Another Path

Chapter 16

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"So let me get this straight." Sai said after hearing Naruto's plans. "You want me to be like a double agent and spy on my dad for you? Yeah, I could do that…."

"Good." Naruto said as he finished up with removing Sasuke's Curse Seal. "You guys should rest a bit."

"Yeah, and thanks Naruto." Sakura replied.

"It is no problem." Naruto said as his team left.

A few minutes later, Team Reaper made it to the tower a few minutes after Gaara's team arrived. "Hey Naruto, what did you do to snake face's body?" Amaru asked.

"I copied all of his jutsu to this scroll." Naruto said waving a scroll around and then put it away to reveal another scroll. "Of course that made the body disintegrate and in this scroll is his head so I can collect the bounty."

"Good thinking" Sora said as they reached a room with a poster in it. "So what are you going to you use his jutsu for?"

"Well, I can give the curse jutsu to Amaru since she uses those types of jutsu and then….we will see what else is in the scroll." Naruto replied as he then took a look at the poster. It was some kind of riddle that just annoyed the three of them.

"I think we should open the scrolls." Sora said out loud. "I think this strength and wisdom stuff is the scrolls and it could also mean that we would need both in order to be chunin."

"Alright then." Amaru replied as her and Naruto opened the scrolls and dropped because they started smoking. After a minute, a poof of smoke came into being and Yugao appeared. "Yugao-sensei!"

"Hello Team. I am glad to see you made it this far and I heard your reasoning for the poster and you are right." Yugao said.

"So what now sensei?" Naruto asked.

"Train and relax, your's, Gaara's, and Fu's team have made it in record time. Just remember to be in the main room at the end of the week." Their sensei replied before showing them around the tower.

Time skip…

Naruto and the rest of the teams that made it through the second round of the chunin exams were standing in lines in front of the Hokage. The old man was telling them that this exams were in place for war, to put it simply.

"I glad you all made it this far but we are going to have some preliminary rounds to cut your numbers down since there are still too many people."

"What! Why" yelled Kiba.

"Simple, we have many high ranking lords and ladies that will be attending the final round and we do not want to waste their time." The hokage replied, but before he could talk again, Hayate appeared on the scene.

"*cough* I am the protor for the final round Lord Hokage, let me take it from here. *cough*"

"Very well Hayate." The old man said as he walked away.

"Now, before we start does anyone wish to quit?" After eh said that, 5 people rose their hands. They were Fu's teammates and Kabuto's team. "If that is all, I want the rest of you to go to the rails above the arena as this with be one on one tournament style battles. The first battle will be…" Hayate spoke as a part of the wall opened up to reveal a screen that was running through names.

Sai vs Shikamaru

"Alright, the rest of you leave the arena floor while these two fight." Hayate said as the two boys faced each other. Seeing that they were ready, or Shikamaru's case bored, he yelled, "Hajime!" before jumping away.

"I have heard of you. You are a genius but you don't care as you a very lazy, typical of a Nara." Sai said stoically.

"You have me there." Shikamaru said boredly with his hands in pockets.

"Then this battle could go either way." Sai said and was gone!

Shikamaru lazily looked around before he took out a kunai and lazily blocked Sai's sword strike. Sai made no outward emotion but he quickly took out a kunai to stab the shadow user from the side but was stopped by the shadows themselves!

"Like the others, I have gained odd powers from the Hollow attack. Mine let me control the shadows themselves, but they also protect me as well." Shikamaru explain while snaking the shadows around Sai.

"Good, this makes it more interesting!" Sai actually smirked before he was engulfed in ink! It formed a suit that looked like an evil looking spiderman.

"Great." Shika murmered as he too was covered in his element. (think the shadow wraith from POP: Warrior Within).

The two dark warriors nodded to to each other before the real fight began. Sai lashed out in all directions with his ink spikes while Shikamaru weaved around the spikes with ease. The shadow man made his way right to Sai and delivered a punch to ink boy's face. It did not do much but it was enough for Shikamaru to trap Sai.

In Sai's hazy state, he didn't know he was trapped until it was too late. Sai looked around to see that he arms and legs were bound to the floor. "What the!"

"You can't beat shadows with ink." Shikamaru said as he took out a kunai with a strange luquid on it and slashed Sai's chest with it.

The ink ninja slowly slumped over and started snoring, making a lot of people sweatdrop. "I put a sleeping poison on my kunai….he is down for about 5 minutes."

"Well…that was different." Coughed Hayate. "Winner is Shikamaru." Shikamaru nodded, releasing Sai and carrying him up to the others.

