Right, this is my first ever slash fic, so please go easy on me! I've read slash before, but haven't had the guts to write it myself until now. This was going to be a one shot, but after a lot of thought, I've decided to see where it goes and extend it.

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Thanks to Blazing Glory for reading it first - really gave me the confidence to post it up here :-)

A/N: In my head, the final scene of this chapter is set to the cheesiest song ever, but is ever so apt for the story, Candy by Aggro Santos ft. Kimberly Wyatt - makes me giggle every time I hear it lol.

Chapter 1

The headboard bangs against the wall and the sound of grunts and moaning echoes around my head. Even if I bury my head between the pillows I can still hear it.

"Fuck… Rhian…"

"Randy… God…"

I chew my lip, desperately trying to push the image in my head out: the image of Randy and Rhian going at it in the next room. I walked in on them the other day in the bathroom. Randy had her pinned against the wall in the shower, her legs hiked up around his waist as he bit down on her neck. I must have stood there for a minute just watching them. If they noticed I was there, they didn't mention it because when they emerged and I was downstairs on the couch, they acted like nothing had happened.

But is this more sick and twisted? Listening to them, rather than watching? I don't know what's worse. My imagination is running wild as the moaning increases and Rhian screaming Randy's name gets louder and louder. I feel like a complete voyeur and it makes me sick, angry, upset and guilty all at the same time. The headboard crunches against the wall. Enough is enough.

I throw back the sheets and try to avoid the creaking floorboards. Although, why do I bother? It's not like they're going to hear me. I pull the door open in frustration. Out in the hall, the noise is almost unbearable and I'm glad when I get downstairs, into the kitchen where the sounds are slightly muffled.

Opening the refrigerator, I scan the contents and then go for the freezer. I settle on ice cream and not even bothering with a bowl, I just delve in with a spoon.

I should be grateful. I know that. Randy offered up their spare room whilst my old place was being refurbed. And now that's finished, my new place is having the same treatment. Rhian couldn't have been sweeter. We had only met a few times beforehand, but the minute I had my stuff through the door she was there ready to help unpack and make me at home. I remember the first time that I was here on my own with her.

I couldn't sleep and around 2 am I decided to go down and watch TV. However, Rhian had beaten me to it. She was curled up on the sofa in one of Randy's shirts and grey sweatpants. I remember feeling incredibly uncomfortable; I was just wearing my boxers. I paused on the stairs about to turn back and go back to bed, when:

"Hey… You okay?" Rhian turns around and spies me.

"Er… yeah… You?"

"I couldn't sleep," she shrugs. "The bed feels so empty without Randy in it. You would think after three years, I would get used to him not being here every night, but I don't." She pauses. "You want to join me?" She taps the couch invitingly.

"I might just go and put on something else…" I mumble.

She giggles. "It's cool. Don't worry about it. Pretty sure you'll see me in my underwear at some point."

I smile back awkwardly and tentatively join her on the couch. "What are you watching?"

"Gossip Girl…" I roll my eyes and she laughs. "That's exactly what Randy does. Not even the girls in it can tempt him to sit through an entire episode without whining." She offers me the remote control. "Choose something else if you want?"

"No. You go ahead. It's fine."

"Thanks." She turns back to the TV, twisting her legs underneath her. I sit and stare at the screen, feeling more uncomfortable by the moment. I rub circles into my thigh, making the skin red and raw. I wish I had just stayed in bed and lay there not sleeping instead of sitting here with my buddy's girlfriend watching some shit on TV.

"Jesus, if you're that uncomfortable…" Rhian throws a blanket at me. I smile back weakly, silently appreciating the gesture.

When Gossip Girl finally ends, Rhian unbends her legs and rearranges herself, her feet grazing the blanket that now covers me.

"How's your renovation going?"

"Good… Thanks…"

"How long do you think it'll take?"

I shrug. "Don't know. Trying to get rid of me already?"

"What? No!" She looks amazed that I would even suggest that. Then she laughs. "You and Randy will be the death of me. Both as bad as each other with the teasing." She pushes her feet against my thigh. "You can stay as long as you want."

Three months later and I'm still here. Still listening to Randy and Rhian devour each other every night, still sitting up late at night with Rhian watching her programmes, programmes that I now love as much as she does. It's our little thing. Occasionally Randy will come downstairs to get a drink, or come in late and see us there on the sofa. And he'll kiss Rhian and clocks me one gently around the head in hello. I always pout in return and he always laughs.

"Hey stranger…"

I whirl around. Rhian is leaning against the doorframe. She's got Randy's shirt on that he was wearing earlier. She's only bothered with about three buttons and because of that, I can see the red marks on her neck and chest. Her hair is all ruffled and her lips bruised.

