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Each month will focus on a character or multiple characters on what they're doing during the 12 months between when B&B leave and then meet up again. The end of each chapter will have an email or an instant message conversation between two of the characters. I haven't decided yet but it'll most likely be between Booth and Bones for most of the chapters, regardless of who the chapter is about.

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June - Bones

She wiped her brow, the sweat drenching her sleeve. The heat in the Maluku Islands was unforgiving and brutal. The short time she had been in Indonesia was like she was back in high school in a way. She didn't make any friends. She wanted to avoid talking. So, she barely talked all day, and when she did, it was about the remains they were uncovering and it was short and to the point.

What she did do all day was think. About Booth.

She missed him like crazy. She wanted to know if he was safe. She begged him not to be a hero, not to be him. Brennan hoped he did what she asked. She needed to see him again. That was the only thing keeping her sane on the islands. Daisy was starting to wear on her nerves already and their year-long adventure had barely started.

Was he eating good foods? She knew he ate hamburgers and steaks back home but she doubted that he got food like that wherever he was. She qualified him as a picky eater. If there's no meat, he didn't eat it. Who knows if Booth had access to what he needed to eat to stay healthy. She worried constantly about him.

And Parker. How was he doing without his father around? And more importantly, how was Booth doing without his son? He lived for that boy. Though he never verbalized it, she knew it nearly killed him to be away from Parker for so long. She hoped he wouldn't be a hero for Parker's sake. He needed to teach Parker to throw a slider or how to make the football spiral perfectly.

Her day was nearly over and she was exhausted beyond belief. She wiped the sweat from the back of her neck. Her hair was plastered to her skin from the sticky dryness of the Indonesian weather. She opened her laptop and began to type an email.



I hope this finds you well. I don't know if you will even see this while you're on your assignment in Afghanistan. But I needed to type you something because I'm not used to not talking to you.

Daisy is already driving me up the ceiling. I do hope that phrase is right. Anyway, she keeps talking about how much she misses Dr. Sweets and it is very unnerving. I have berated her several times and she does not seem to understand.

The remains here are spectacular. I'm sure you would be extremely bored here, but it is quite an adventure. Hodgins gave me a chart of all the insects that I might come across on the islands but so far, I've seen very few. Daisy thought she was dying when she saw a small insect bite on her arm but according to Hodgins' chart, it was just an ordinary mosquito. She is overly dramatic and I hope I can survive this trip without killing her. Kidding. See, that was a joke. I can be funny. I'm thinking about cutting my hair. It's getting in my way when I dig and it can be quite annoying. It's very hot here and I'm sure the desert is the same. I know you said that overall, a year is not that long. But right now, it sure feels like it.

Please be safe.