second earlier, not a second later.

More interesting still is what happens after they become mates.

Like humans Ultras don't choose random mates. They must seek out the one they feel the most connection with if they want things to go right.

A weak bond between the two would result in a weakening in both of their strength but a strong bond would make them both gain powers they wouldn't have been able to gain just by being born.

The stronger the bond the greater the abilities are.

Known by few, Ultraseven once had a mate that he was very close to. Hence the reason why today he doesn't need a human host and he can stay out in his true form without being in danger of earth's atmosphere.

However some time later, his mate was killed by the Zettons.

Now although he still has his abilities she gave him, Ultraseven is heartbroken at the loss of his loved one.

Among the connections, the strongest one was that between Ultraman Max and Ultrawoman.

Ultrawoman was the strongest of the female Ultras.

She was around 45 meters tall, and 40,000 tons.

She resembled a woman with straight hair in a low ponytail. On her head was what looked like a shark's dorsal fin on backwards, She had the classic red and silver colors that most Ultras had; Her timer on her chest was in the shape of a diamond rather than a circle and attached to metal that hung around her neck like a pendant or a necklace; her feet were in the shape of high heels, and of course her body was that of a female's.

The two were so close it seemed like they were made 100% for each other.

As it was, Ultraman Max was quite possibly the strongest of the Ultras. If he were to become mates with Ultrawoman the then he would undoubtedly be the strongest among the Ultras.

The word "were" is said because despite their plans something went wrong.

The two agreed that they would become mates but on the day they decided to meet up and do so Ultrawoman never showed up.

Max was left heartbroken when she didn't appear, even more so when she didn't even show up.

Some say that she stood Max up; others say that she was killed in battle, the rest of those who knew this assumed that she ran into trouble and was now looking for him.

Max himself kept telling himself that she would return sometime but as each day passed he grew more and more pained.

Ultrawoman didn't stood Max up and although came close, she didn't die.

It had all happened on the day that they decided to meet up.

Ultrawoman was on her way but somehow the Zettons heard of this.

Wanting to keep their arch enemies as weak as possible they sent down the monster Black King to attack a village on her route.

The village was small, in the middle of nowhere, and so primitive that it had no phones or any other way of making contact to the outside world.

Black King could destroy this village and others wouldn't notice for days. Even most of the Ultras wouldn't hear about it in time.

Well except for Ultrawoman but that was what the Zettons wanted.

Ultrawoman arrived to the village as quickly as she could but Black King had been so stealthy, so quick, so strong, and so merciless that no one could have made it to the village before he would destroy every last building and kill every last civilian.

Angry at the horrible act that had befallen the village and vengeful for her smaller allies, Ultrawoman fought Black King.

At first the fight was going well, she was winning in the fight and it seemed like she needed no help to take down Black King.

However out of all the worst luck, that was when the Ultras' deadliest foe of all appeared.

The monster named Gomora.

Fighting Black King was nothing easy but it was a picnic compared to Gomora.

Ultrawoman was brought down easily by the two monsters.

Her communications were damaged rendering her unable to call for help.

She layed down on the ground helpless too weak to fly or even walk.

Seeing that she was as good as dead, Gomora and Black King left her to die.

Ultrawoman had no wishes to die, especially if her love Max was still alive.

She had one last trick with her.

She found the body of a newborn girl.

The child of course was dead but the body was still intact.

She placed both hands on the metallic lace around her neck and with a clicking sound it detached from her body.

It shrunk down to the size that would fit a human.

She placed it on the ground and covered it with a layer of dirt.

Finally Ultrawoman placed her hand on the infant's head and her entire subconscious, life, everything of her flew into the infant.

She knew this would mean she would be unable to remember her previous events until she had seen enough to remind her.

But the way she looked at it, if she didn't do anything she would undoubtedly be done for. If she continued this life switch at least she had a chance to see her beloved Ultraman Max again.

It would take a while but she was sure she would return.

As the child she was mostly preserved in stone but every time a human would come close the child would return to its true self and cry hopping to get their attention.

Centuries passed until finally one day a man took the child to his home.

He named her Whitney.

Whitney for years was unaware of herself as an Ultra.

But soon everything would change.