"Peter it's to late we need to go" I heard jasper yell, "CHARLOTTE NO" I cried as I watched my love from a far been torn apart by newborns. Now 50 years later I'm running, running to the place I once escaped. Only to be stopped by a goddess with fire eyes and brown hair.

She's more feared then Jasper in the south and has more powers then you can count, but yet she still feels the pain and loneliness and has grown bored of fighting. After defeating and taking Mexico City she's running from the war only to run into peter. What will she do fight? Or follow what her heart tells her?

A/N: Now due to some misunderstandings which has been resolved by another author and I. I am writing this with respect :)

I am giving credit to Sweetness4683 for anything I may have used from her story such as God of Destruction or anything else that you may see 'similar' in my chapters and hers.

Also I fully suggest you read My Unhappy Ending if you have not :)