Naruto smirked, that was an interesting battle. He turned his head to see who the next fighters would be, while also listening to Ino and Choji congratulate the lazy genius.

Gaara vs Zaku

"HA! I get to fight the sand freak! This should be easy!" Zaku loudly proclaimed as he jumped down. While Gaara just sand shunshined down.

"I will make this quick sand boy!" Zaku yelled once Hayate said to begin. Zaku pointed both of his palms at Gaara to send a very powerful blast of wind. Thought that did nothing, however, because of the fact that Gaara had used his sand to protect himself….no surprise there.

"You are loud and cocky. You are not worth this but I have wanted to try this for some time. Protection of the Sands: Metal Forming Sands." Gaara announced as all of his sand turned into metal sand, shocking the older generation.

"Oh? So you changed your sand to metal sand. So what, I was not worth that?" Zaku asked, looking at the metal sand oddly.

"No, this is what you are not worth. BANKAI!" Gaara yelled as the sand converged on him! Everyone saw that Gaara was in a metallic sand tornado.

"Oh, this should be good!" Naruto smirked, getting odd looks from the senseis.

"What do you mean Naruto?" Yugao asked.

"Gaara spirit sword power let me have the power of metal sand, whatever his bankai is, it is going to be good." Naruto said out loud, making a lot of the genin sweat.

When the metal sand tornado dissipated, they saw that Gaara's skin was all metal like before it went back to normal. He then smirked as he brought his fists to his sides before yelling out as wolverine like claws ripped out of them, freaking out a lot of people.

With speed that Zaku could not track, Gaara ran to him and plunged his clawed right into the sound boy's stomach. "You lose." He said as he powered down and watched as Zaku fell to the ground with blood pouring out of him.

"Winner Gaara!" Hayate called out as Medics came a took Zaku's body away.

"Well, I really don't want to get on Gaara's bad side anymore." Kankuro deadpanned.

Gaara next to his siblings and said, "See that you don't"

Baki, their sensei, sighed. Won't the council be happy about this…

Tenten vs Omoi

The two fighters quickly made their way to the arena and stood facing each other. When Hayate coughed out a 'begin', they charged at one another with their blades.

"That is interesting blade. Are you like the others who have gained an odd power from that Hollow attack that I have heard about?

"You could say that. I may not know much about this weapon much but I will win." Tenten replied.

Omoi took his blade in his hand and sighed, "You will lose since you said that. One must know their weapon before using it in actual battle. Don't worry though, I will not kill you could that could lead Konoha to hating us more and that could lead to a war with thousands of deaths and-"

"OH SHUT UP AND FIGHT OMOI!" Karui barked at a now quivering Omoi.

"Whipped…" Kiba said under his breath as he saw Omoi nod furiously.

"We will see who loses!" Tenten yelled out annoyed at this guy already. "SUPER SIZE!" She yelled out as her blade grew and grew to the size of a car, which then crashed down where Omoi used to be. "What?"

"Girl, you need to learn more about that blade." Omoi said from behind her. She quickly turned around to see that he had two of her scrolls. She noticed that these two scrolls were her twin dragon rising scroll and paled.

"ARGH!" She yelled as she swung the blade rather slowly. Omoi sighed and jumped onto the blade, making it too heavy for the girl and then kicked her in the stomach as she lost her hold on the blade.

She slid on her back and few feet away and was about to get up when she noticed a blade pointing to her chest. "Like I said….you will lose and you have."

"Fine." Tenten said rather sourly.

"Winner Omoi!" Hayate coughed. Omoi smiled as he handed her back her scroll and her blade.

"You did well but you could be way better." Omoi commented as he went up to the stand with Tenten.

Hinata vs Kiba

Both teammates looked at each other. Kiba did not want to fight her but the look in her eyes said they were going to fight no matter what he said, so they both jumped down to the arena.

As soon as Hayate said to start, Kiba asked, "Are you sure you want to fight me Hinata."

"Yes, now charge up your new power!" Hinata commanded rather forceful.

"Fine…" Kiba said while he and Akamaru fused into their Spirit Werewolf form.

Kurenai rose an eyebrow at this, "So that is his power from that ordeal."

Hinata brought out a small book and opened it as 6 small fairy like creatures came out of it, making a lot of people sweatdrop at this. "Meet the Six flowers of the Hibiscus Shield!"

"Now that I was not expecting….she must be her descendent." Naruto said to himself while his teammates rose an eyebrow.

"You asked for this Hinata!" Kiba's double voice called out as he charged at the girl. When he was in striking distance he brought up a claw.

