Don't stop or you'll be dead....

Run hard and fast....but don't stop running.

They'll kill me, I betrayed them...

"Bella," Jacob's voice boomed in my head.

Run...keep running...

"Bella, no one is going to hurt you! We're just trying to help you," his voiced boomed again. "Trust me."

I slowed downed at his statement. Keep running or it'll be too late. Your family isn't going to want you anymore. But it's Jake...he understands. Right?

"Bella I know what's going on with you. Let me help...please," Jacob's voice pleaded with me in my head now.

I stopped completely and felt my legs begins to wobble. "What's going on with me Jake," I screamed at him.

"Your a wolf now Bella."

"A wolf?"

"Yes a werewolf to be exact. We have to protect people from vampires."


"Yes! Blood sucking leeches," He growled. "Once you join the pack you'll know the law and everything for any one of those blood suckers who proclaim that their good."

I growled hating the so called vampires that he was speaking of. If they were to blame for what was happening to me I hated them even more. I wanted them dead more then anything in the world.

"Sam is on this way back from his honeymoon to help. Let's go to my house," he said nudging me with his nose. "He's going to better help then I am. Let's go Bells."

Don't join them! In the end it'll hurt you more then help. You have to run! I can trust Jake! He's the enemy! Your enemy is the one you should trust! Now run! Now.

I followed behind him in my wolf form, ignoring the nagging voice in the back of my head. I'm safe for now at lease. Plus he say dad isn't going to be mad at all. He is only going to hold you back from your love one.

We'll see....