Another Path

Chapter 1

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"Finally, I got it!" The boy known as Naruto Uzumaki shouted as he arrived at the designated clearing that Mizuki told to go to. His task was to steal the Forbidden Scroll and learn a Jutsu from it.

When he opened, he cried out in annoyance that the first jutsu was a clone jutsu….his worst technique! That was when he noticed his own name was in the scroll! It seemed that the name itself was a blood seal the Iruka talked about once. Yeah, he pays attention when things are interesting.

So he cut his finger and out popped a scroll addressed to him, but he just put it away for the moment as he had a Jutsu to learn and about an hour later, he had gotten down the Shadow Clone Jutsu!

It did not seem that anyone was coming yet, so he opened the scroll addressed to him and read the contents:

Dear Naruto,

I am so sorry that I could not be with you in your early years of life. No doubt that Sarutobi did his best to protect you but, I am guessing the idiots in the council hampered that. Oh, by the way, my name is Kushina Uzumaki….your mother. I died giving birth to you too early I would assume, but it is NOT because of you! It is because the Kyuubi no Kitsune has come to our village and the stress of that pushed me to an early birthing. Now there is something you must be told because I think the old monkey has not told you these important things for your own protection. 1. Your father is Minato Namikaze, the Yellow Flash. Yep your dad is the Fourth Hokage, please don't let it get to you head. 2. He had to choice but to seal that beast into a new born baby that night because it could not be killed or contained into anything normal. Please don't hate your father for this, you would have done the same as well because I don't think you could ask someone else to give up their child….i too was reluctant. 3. The old monkey may not know this but you have TWO bloodlines and I am guessing the Kyuubi's power is holding them back. One is called the Uzugan and the other is a unique chakra based bloodline. In the seal below, is information about these two, please read them my little maelstrom and good luck in life.

Your mother,

Kushina Uzumaki

Naruto leaned his head against the tree he was next to and stared off into space. His mom didn't hate him like he thought, but his father was the source of the all the pain he had in life so far. It was a bit much, but he could deal with it just like everything else thrown at him. The real question was, how the hell was going to talk to the monster in his gut!

It must have heard his thoughts because, he was sucked within his subconscious. To put it bluntly, his mind was a freakin sewer of all things! It annoyed him but he had to plow on through the ankle high waters….at least he hoped it was water…to red glow at the end.

He soon came upon a huge ass cage of some sort that also had a small paper seal on it that seemed to be a lock. "Ok…I am guessing that this is the Kyuubi's Cage."

"You are correct boy…" said a booming voice and behind the bars came a set of huge razor like teeth and two big red eyes.

"Ok….I have a few questions for you. Will you unlock my bloodlines for me and why did you attack in the first place?"

The great fox sighed and said, "Because of a genjutsu, that someone I thought was dead, was used on me. The genjutsu made me watch how he killed my mate and my kits….and that drove me insane so much that he was able to control my actions and well…you know the rest."

"I see….so who was it anyway?"

"It was Madara Uchiha but he did not seem himself….was more….evil. Now on to you other question, since I want to see my family again and to unlock your THREE bloodlines, I will have to die."

"Wait, mom said I only have two."

"Well, your mom didn't know you have a bloodline that is very old and since I am very old, I know what it is and I can unlock it! Now boy, are you ready."

"As I'll ever be." Naruto said as the Kyuubi smirked and sent ALL his power into Naruto, destroying the seal and flooding Naruto's chakra coils. One the outside, Mizuki and Iruka arrived just in time to see Naruto's body being lifted into the air by some unknown.

"That is all the proof that I need that Naruto is the fucking demon." Mizuki growled out as eh charged the boy's body while Iruka was yelling at him to stop….he should have listened because as soon as the traitorous chuunin got within arm's length of boy, the red chakra formed a ball of energy around the boy and incinerated the white haired man. The ball then began to expand and Iruka knew he was in trouble, so he took the forbidden scroll and got as far away from the inferno as possible. Good thing too, because as soon as the teacher shunshined out of there, the ball of red chakra expanded to that of an apartment building and then a few more. After that, nine protrusions blasted outward for half a mile before the chakra turned blue and arced upward. They connected at the top and the ball expanded some more.