Hinata saw this and called out, "Santen Kesshun (Three Sacred Links Shield) I reject!" A triangular orange shield formed from three of her fairies and soon as the claw hit it, Kiba was bounced back a few feet.

"What the….crap." Kiba said as he looked at the shield. So that is why she trained alone. Greaaat.

The werewolf charged at Hinata, only this time he was too fast for the girl and made a bloody mess of her right arm.

Crying a little bit, this made a tough looking fairy scoff. "Heal it already you stupid girl!"

"S-shut up Tsubaki….i got this!" She ground out. This statement made the Konoha shinobi a little shocked because the girl was usually nice. They wondered if it was the work of this ass of a fairy.

"Then hurry!"

"Fine! Sōten Kisshun (Twin Sacred Return Shield) I Reject!" She cried out as an orange shield spun around her arm before it was as good as new."

"What the?" Kiba got out before Hinata glared at him spelled his fate for the exam.

"Tsubaki. Don't kill him, but show him he is not invincible. Koten Zanshun (Solitary Sacred Cutting Shield) I reject!" The little fairy smirked and shot off into Kiba's gut, sending him into a nearby wall. He sank down to the ground in a heap.

"Winner is Hinata!" Hayate said a little shocked as he saw the girl walk up to Kiba and brought him back up to the stands and began to heal him with that odd power of hers.

Temari vs Samui. (since I don't know much about Samui's fighting style, I am skipping this fight….but I am going to make one up for her next battle in the finals.)

"Winner is Samui" Hayate said while her brothers and Naruto took her back to the stands while her body recovered from all the lightning jutsu used on her.

Naruto vs Shikamaru

"Oh great, I have to fight two battles. What a drag." Shikamaru breathed out as he walked down to an already awaiting Naruto on the floor.

"You ready for this Shikamaru?" Naruto asked with a smirk.

"As I'll ever be." Shikamaru grumbled out and when they were told to start, he was instantly in his shadow form.

"Oh this will be fun!" Naruto smiled until he felt his shadow being controlled. "Wha?"

"Over zealous like usual….you lose!" Shikamaru said as his whole form shifted to that of a spear that shot right through the blond, making a lot of people gasp, mostly his girls and teammate.

There was a poof of smoke just as Shikamaru shifted back and he was socked in the head before he was sent across the room.

"Nice one, but did you forget about my shadow clone jutsu?" Naruto said. Shikamaru just got up while rubbing his head.

"Heh, go figure."

"Yeah, well here is something new!" Naruto said with doing hand signs. "Magma Style: Arrows of Death!"

"What?" Shikamaru yelled as he had to dodge actual arrows made of lava that shot out of Naruto's mouth. "When the hell did you get that jutsu."

Naruto smirked, activating his Uzugan. "From my Uzugan. My godmother, who is the 5th Mizukage, has this bloodline and I copied it!"

"Great." Shikamaru deadpanned.

"Of course I got this power from the tree in the Waterfall village!" Naruto yelled, "Wood Style: Binding Earth!"

"Wait WHAT!" The shadow boy freaked out, knowing about this bloodline from the academy. Before he could do anything, tree trunks shot out of the earth around him and a large tree formed around him, trapping him in place. He tried getting out but he was back to normal as the trees were sapping his chakra! "Heh, I can't believe I lost to you." Shikamaru laughed.

"Well, believe it!" Naruto said as Hayate announced him the leader and Naruto freed Shikamaru. The two shook hands with Shikamaru calling him a troublesome blond and jumping back up to the stands.

Naruto smiled to himself as there were murmurs in the crowd about his jutsus. "Jeez, you just had to show off huh?" Sora drawled out.

"Of course!" Naruto yelled out.

"Good thing you won Naruto-kun." Amaru said as she kissed him.

"Oh please." Sora said rolling his eyes and looking back to the board.

Neji vs Amaru

"Oh, I get to fight now?" Amaru commented seeing Neji walk down.

"Don't worry Amaru, I am sure you will do fine." Naruto encouraged her.

"Oh I know that." Amaru said as she jumped down.


"Just because Naruto beat does not mean you can too, but what do I know, you might surprise me as well." Neji smirked as he brought out his spirit claws.

"Heh, yeah." Amaru commented as the two charged. She brought out her bat wing keyblade and blocked a slash from Neji. Amaru swung forward, sending the hyuuga away from her before they struck again.

Amaru hit him in the chest while he slashed at her arm. She smirked a bit through the pain and continued to palm strike him at certain places on his body, all the while getting very bloody in the process.

