Reptile's Beginnings:

Boat Seen:

*"This is brilliant, what a sight to begin with!" Nigel said. Nigel, Suzanne and the Camera man were in the Speed boat, travleing down a river. "Theres a small family of Amphibians moveing through the river over there." Nigel said pointing east. Not too far away from the boat were three snake-like creature swimming in the shallow water.

"I cant be sure but I think there called Phlegethontia, not a common name. I would love to get some of these back to the park, but like the 'Swam Monster' I saw last time I came here, I cant becasue there just is just no safe way to transport them back to the-" Nigel was cut of when a Meganura flew down over his head. "Woah! What a wonderful creature!" Nigel said as the Dragonfly flew off into the forest.

Nigel looked back to the Phlegethontia's, only to see that they were gone. "Suzanne, keep an eye on the shore, we hopefully might be able to spot some Petrolacosaurus coming down for a drink." Nigel said pointing to the shore.

Suddenly the boat hit a bump and Nigel was flung into the water. Suzanne and the Camera man burst out laughing. "Slow the boat down." Suzanne said laughing. The boat began to slow. "Its not funny!" Nigel shouted swiming towards the boat.*

Good Moring!:

*"Morin!" Nigel said. Nigel was sat in the drivers seat of his Jeep. In the back of the Jeep Suzanne was still asleep. "Suzanne, Suzanne." Nigel said laughing. "Suzanne" Nigel said again pokeing her in the arm. Suddenly Nigel slammed on the horn. "AHH." Suzanne said as she shot up from her sleep. "Morin" Nigel laughed. "Ah, Moring" Suzanne said yawning. "So, Nigel how do you feel?" Suzanne asked him pointing to his arm. "I feel fine Suzanne." Nigel told her.

Nigel then opened the door of the Jeep and climbed out. His foot got caught in the foot well of the car and he fell face first into the mud. Suzanne burst out laughing. "Nigel! Are you Ok?" She laughed. "I'm fine." Nigel said. Nigel then stood up. His whole face was covered in mud, so was his cloths. Suzanne laughed even harder. "Its not Funny!" Nigel laughed. Suzanne then began shakeing her head on pointing to the ground. On the ground, were Nigel just fell, was a perfect in-print of his face. Nigel began laughing.*

Hell's Aquarium:


*"So, whats going on in the Park?" Nigel asked. Nigel, Suzanne and Bob were all sat around a table in Nigel's bungalow.

"Well, apart from the baby Titanosaurs and Quagga. Um, uh, oh yeah! That Big cat expert, um, Saba Douglas-Hamilton is coming back to the park to study the Pregnant Saber-tooth and her two cubs." Bob said. "Ah, good" Nigel said.

"Oh speaking of the cubs, they are begging to grow some visible Saber-Teeth" Suzanne said. "Good, good" Nigel said.

"So, Nigel what do you intend on going after this time?" Bob asked Nigel as a Microraptor flew down from the rafters and landed on the Table. "Well, I intend to fill up Prehistoric Park's Aquarium." Nigel said.

"But how Nigel? You know the Time Portal cant open under water." Bob said leaning back his chair, like a school boy. Suddenly Bob let out a sneeze and him and his chair was flung onto the floor.

"Bob! Are you ok?" Nigel laughed standing up. Suzanne also stood up. "Im Fine!" Bob moaned. Nigel and Suzanne bent down and grabbed Bob's arms, lifting him up. "Can we shoot that again?" Bob asked the camera*


*"That's a good boy!" Bob said. Bob was walking past the Ornithomimus Paddock with a Dog Lead in his hands. On the end of the lead was a Thylacine.

"This is Benjamin, he's the leader of the Park's pack of Thylacine's, but really he's just a big softy aren't ya?" Bob asked the Marsupial. "I expected them to be kinda like Wombats or Kangaroo's, but there more like Dogs then any other Marsupial." Bob said.

Suddenly Benjamin sat down. "Come on." Bob said tugging the lead. Benjamin lay down and closed his eyes. "Come on! Good boy!" Bob said as Benjamin began to sleep. The camera man burst out laughing. Bob bent down. "Come on! Come on now!" Bob said patting the animals leg. "Well, I think I've killed him." Bob laughed standing up.*

Under Water Cage:

*"Come on." Nigel urged. Nigel was stood on a Tropical Beach, just behind him was a Tropical Forest. The camera zoomed in on what Nigel was looking at. A couple of hundred feet off shore was a floating cage.

"We have lured The Elasmosaurus Pod into the shallows around the island, only now they have separated." Nigel said. "Oi! Nigel! Have we got anything?" Jim shouted from behind the camera. "No, nothing yet mate." Nigel said as Jim and Sui walked onto the screen. Jim had Sui on a dog lead. "So, Nigel, explain how this work's?" Jim asked him, sitting down in the sand.

"We have set up a-" Nigel was cut off when a Icthyornis landed on his head. The Creature looked like a cross between a Seagull and a Hesperornis. It had to body shape of a Hesperornis and the feathers of a Seagull. Nigel smiled and looked upwards. He giggeled. Jim began laughing.*

The Aviary:

Inside the Aviary:

*Bob and Nigel were stood on a bench inside the Aviary. The Aviary was attached to a mountain, like to one in Jurassic Park, only this one was smaller and a lot more coloure full. There were many different coloured plants all around the Aviary, and it had a sparkling blue river running through it.

"It really is brilliant Nigel." Bob said. Suddenly a large white blob landed on Bob's shoulder. Nigel burst out laughing. Bob closed his eyes and took a deep camera turned upwards, showing the Quetzalcoatlus hanging off the bars in the Aviary. The camera turned back to Bob and Nigel. "Bob! I think he likes you mate!" Nigel laughed pointing to the giant slimmy poo on Bob's shoulder. Bob looked at the big poo and giggled.*

Welcome back!:

Portal Seen:

*"Ha, ha, uh" Nigel began laughing gently. "Well, that was Un-believable" Nigel said climbing into the driver seat. "Um Bill, just curious, what happened to the herd?" Nigel asked starting the car. The Jeep made a small noise, but remained off. Nigel, Bill, Ben and Jim burst out laughing. Nigel turned the key again. The Jeep made another noise, bt still remained off.*