When Michael reawakened he found himself lying in the perfectly green grass of God's garden, free of the pain and discomfort he'd been experiencing just moments before.

Michael pushed himself off the ground and searched his surroundings with his eyes. He spotted God standing a few yards away from him; hands clasped together, face unreadable.

"Michael, son," God smiled warmly. "Welcome back home."

Michael nodded, unsure of what he should say. He had many questions but he didn't want to be disrespectful.

"You must be wondering why you are here," God supposed.

"I am," Michael confirmed.

God took a few steps towards him. "You risked your life and lost it for April, to save her from the demon, Victor. You have completed your mission and learned what I wanted you to. I'm here to reward you, Michael. I want to give you your grace back."

Michael's eyes widened with shock. "But I…I disobeyed. April and I…"

God shook his head. "That was part of the lesson. For once I wanted you to follow your heart, not your mind."

"You knew I'd fall in love with her," Michael said, narrowing his eyes.

"Yes," God admitted. "It was the only way I could get you to see humanity in a new light. You were changing, becoming more like your brother Lucifer even before you ended up in the cage. I couldn't just release you and let you take over again…"

"But I would have listened to you," protested Michael.

God frowned. "You had to learn this lesson son. I'm not staying here. I haven't been in Heaven since we last met. I still have much to observe on Earth and you and the other angels need to pick up the pieces on your own. It's time they grow up; it was time that you grew up. That's why I left Heaven in the first place."

"So now you want me to restore Heaven by myself?" inquired Michael.

The thought of it made his head spin. There would be so much work to do.

"Not alone," God corrected him. "Castiel is already working on it. I just want you to guide him; to teach him what he needs to know."

"So you promoted Castiel," noted Michael. "He won't be too happy with me."

"You may be surprised," God told him. "Castiel can be quite forgiving."

Michael bowed his head.

When he raised it back up God was nearing him with His hand stretched out.

"Wait!" Michael exclaimed.

"What is it?" asked God.

"Does Castiel really need my help?"

God cocked an eyebrow. "You don't want to help?"

"Once I would have jumped at the opportunity but…I don't know now," Michael sighed. "What about April?"

God understood. "You want to be with her. You'd rather be human than be an archangel?"

"Yes," answered Michael.

There was no hesitance in his voice.

"Alright," God said simply. "If that is what you really want then I will return you to your human body."

"I just have one concern; what will happen to me when my body fails?" Michael questioned.

God put a hand on his shoulder. "When you die I will give you the option of being an angel again or getting the reward humans get. It will be up to you when the time comes."

"You've never turned any human soul into an angel before. You'd do that for me?" Michael was in awe.

"Of course," replied God. "Though you've made mistakes you've served me well. It's only fair I give you what you want most. A choice."

"Thank you," Michael whispered.

God gave him a quick nod. "Goodbye, Michael. Live your life well."

He lifted his hand to Michael's head and Michael closed his eyes as he was sent away.

One second he was standing in front of God and the next he was laying on his back in April's backyard again, gasping for air.

April, who was startled by the sudden movement and sound, flinched.

When she saw that Michael was alive again, fresh tears sprung to her eyes, this time out of relief.

"You're alive! How?"

"God healed me," Michael explained.

He'd barely gotten out the words before April covered his mouth with hers, kissing him desperately, like she had been starving for it. Like she'd needed that kiss to survive.

Reacting, Michael quickly wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him as he sat up.

He savored everything about the moment until they were interrupted by the sound of sirens in the distance.

"The ambulance is coming," April breathed as they parted. "What are we going to tell the guys?"

Michael shrugged. "Just say you were mistaken. That I just got knocked out."

"What about your shirt?" April inquired. "It's still covered with your blood."

Michael looked down at the destroyed piece of clothing before tugging the scraps over his head and throwing it into a bush.

"There, problem solved."

April grinned and leaned forward to press her lips hard against Michael's.

"Never leave me again, in any way, ever," she growled in between kisses.

"I won't," Michael promised.

April then pushed him to lie back down on the ground and they proceeded to make out until the paramedics arrived.

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