"Give it up already!" Neji announced, "whatever you have been trying to do has failed as those palm strikes did not hurt one bit!'

""Did you not notice where I struck?" Amaru said quietly as she got up, her Light chakra glowing around her, healing all of her wounds.

"What the…" Neji spoke when he saw her back to perfect condition. "What do you do!"

"I healed myself idiot!" Amaru said. "My white chakra lets me use healing techniques to their fullest. So I can heal from almost any wound you give me. Now, what I did was far from Light Chakra capabilities. I have used Dark Chakra on you. You see, I have place Dark Chakra seals on certain parts of your body. Both of your legs, one near an artery on your leg, same with your arms, then one on your chest which right above your heart, and then one above you liver."


"So, these seals are curse seals that act like the one you have on your head." Amaru said. Of course once they activate, they will only stay there for 5 seconds and disappear, including that one on your head. "Are you ready?"

Neji was now pale beyond all belief. This girl had the means to kill him through his caged bird seal and he could do nothing. Before he could answer however, she spoke.

"Pain!" That was it, all the seal glowed and came to life, filling Neji with so much pain he felt like he was going insane. Nothing but hot searing pain was ripping through him before he felt nothing at and fell to floor.

"What? How am I still alive?"

"Simple, it only lasted for five seconds before every single curse seal vaporized off your body," Amaru said aloud, walking right up to him, helping his up because he had lost all motor skills for a few minutes. "including the one on your head." She whispered.

Shell shocked, he missed Hayate declaring Amaru the winner. As they walked up the stairs he cried and said, "Thank you….Amaru."

"No problem."

Fu vs Shino

The two quickly made their way down to the floor, of course Naruto gave her a kiss for good luck, making a lot of the girls jealous of the girl. Hinata however was fuming, Amaru, Temari, AND this Fu girl got HER Naruto. Thay would pay.

Anyway, Fu and Shino stood quietly on the arena floor waiting for the other to make a move. "Not one for talk?" asked Fu with a smirk.

Shino rose an eyebrow and said, "I have nothing logical to say." Making a lot of people face plant themselves.

"Man you are boring!" complained Fu. "Lead the Insects: Insect Queen!" She was then surrounded in all types of bugs, including those horned beetles from the desert.

Behind his glasses, Shino's eyes widened. He then eyed Naruto for a second and thought, if I could beat her, I could prove that I am a better mate than Naruto. Shino nodded to himself as he summoned his giant bug and sank into the earth.

"This is so weird!" Ino complained to Shikamaru and Choji.

"It is a bit odd, but I sure these bugs have their uses." Shikamaru commented.

"Still to creepy and weird." Ino said, hugging herself.

Fu smirked. Naruto had told her about Shino's odd power before and was interested. While her bug had uses, his let him travel in the earth. She nodded to herself, she had to make this quick because a long drawn out battle would not be good form her. "Queen's Forest!" She yelled as her bugs formed a small path of forest around her, with deadly plants surrounding her. "Killer Desert!" Around her path of deadly forest, sand surrounded her and looked seeming normal to everyone.

However, as soon as Shino's bug surfaced, sand spears stabbed the bug and trapped Shino in binding strings of sand.

"I see, I have lost this one." Shino said as his bugs were freaking out about the odd environment.

Hayate nodded and declared Fu the winner which made her release her techniques and Shino.

The next few battle where all one sided because Ino beat Lee with her new psychic powers. Hell she made him plow himself into the walls until was he was unconscious, safe to say, one wall was no longer there.

When it was between Karui and Kin, Kin never had a chance because she was far too slow against the hot headed kumo ninja. When it was Sora and Kankuro, people thought the puppet boy was going to win until Sora busted out with some wind blades, destroying the puppet and cutting up Kankuro.

Sakura easily beat the sound ninja named Dosu because all she had to do was her pink blades of death on his arm and destroy that odd sound instrument. He quit after that. Finally, Sasuke beat Choji even though the big guy had the advantage with his new strength. Sasuke beat him by really burning him with chaos style fire bombs.

"I am happy that this tournament has been going so well. Now that you have all numbered off, I will tell you who you will be fighting in the final rounds, which is in one month." The Hokage said with a smile. Ibiki then show them all a piece of paper that told that fact.

Gaara vs Omoi

Sasuke vs Naruto

Amaru vs Hinata

Samui vs Kauri

Ino vs Sakura

Sora vs….

"As you can see, sora will be fighting later." Ibiki stated, which made the monk groan some.

"So, you have seen your future oppenents in battle, now you much prepare for later. Good luck to you all." The old man stated.

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