Fan poetry isn't something very many people in fandom get excited about, at least in my experience, but it is a challenge I enjoy tackling every so often. If you take the time to read any of these, I thank you in advance for being so cool. The following poem was originally posted on my livejournal 04/27/10.

Title: Treasure
Fandom: Hey Arnold
Characters: varied
Rating: K
Words: 126
Summary: Helga's secret box is rediscovered.

Helga left all her secrets in Hillwood:
In a box in a concave in a tree
In Hillwood park; Helga made a new start.

Someone found the box seven years later
And left it on the boarding house doorstep
Thinking Arnold still lived there; he didn't.

The box was stepped on, stomped on, stoned and kicked
Aside until a small girl in ribbons
Saw the pink hearts and claimed it for herself.

Down the alley and to the fire escape
She ran with her misshapen prize so she
Could share it with her friend, the Pigeon Man.

"This is quite a find," he said. She searched his
Aged face and asked, "What is it?" in hushed awe.
He spoke soft. "It's a treasure left behind."