Sarutobi saw this and paled wondering what was going one with Naruto while some of the idiot council members smirked thinking that this was the perfect chance to have Naruto killed. The head of the Hyuuga clan, Hiashi actually smiled at the ball of energy, freaking even the elders who were watching. Looks like you son finally got his bloodline.

The ball of pure blue chakra then exploded upward, sending a dragon of chakra upward before it turned direction and shot downward, right back into Naruto and the shockwave of the event, destroyed everything around him that was not already gone…..created a deep crater in the ground.

Iruka was the first to return to the spot to see that was Naruto was alive and well and it seemed that his appearance has changed a bit. Naruto no longer had the whisker marks, he was a bit taller, he had red tips to his hair, and the boy had two katanas at his side. That was the site the Hokage and 30 ANBU came upon. One of the ANBU took one look at Naruto, growled, and charge at him, yelling for him to die. One of the other ANBU, one with a Neko mask, chopped his neck. "Idiot."

"Thank you Neko-san." The old man sighed. "Come on, let's get this cleaned up…..hopefully Naruto will wake up soon."

Hokage's office….20 minutes later…

Naruto finds himself in the old man's office with the old man, his old ANBU guardian Neko and two others. One looks very sick while the other has a senbon in his mouth. "Ok….what's up?

"I was hoping you could tell me what happened to you Naruto. You steal the forbidden scroll and then you're the source of a chakra explosion."

"Well, after I learned one jutsu from the scroll to pass the genin exam like Mizuki said, I found a scroll in it that was addressed to me…..from my mom, Kushina Uzumaki." Naruto said but didn't the three other people in the room stiffen but the Hokage saw and inwardly groaned….he was in for one hell of a night. "I read the scroll, found out I am the container of the kyuubi; who told me why he attacked and then unlocked my bloodlines for me, found out who my mom was and also my dad, the yellow flash." The Hokage looked very nervous now. "Let me guess, you hid who I really was from everyone because my dad had a lot of enemies?"

"Yes…Now, I guess you learned that Jutsu so I will honor Mizuki's test even though it was a trick and give you the headband….be at the academy in two days." The Hokage said as Naruto left and the three others in the room glared at the old man.

I am so get to old for this shit!

The Next Day….

Naruto had woken up late from the night's activities and once he did his usual morning rituals, he took his mom's letter and unseals another scroll with the kanji for Bloodlines. He also noticed a piece of paper next to his bed that was from the Kyuubi. He took the Kyuubi's letter and read it first.


The power that I unlocked is very old and not many people will know about it. Have you ever thought how the Shinigami got his power and how much power he has. Well, he was the King of the Shinigami. When he was in power, he had thousands of other low leveled Shinigami to help him in getting the souls of the dead to his land….Soul Society. A race known as Hollows came one day to and pretty much destroyed them all. There were survivors…and you are the descendent of them….if you ever find Soul Society…you will find the Shinigami and a place where you truly belong. Good luck trying to figure out your powers! AH HAHAHAHAHAHA!


"Gee thanks…" Naruto deadpanned as he took his mom's scroll and read through it. It would seem that the Uzugan is similar to the Sharingan in that it copies jutsu. There is one catch, it is does not keep the normal jutsu it copies and it mimics bloodline jutsu and lets him keep the bloodline jutsu. It also lets him see chakra, cancel genjutsu, keep up with taijutsu and pretty much be an expert in ninjutsu. Then the other bloodline is what he got from his dad. That Flying Thunder God jutsu was just a speed enhancement and since his grandma was Tsunade, it could be in his legs or the arms…. "WAIT! MY GRANDMA IS TSUNADE!"

His life just got a lot more complicated…

Hope u all like this. Now I have a question, what episode does Sora appear in. I might be putting him in this story and Amara as well. Anyone know if the second Naruto shippuden movie is in English yet?