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It's been about 4 years since Stan and I got together, and the feeling always seemed so unreal. It seems that it was only yesterday that it happened. Though so much time has passed in reality, it's all going by too quickly. It's the first day of senior year in high school, and I'm sitting at the bus stop like any normal day. Just because Stan and I have pretty much stayed the same… well according to the two of us, that is, but it doesn't mean everyone else hasn't changed.

First of all, the day came that no one had ever thought would. Cartman lost weight. Believe it or not, he lost 30 lbs over the summer. No one had any idea it was possible that he could have ever looked, well actually, good. He didn't look half bad now. It's not like we were going to lay off the fatass jokes though. The kid still had some weight on him.

Next, there was Kenny. To put it bluntly, Kenny was hot. He'd always been in a way, but now that he cut his hair up a bit, stopped wearing that old orange hood of his, and actually looked like he could afford clothes, he didn't look half bad. It was a huge step from his before hand look, the poor kid with ratty hair who can't even afford clothes.

Then, standing next to me was Stan, the best of them all. God, he was fucking hotter than the rest of them. Out of all of us, I felt that he was the one that stood out the most. He disagreed, however, telling me that he thought I was the one who did. Ha, yeah right. Stan had given up that emo look after 8th grade when people started calling him an emo pussy, especially after that attempt to kill himself he tried. His hair was cut a lot shorter now, and he wore regular jeans instead of skinny jeans.

The last one standing was me. I was genuinely convinced that I hadn't changed, and they had been opposed to that. Stan insisted that I looked 10 times better than I ever had. We all ranged around the same height, which was about 5'9. I felt so happy that I wasn't some short freak. It would have been really awkward. It's bad enough that I got the red hair from my mom's side. I didn't want the height factor to fall into place there too. Another thing was that my hair lost some of its curl. It had been reduced to more straight pieces of hair, but still had a bit of a wave to it.

It was a hell of a lot better that way. I'd also gotten rid of my glasses, when I went to an eye doctor appointment and he told me that my eyes didn't need them anymore, and if I wore them any longer, it would have just fucked them up. Things were getting so much better this year. I knew it was going to be one of the best school years of my life.

There was also once huge difference that everyone had comes to term with throughout high school. We were all 100% gay.

And as in gay, I don't mean that we all started acting like fags with high pitched voices and shopping. But we'd all found out that each and every single one of us, had almost no attraction to girls whatsoever anymore. It was an interesting night that a simple game of truth or dare led to.

We arrived at the bus stop way to early that morning. We probably had about 20 minutes to kill, sitting there and talking about what it was going to be like at school. Last year, was a good year. Though we were ripped on for being fags all the time, the other people had so much more that we could have made fun of them for.

"I don't know. Seems that this year's gonna be different. We've got a lot to look forward to," Cartman says, exchanging glances with the three of us.

"Could be. We're all different, in a good way. Maybe everyone else can focus on that alone," Stan interjects.

"Well it's not like last year was so bad. The only people that made fun of us were our friends. We know they we're joking anyway. This year, we're in charge of the school. We won't be pushed around by anyone. This year's gonna be great," Kenny says, smiling and looking up towards the cloudy sky.

"It's gonna be awesome," I finish. The four of us sit in silence for that time, Stan and I holding hands while Kenny and Cartman did the same. Oh right, did I forget to mention that they're dating? Ken and Cartman… never would of thought.

The bus shows up, and we're the first ones on. We break apart from each other as we step onto the bus. We have a new bus driver, who looks surprisingly nice, unlike the one that's been driving us around for the first 3 years of high school. We take some seats in the back of the bus. It was a long ride to the first stop, bus the bus slowly filled up along the half an hour ride.

I talked to Craig and Clyde, who had also managed to keep a faithful relationship since about 8th grade, and I briefly spoke to Butters, who had himself changed quite a bit.

We stood outside the school, the four of us, almost motionless, just standing.

"This is it. Our last year of school. Think we can make it?" Cartman doesn't break his concentration with the sign that read the school name. Neither do any of us.

We all nod in agreement, taking our first steps into the school. I take Stan's hand, feeling proud, as Cartman does the same with Kenny. We must all be grinning like idiots walking down the hallway because it took the attention away from a few people's conversation. Stan flips off whoever decides to make a comment, and nuzzles me close to him. God how I loved how possessive he was.

Especially knowing that possession was me.

When we got our locker numbers, we found it so ironic how they all happened to be directly neighboring each other. Perfect. We hung our backpacks on the hooks and made our way to homeroom. All of us had requested some of the same classes just so we could see each other constantly through out the day.

I took a quick glance around our homeroom. The teacher sat with his feet up on the desk, completely ignoring everyone and just sitting there with his phone out.

Distracted teacher, a good plus side.

Our class consisted of quite a few familiar faces. There was one of the Goth kids, Craig, Tweek, Clyde, Butters, Wendy, Red, Bebe…

Wait… Wendy?

Damn it.

Right when I thought we'd seen enough of her, she decides to be in our homeroom. Nice. Okay, God must really hate me. He must really hate all of us. Especially Stan. Stan hated her more than any of us, because even though he had made it absolutely clear that he wasn't interested in her anymore, she never gave up. She always put herself at high ranks so that Stan would some how fall for her.

She honestly needed to give up. She wasn't getting him under my watch or not. That whore wasn't getting him ever.

But, still, here she comes, walking up to us with a smirk on her face, and her short skirt fluttering as she walks.

"Hey Stan, how'd your summer treat you?" She bends over and leans on a desk, just enough so that Stan can see her cleavage, if you even call it that, because I don't think you can ever consider an A cup to have any such sort, even if your arms are positioned against your chest in a way that gives only the slightest appearance of it, like she is now.

"Fuck off Wendy. I don't like you. Stop putting yourself so far out for someone you're not getting anytime soon." I smile at this. Stan took me closer to him, an arm around my waist.

"Playing hard to get, are we?"

"Fuck. Off." He states in all seriousness, glaring daggers through her.

Wendy hops up from her position, pushing me away from Stan and smacking lips with him.

"You did not just do that."

"Oh but I did, Kyle."

"That's it." I run towards her, where I have her pinned against the wall. I look to the teacher who still doesn't give two shits about anything. "Don't you dare touch him again. I don't know who the hell you think you are, but he is not for you, so as he said before, fuck off." Bebe then comes whirling around, pulling Wendy from my grip and taking her away.

People cheered for me, literally.

"Put that whore where she belongs."

"Go Kyle!"

I slightly laugh as I walk back to Stan to see an amused expression. "You go Ky. These are the reasons I love you."

A light tint of red hits my cheeks as he leans over to kiss me.

We were right. This year was going to kick ass.

Well, this story isn't only going to be based on High School. I know that this chapter made it seem that way, but in the next few chapters, I'm going to wrap up the whole high school theme going on, considering that I'm not even in High School yet and I'd probably have a terrible view of writing it. Well, I'm just wondering, should I continue this? Tell me in a review, and give your opinions. (: