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For those who don't like reading omake, or who won't read through the end of the AN: The sequel is called "Until the Last Breath" and the first part should be out in a day or two. It's mostly IchiHime, but will have all the couples from the series, and will have parts that focus only on those other characters.

Special Omake (aka sequel announcement)

Fun with the Shinigami Women's Association

"But, Callie-chan, if Kon won't let you on his show anymore how are you going to announce sequels and things for your fanfic?" Yachiru questioned as she perched slightly awkwardly on the author's shoulder.

Callista shifted uncomfortably. Although the young fukutaicho was by no means heavy, Callista had a much more slender build than the person who usually carted the girl around. "I told you, someone let me in on a secret. So I'm playing a trick… if…." She trailed off, a frustrated note entering her voice.

"If what?" Rukia questioned. Like most of her friends she was uncertain as to why the author had sent a note to the Shinigami Women's Association telling them to meet on a certain night on Earth.

"If I can ever find the karaoke bar!" Callista said in an exasperated tone as she pulled out her cell phone and pulled up her GPS app.

"That way!" Yachiru cried as she pointed randomly, only to be ignored by everyone. The reason they'd been traveling in ever-shrinking circles for the past half-hour was that the author hadn't realized the girl clinging to her had no idea where they was going.

"Okay, we're only one block off." Callista said after a moment, leading the women around the block to the front of the bar, smiling to herself at what she knew was to come. "Now, I purpously got Urahara-san to make gigai that look nothing like any of you, so as long as you can keep your reiatsu locked-down none of the guys will know we're here. If Yachiru-chan hadn't gotten us lost, we'd have gotten to see the whole show, but we should be in time for my trick, at least."

"Guys?" Rangiku perked up. "Show?"

"The Shinigami Men's Association is here tonight, and well, let's just say it will be entertaining."

"The SMA is at a karaoke bar?" Rukia grabbed Callista's arm to pull her to a halt. She was one of the only Shinigami who had recently lived on Earth for long enough to know what that was.

Callista grinned and nodded, and Rukia shared a smirk with her as the women filed into the bar just as Renji walked up onto the stage and took the mike.

There was a burst of static from the speaker system, and the lights in the entire bar flickered for a moment. Before anyone could comment, the static cleared and the music began.

A deep, throbbing rap beat filled the bar as the red-head stared at the display screen in confusion before shrugging. Then he began to rap.

"Yo, everyone, come an' listen to me

There's a bran' new story that you need to see

It's got Ichigo, Rukia, Hime-chan and more

I can promise you it won't be a bore

So many people loved "I'll Stand By You"

That Callista knew what she needed to do

But so many other stories were popular as well

And then in her head went off a bell

She broke her own rules, it took some nerve

But it gave her the ending all the characters deserve

IchiHime is what she started to write

But others characters kept creeping in… like this could happen or that might….

IchiHime, ByaRan, HitsuKarin, RenRuk, ShuNan

And more

Read about all the characters who star in "After The Winter War"

The music stopped abruptly as the lights flickered again, and the words on the screen faded away.

Renji stared blankly at the screen for a moment before he felt an explosion of reiatsu from the back of the bar.

And ignoring the laughs, hoots, and catcalls from the women who had dropped the cloaks on their reiatsu, Renji turned to the table closest to the bar, where all of the other guys in his group were seated, and screamed at them.

"Okay, who had the idea to come to a karaoke bar? AND WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST SING?"

The End

AN: So yeah, sequel time. I've been spending too much time on FLOL, and my muse really wants to write more IchiHime. I knew after deciding I was done with Radio Kon that I wanted to do either the Men's or Women's Shinigami Association for my next announcement, and this fic let me do both. As the song says, this will mostly be an IchiHime story, a sequel to "I'll Stand By You," but it will also be a sort-of epilogue for all the other stories. (Minus Hanabi, which is several years later, but that is very HitsuKarin and doesn't really let you know what happens to any of the other characters.)

It was inspired by the con I was at this past weekend. I cosplayed Yachiru, and ended up running around with two Kenpachi cosplayers for about three hours. They foolishly let me lead. I was actually on one of their backs for a while, and as we wandered would randomly point and yell 'that way' and they would both just go where I said. Lots of laughs. So that's where that bit came from. Also at the con, there was anime karaoke. It's always fun to see cosplayers singing something from a different series, or something just totally OOC for the character they are playing. Although Renji doing rap doesn't seem that odd to me… The song is original, and goes to a rap beat that's been stuck in my head for the past 12 hours. I'd say I wish you could hear it while you're reading the words, but I don't want anyone else to get it stuck in their heads, lol.

The new story is called "Until the Last Breath" and the first part should be out in a day or two.