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Naruto : Golden Fox of the Forest

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"talking" Human

'thinking' Human

"talking" Demonic Beings

'thinking' Demonic Beings

" talking" Summoning Creatures

'thinking' Summoning Creatures

( Flashbacks )

Letters / Massages / Books / Strolls

Chapter : 1 of Discoveries and leaving

"Kill the demon"

"Get the fox"

"Kill that monster"

These yells could be heard all around Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves. A young boy about the age of six or seven ran away from the mob that was trying to kill him. The boy had bright ,spiky golden blond hair and deep blue eyes. He also had three whisker like marks on each cheek and were wearing orange shorts and a white t- shirt with a red swirl on the front and back of it. His name is Uzumaki Naruto , vessel for the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Six years ago the demon lord ,Kyuubi no Kitsune, attack the village of Konoha . The fourth Hokage battled the fox demon but in the end he could only seal it in to a new born baby.

So on October tenth he sealed the demon into his own son at the cost of his life, to save the village. And now we find naruto running for his life.

Naruto ran thinking to himself ' why, why always me? I have never done anything to them. So why are they calling me a demon and trying to kill me'. Naruto then ran in to an alley but only to find that it was a dead end. ' Oh no, oh no. what to do. what to do' the fox vessel thought to himself. The mob close in on the poor boy " there's the demon" "kill it"

Naruto started to cry 'I don't want to die, someone , anyone help me please'.

"Well kit , I can help but come and see me when your safe from these villagers" a dark , demonic voice echo in his mind. "what, who's there" naruto said out loud as he looked around. " stop, think what you want to said when talking to me. People will think your crazy" said the same demonic voice. 'umm …. Okay. Now want do I do to save myself' naruto asked the voice as the villers got very close. "okay kit let me think for a minute" the voice said back to the boy.

Naruto then started to panic as one of the villagers rose up a knife. Naruto close his eyes waiting for it to hit. Then there was a spatter of blood. Naruto open his eyes to see the whole mob dead with what look like tree roots through their chest . "Wha- what happen?" naruto himself as he looked at the dead villages. "kit I would leave if I were you. it wouldn't look good if the anbu or other villagers find you among dead bodies. Head home then come to meet me" the voice echoed. Naruto nodded and made his way home.

"Lord hokage" an anbu with a dog mask ran in to the office. The sandaime hokage jumped up ' I hope naruto is okay' he thought to himself. "what's wrong, inu" Sarutobi asked looking right at the anbu. " Sir. Me and my team found about eleven dead villagers in an alley" inu said in a flat tone. "Do you know how they died" the sandaime asked worried about the village. "Hai, lord hokage, this is even odder then the frist thing, they were killed by tree roots" inu said looking at his leader.

"tree roots?" sarutobi repeated as he took his eyes off the anbu to look out the window as he thought to himself ' what's going on. only the senju family and yamato are the only ones who can do mokuton and tsunade is the only senju left but she can't do mokuton and yamato is on a misson outside the village'.

"your dismiss, come tell me if you find anything " hokage ordered

Naruto walk in to his home . He then made his way to he bedroom. ' Okay how do I meet you' said in his mind. " Sit on your bed" the voice said. Naruto did as he was told. "then close your eyes and then think of coming and facing me" the voice said. Naruto did so. "open your eyes" it said. Naruto eyes snap open when he heard the voice was much closer and clearer, he looked around to see that he was in some kind of underground corridor. Then noted that he was in about three inches of water and there was a huge gate of some kind with a piece of paper with the kanji for seal on it. "Where is this" he asked looking for the voice that helped him.

"We are in your mind kit" said the voice as two large red,slit eyes appeared behind the gate. "as you may or may not know, I'm kyuubi no kitsune".

"But I thought the yondaime killed you" naruto said looking up at the red kitsune with no fear at all. "Yes ,your father was very powerful for a human but I'm a demon lord and can't be killed my mortals" kyuubi said looking down at the young child.

"wait father. you mean to tell me, my father was the yondaime hokage and happen to seal you into me, why did you help me to should hate for being sealed me" naruto looking alittle sad about losing his first friend but happy about he now knows who his father is.

