One Year After the Events of Swan Song...

After what was centuries of being in Hell, fighting Lucifer in his cage, and pain he had never felt before, the Archangel Michael fell unconcious and opened his blue eyes to discover that he was not in that dreaded place anymore.

Instead, he found himself lying on the ground in a beautiful green garden.

At first he was confused by the sudden change in surroundings but when he realized where he was Michael was instantly relieved. He was in Heaven. He was in God's garden. He was safe. Michael sighed.

He sat up and glanced down at his hands. He noted that he was still in his vessel's body, Adam's body. Or at least, he'd taken his form.

Michael stood and looked around him in the search of the one who'd taken him out of Hell. It had to be God.

He was right.

When Michael turned a second time to look behind him his eyes met those of a short man with a scruffy brown beard.

At first Michael didn't recognize him in the form he had taken but it did dawn on him soon enough. "Father?"

The man nodded.

"Thank you," Michael said immediately. "For saving me."

"Do not thank me," God ordered. "Not before you know on what terms I have brought you back."

"What do you mean?" Michael inquired.

He was confused, as he often was in his father's presence.

God walked over to a tree in the garden and fingered one of its perfectly green leaves. "Michael my son, you have lost your way like so many of your brothers and sisters while I have been gone. I am disappointed. I thought you'd be one of the ones who would have stood up for the good. Instead, you led the wrong."

"But I did what you've always said had to be done," Michael protested. "I tried to bring peace to the humans and I tried to kill Lucifer to end this war like it was foretold…"

"You forced the war," God raised his voice. "You let a righteous man break under a demon's blade and torture before you sent other angels to save him. Then you tried to force him to say yes by telling him he had no choice when you knew I gave humanity free will. Worst of all you had him tortured by Zachariah. The list goes on."

Michael bowed his head and murmured, "I did what I thought I had to do."

"To please me." God shook his head. "I admit to making a mistake in making you so obedient to my words and keeping you so distant from humanity, but I have learned from my mistakes after seeing this war play out. It is time you learn too."

"What do you mean?" Michael asked with fear.

God craned his neck to make eye contact with him. "You will be an archangel in Heaven again, but first you have to be taught something that only being human and being with humans can teach you."

Michael's eyes widened with realization. "No, Father, please. Anything but that."

"You have no say in this Michael," God told him firmly. "You are to become human and you will protect a woman hunter."

"But how can I protect someone without my powers?" Michael frowned.

God's lips curved upwards into a smirk. "You will learn."

"How will I know who she is, this hunter I'm supposed to guard?" Michael questioned.

"You will sense it," God claimed.

"What if I fail?" Michael lowered his eyes.

God huffed. "Then you will live out the rest of your life on Earth."

"What happens if I die trying?"

"That is enough questions." God narrowed his eyes. "Just do as I say. Shouldn't be a problem since you do everything exactly how you're told."

He almost sounded annoyed.

"Please, just one more question," Michael begged.

God gave him a hesitant nod.

"What are the conditions?" Michael asked. "What should I not do while I'm on Earth?"

"You shall not become intimate with this woman," God commanded. "Or you will not get your grace back."

Michael was puzzled by this order. "Of course not."

God smiled knowingly and before Michael could wonder why, God raised his right hand to his chest.

Michael closed his eyes as he felt himself being torn in two.

There was intense pain and then nothing.