I hope everyone has a fun Halloween!

Title: Pataki House
Characters: Helga
Words: 105
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The house keeps a secret.

The Pataki house falls shock-still
As Helga rolls out of bed

Even the floorboards
Hold their groans
As she heads to the bathroom

Where the lights
Snap on
And the faucet rushes to obey

The rug
At the bottom of the stairs
Clings to the floorboards

Hiding it's bloodstained underside
From Helga's silence-lording strides

The french pastry roller
Washed and washed to no avail
Sits trenched

In the pit of the kitchen trash
Helga's shadow passes

"Back in a bit," she tells the empty house
When she steps out

As if to warn it
Against spilling her dark secrets
While she is away