"I don't hate you, I didn't mean to attack but as fate has it, you and me are suck together forever" the demon replied with a sigh.

"What do you mean didn't mean to attack" the fox vessel asked the fox.

"Madara Uchiha use his eyes to send me in to a blood rage but now to the point we are merging and we will fully merge by the time your ten or so. But the bad thing is as you are now it, will kill me and you. So I will train ,so we can live to see another day." the demon fox said. "okay what do you mean by merge and what would you train me would have to you when we merge" naruto asked happily.

"What I mean by merge ,I mean you and I would become one being. You would turn in to a fox demon and become the new kyuubi. And I would stay in your mind have more freedom, by the way could you change it to something more homely because dark, wet and creepy is not the place I want to live. And as for training you well…" the kitsune thought for a moment "I would train you in the sealing arts, ninjutsu , maybe some genjutsu, taijutsu, charka control , stealth , nature , and your bloodline" the kitsune finished.

"Wait I have a bloodline"the six year asked. The kitsune nodded "yes but the last one to awake the bloodline was your great, great, great grandfather. But you know him as your shodaime hokage and that makes the nidaime hokage your great ,great , great uncle and your grandmother is the slug sannin. So you have the mokuton but with me you will more then just wood. You control plants" kyuubi said with smile.

"wow, so cool, so when do we start training, kyuubi-sensei " naruto asked bouncing up and down .

Kyuubi sigh then said " About that kit, we will have to leave then village for training cause if the villagers see you become strong they will try and kill even more and only people here that don't want to see you dead are the ramen stand and the old hokage who didn't tell you about me or about your family. Who do you trust more the one who told you all lies or the one who told you the truth " the fox demon asked.

Naruto looked at his feet for a moment or two then looked up at the red kitsune and said with a grin "So when do we leave, kyuubi-sensei". "How about tonight and by the way my name is Kien and and change this place" the newly name kien asked. "okay kien-sensei" naruto as he started to think then in a flash of light ,there was a huge forest clearing with rabbits and birds. With a calm brook a little ways away. "How is this kien-sensei" the small blond asked the fox who was now outside the cage with the seal turn in to a color. "It's great, kit" kien said happily "Now go get ready because as soon as we leave we're going to have hunters on our tail". naruto nodded and went to leave but then stop and asked "how do I leave".

"just think about waking up" the kyuubi said. Naruto did as he was told.

Naruto woke up on his bed. He looked over to the his clock and saw it was 7:15 p.m.. "well better get the stuff I need" the blond mumbled to himself. He then started looking in his closet for his backpack. When he found what he was seeking, naruto toss it onto the bed.

The blond fox vessel then pulled out some shorts and a few T-shirks. He then toss them too on the bed. Then he walked across the room to his book self and got his strolls and walk back to the bed and pack the stuff. 'kien-sensei what do I do about food? Shops always throw me out' naruto ask in his mind. " Forget the food for now. We can always hunt for food until we get to the first town" the kyuubi replied. 'okay' naruto said finishing packing.

Naruto picked up the back pack and headed out the door. He noted that it was dark out. The blond make his way down the street make sure he kept to the shadows. He saw the village's eastern gate , he make sure that the person on watch wasn't there and no patrol was coming. When he saw none, he made a brick for it. Naruto ran as fast as his six year old legs would carry him. 'almost there' he thought to himself. Then he was in the forest. 'Yes made it, what now kien-sensei' naruto asked his new sensei "okay kit we now have to get as far from the village as fast as we can also we need to get out of the land of fire as soon as we can" the fox replied. 'Hai, sensei' naruto said then took off running .not to be seen for along time.

"Hokage-sama" yelled inu.

"yes, inu what is it" sarutobi asked the anbu member.

"We can't find naruto" inu replied to his leader.

"How did this happen. There should have been an anbu watching him" sarutobi almost yelled at the dog mask ninja.

The dog anbu sigh then said to the fire shadow "well almost all the anbu were looking at the dead villagers in the alley ,so there was none to watch naruto". sarutobi sigh "let's hope nothing happen to him" the sandaime said looking out the window.

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