"We er… we didn't wake you did we?"

"No… I couldn't sleep anyway."

"You can never sleep."

"I know."

"What you eating?"

"Ice cream."

"Pass me a spoon."

I hand her mine and she grins, before taking a scoop. "Y'know, we won't mind if you want to bring someone back here."

"I know."

"I know we deserve a bit of payback," she grins. "But I guess you know what's like to be with someone who makes you…" she gestures inanely. I get the picture.


"So… anyone special you fancy bringing home to meet the housemates?"

I shake my head. "Not right now." I couldn't tell you even if you begged me anyway.

"Well, whenever. It's cool."

She hands me back the spoon and I can feel her eyes on me.



She doesn't answer because Randy chooses to appear butt-naked in the doorway.

"Rhian… Babe… Come back to bed… Oh hey man, you okay?"

Rhian laughs. "Randy, for fuck's sake, no-one needs to see that."

"You weren't complaining earlier and anyway, it's not like Codes hasn't seen it all before either."

I swallow hard, trying not to look, but it's fucking hard. It's like my eyes are being tugged, drawn in Randy's direction. I watch as he holds his hand out to Rhian, beckoning her to him and for the first time, I feel real jealously ripping through me.

Rhian ruffles my hair. "Night, Codes." And then she kisses my cheek softly. And the jealously disappears. Her hand slides into Randy's and he pulls her out of the kitchen, throwing me a wink over his shoulder. I watch them disappear and slump against the door of the refrigerator.

In bed, I listen to them again. But this time, I don't feel ashamed. This time, I wrap my hand around my cock, tug at it slowly, firmly. I listen to the moans, the names, the fucks, the thuds and the final echoing scream. And in my head, I see Randy's face, see his mouth coming to mine, imagine him crying out my name as I reach my own release.

I push him against the wall, my mouth hot on his. He rakes his fingers through my short hair. I bite his lip and he hisses. He pulls at my shirt, his hand sliding up it for a second and then going back down, inside the waistband of my pants. I groan as he grazes my cock. I fumble with his pants, desperately pulling them down and ignoring his own member, I flip him round, press him against the wall and slide my hand down his back till my fingers slide inside his tight ass. He cries out and I roughly shove my hand over his mouth. He bites my palm and moans.

But I shut out all his sounds. I just focus on mine, mentally repeating Randy's name over and over again, as I fuck the nameless guy whose moans and groans eventually disgust me. I leave him in the bathroom stall without a word.

I head straight to the bar and demand vodka. Straight. It hits the back of my throat and only when I stop shaking do I realize that I was even shaking before. I put the now empty glass on the bar and glance down. Shit. My zipper is undone and the buttons at the bottom of my shirt are also flapping open. I quickly re-arrange myself, just as Rhian appears next to me.

"Hey!" Her eyes are dancing wildly. She's drunk. "Where have you been?"

"Oh just…" I don't finish. She pushes at my arm and I slide it around her as she grins up at me.

"You smell of sex."


"You reek of sex…" she pulls back and stares up at me wide-eyed. "Codes, I never took you for someone who'd fuck in a club."

I shrug.

"So, where is she?"

I shrug again. She slaps my arm.

"You're so cruel! You need a girl. I need some girly company. As much as I love Randy and you to pieces, you need to find me a girl to hang out with when you two fuck off to do your guy shit."


She laughs. "Was she any good?"

"I guess."

"Cruel, cruel, cruel," she giggles. "C'mon, come dance with me."

I don't get a chance to protest. Rhian tugs me into the heaving mass on the dance floor, encircling her arms around my neck. She sways against me, laughing up at me and slowly, I crack and I laugh with her. I forget about the guy in the bathroom. I wonder if he's still there, wondering what the fuck happened.

A hand grips my shoulder, fingers digging into the muscle and for a second I panic. Maybe it's him. But no, Rhian is gazing past me with a look of adoration and lust ripping through her face. She leans up to kiss Randy and out of the corner of my eye I can see it all. I feel sick.

Randy moves behind Rhian and I watch as she leans back against his chest. He's whispering in her ear and she rolls her eyes at me. I watch as Randy trails his tongue around the curve of her ear and then my eyes widen as he sinks his teeth into her earlobe. And then he does the same to her neck, sinking lower and lower.

Torture. Pure fucking torture.

And then, if it couldn't get any worse, my hand slips on Rhian's waist and brushes across Randy's hand. I freeze. He's staring at me. A drunk smile playing across his lips. They curl up and he says something that I can't read to Rhian. She scowls at him.

I move my hand away.

He stares at me for a second and then looks away.