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JARVIS don't ever speak to me once I'm off camera.

StarkArc: I just downloaded the 'whip' app from the 'Big Bang Theory', it's the single most amazing thing I've ever done.

Hawkeye: So the next time Fury orders Coulson or Hill around…

StarkArc: CRACK!

Hawkeye: Mwhahaha :D


StarkArc: I was expected you to tell me off!

Hawkeye: At heart she has a wicked sense of humour, it's hilarious.

Hammered: What is this 'app' you speak of?

Hawkeye: We bought you an iPhone!

Hammered: I may have sat on it…

StarkArc: Why doesn't that surprise me?

Pepperpot has just signed in

What up, Pep?

Pepperpot: Remember Mr Cradit?

StarkArc: You mean Crap-it? Indeed I do.

Hawkeye: Crap-it?

StarkArc: I'll explain later.

Pepperpot: Well one of your employees decided it would be a good idea to start a blog devoted solely to CEO's that forget to do their flies up.

StarkArc: Let me guess, it was someone on the 8th floor?

Pepperpot: How did you guess.

Hammered: I am confused. The 8th floor? What does that refer to? And what's a CEO? And what are flies? And what's blog?

StarkArc: Well that's a lot of questions o_O The 8th floor is the IT floor at Stark Industries, hence why it would be easy for them to start a blog. A CEO is what I am, a Chief Executive Officer, it means I own a company and am by extension completely awesome.

BlackWidow: And big-headed.

Pepperpot: We all knew that already.

Hammered: I see, so what are flies and a blog?

Hawkeye: Flies are small buzzing insects that go bzzzzzzz and generally get in the way, until they get shot at with an arrow that is. But in this instance they're the zipper on your trousers. And a blog is this online website… you know what, never mind, you won't understand it.

StarkArc: Okay let me guess, Crap-it found out about this blog?

Pepperpot: Indeed he did, and oh boy is he not happy about it.

StarkArc: That man has no sense of humour.

Pepperpot: No he does not. Anyway, you better call him and apologise and then call the IT team and give them a verbal spanking.

StarkArc: Even though I find it hilarious?

Pepperpot: Yep :) You do realise you make several appearances right?

StarkArc: I'd certainly hope so :)

What are you doing this evening? Dinner?

Pepperpot: I'm free from 7 :)

StarkArc: I'll meet you at the office then :)

Pepperpot has just signed off

I'm going to marry her.

BlackWidow: Wouldn't surprise me.

Hawkeye: Wouldn't surprise any of us :) So when you gonna pop the question?

StarkArc: Dunno, at the perfect moment.

Hawkeye: Everyone says that.

StarkArc: Not everyone is a billionaire :)

Hawkeye: Very true.

Hammered: What's a billionaire?

StarkArc: Someone's who filthy rich and can afford to keep replacing the kitchen appliances, mainly toasters and microwaves, after the God of Thunder gets annoyed with them. Wait… that doesn't half sound familiar…

BlackWidow: You have a CEO to apologise to, get on with it then we can decide where you're going for your date tonight.

StarkArc: I can manage on my own!

BlackWidow: Without me you can't manage at all, trust me, we got this.

StarkArc: Alright MOM. In the words of Vigo from Ghostbusters 2, 'death is but a door, time is but a window, I'LL BE BACK.'

BlackWidow: I'll await your return with batted breath.

StarkArc has just signed off.

Hawkeye: CRACK!

BlackWidow: Hahaha :)

Hawkeye: Hey, Tasha, we should get married.

BlackWidow: Buy me a drink first.

Hawkeye: Such hard work!

BlackWidow: But worth it ;)

BlackWidow has just signed off.

Hawkeye: You're on :)

Hawkeye has just signed off.

Hammered: Wait, what just happened? O_o