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Boris POV

When I had met the General of the south I think if I were human I would have soiled myself. She radiated power, death and above all beauty. I was lucky to have her as a friend and a sister though; she is what gave me the strength to keep living. I owed her my life and I meant that in a literal way.

I was in Vegas, how I had gotten here was beyond my knowledge.

I was being hunted, followed. Why? I had no clue.

Why was I so confused?

I was running, panic flooded me as my mind began to cloud once again causing me to fall. Dust, dirt, rock and sand flew up from the impact, laughter surrounded me. Three men and 2 women, one had the power to confuse a vampire the others had none.

"It's been so fun playing with him" the voice was of one was Canadian; he was the one with the power.

"Pleaze let me go" I wheeze out causing them to laugh. I screamed out as I felt my arm being torn from me by a small woman with shimmering hair spun of gold.

"Oh tsk tsk you shouldn't talk, it will be worse for you if you do" she taunted while digging her fingers into my socket causing me to scream again.

"May you should take the other arm and I will take the legs" a brute the size of a horse uttered insanely as he gripped my legs tight. I closed my eyes resigned that I was going to die tonight, but a roar so horrifying made my eyes fly open in shock. I turned my head to the left and saw an angel; no it was the goddess of death. She had come to take me from this hell and take me to the afterlife. Her eyes flickered like fire as she stalked out from the shadows of this moonless night.

I felt my mind become clearer as the vampires who were terrorizing me dropped to the ground in horror and pain.

"What gives you the right to do this?" her voice crackled with power, my eyes widened in fear and awe as I saw it. She was powerful indeed and a warrior, her scars showed me of her time in the south.

"To hunt on my lands? To kill my protected?" she asks again when the others didn't the last thing I saw before blackness took me was the vampires to burst into flames screaming and my saviours' eyes.


When I woke up I was in a room, it was covered in black marble and red velvet with bones all around. I turned my head and focused on the woman sitting at the large mahogany red wood desk, how she got that was beyond me.

"I'm glad you are awake now, sorry for putting you out like that but I needed to heal your wounds, there was more damage than your limbs being removed" she told me, her voice was soft, her eyes never left what she was writing though.

"I'm confuzed, thank you though for zaving me" I told her while sitting up and ducking my head in respect. Her eyes lifted up to mine and the red flickered to orange and a slight blue hue, just like the flames in her black eyes last night.

"They had you for a week, your mind was clouded by ones gift, they bit an' tore you apart nearly every day before lettin' you lose to hunt you" she told me with a sharp edge in her voice, not at me but them. I looked down to see the new bites littered across my bare arms and hands, I didn't feel disgust at them but sadness and confusion.

"My name iz boriz, I am forever in your debt. My life iz yourz" I told her with a level respectful voice, she shook her head but smiled and stood up.

"You can call me Iz Boris, I am your friend and you are my protected from now on" she said drawling before gesturing me to follow her.

"I heard you zay that laztnight, what doez that mean?" I ask confused while standing to follow her.

"Because Boris, I am The General and you are my protected." With that she smirked and left the room leaving me standing in stunned silence.

Shaking my head I cleaned the glasses in Blood and Bone, I had asked her one day while she chose me to be her protected, why she saved me, but all I ever got from her was a secret smile and a laugh. I never asked her after that, I didn't need to because in my eyes and what I chose to believe was that she was lonely and saw something amazing in me to save me.

I remember the night that she had introduced me in the bar after a horrible fight with a mate of the lone female vampire. He had come for my head when he found me hunting one night; I lost an arm and got some deep bites in gouges into me but I managed to inflict the same damage until Izzy arrived.

I was struggling to fight off the male vampire that was twice my size, he was rabid and out for revenge. May was his mate and he blamed me for killing her, though I would never out my saviour so I let him believe it. I spun around and kicked him the way Izzy showed me causing him to fly back and into the wall, a mighty roar echoed in the night and I smiled as the warrior of death jumped down from the roof tops. The vampire didn't even get the chance to scream before he was in ashes at our feet.

Izzy spoke no words as she handed me 4 bags of blood while helping me fuse my arm and my wounds together, when they were healed enough for her satisfaction she dragged me back to blood and bone kicking the door open wide. The vampires in the room froze as they took in the furious form of their mistress and General.

"SEE THIS MAN!" she roars, her voice booming off the walls. She pulled me gently to her side causing all eyes to go to me and then back to her; they all nodded and cowered away from her fiery gaze.

"This is Boris, he is the bartender and under my protection! His word when I am not here is LAW he is not to be touched… DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!" she snarls causing everyone to flinch and nod.

With that nothing ever happened to me again, I was respected and feared. I had learnt the trade of a bartender and I was her scout for new powers. I also kept up to date with everything for her while she was in the camps down south. I smiled as I saw my sister come into the bar followed by a tall Texan with battle scars.

"Well what would you like to drink cowboy?" she smirked and I quickly got her favourite drink out feeling stunned and a little protective. Who was this strange vampire?

"Whatever you're drinkin' darlin'" her drawled out causing Iz to laugh, I was once again stunned in silence.

"Another AB Whisky for my friend here Boris" I had the drink ready in a second while I watched on at this strange sight in front of me. Sure Izzy had conquests before but she never laughed and they would be in the back room by now.

"So I am curious Peter do you have a gift?" the question was asked casually even though she already knew, he was clairvoyant that's for sure.

"Well yes and no, I just know shit" he said shrugging.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean just that, I just know shit. It's sort of like Alice's power but different. I think something and I automatically know it." The glass in her hand shattered and I thought I was going to die as the name Alice left his lips, that name was forbidden just like the rest of the Cullen names. Yes I knew what happened, she had told me long ago so I knew what would happen next. I like Adam prepared to jump over the bar and extinguish the flames but it never came.

"Did I say something wrong?" he asked worriedly.

"That name is forbidden to be spoken; I'll tell you when I can trust you." She said while she cleaned up the mess of the broken glass and blood.

"Okay, so Izzy want to go play some Texas hold em'?" he asked excitedly causing her to laugh.

"Sure cowboy lets go to the casino" she said laughing all the way out the door.

I was shocked out of my boots; I turned to Adam who too looked equally as stunned.

"Man he's one lucky fucker" her drawled out with a chuckle, I smirk but I knew better I saw the spark in his eye as he looked at her, a familiar one that I had seen before. They were mates.

Thinking back now I realised that those vampires who had tried to kill me I could never be mad with, because of them I wouldn't have the life I had now, a sister who even though seemed heartless would fight for her family and a brother so loyal to those he cares for with a comical style. Life was good and I knew good things will happen now; all that was left for me to do was find my mate.

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