I got the idea of this story from When I ruled the world by Sybl Angelkat, it's really good I recommend you read it.

Anyway in this story they're two types of vampires, they're the vampires you get in twilight and they're half vampires.

Half vampires are like vampires only they aren't as strong or fast, only drink animal blood, can have children (vampire babies that can grow up to around 18 or 19 before stopping.) and they're also the slaves to the vampires or they do jobs like finding humans and sorting them for either blood farms (humans are harvested for their blood) or to be made into half vampires.

I've also given Rosalie a gift, it's a bit like Alice's only it comes to her in dreams and it's only really bad things that are going to happen them.

Carlisle looked down at his sisters Bella, Esme and Rosalie as they slept unevenly.

Bella had her arms tenderly round her newly born daughter Renesmee. Carlisle smiled down softly, Bella's mothering instincts had kicked in fast and he was happy for them.

Though now she was a widowed mother. Her husband Jacob, one evening ventured out in search of food. From the rumours Bella heard of her husband, he had been captured and sent to a blood farm. That was only a month or so ago and everything in Bella's soul told her that she had lost her other half.

Carlisle's soul ached for Bella and the things she deserved.

She deserved love, and honest reassurance she gave her daughter when she promised her a better life, she like all his sisters deserved happiness.

Bella was the oldest of the girls, she and Carlisle had taken over looking after the other two girls when their parents had been caught by half vampires and been taken away and put into a blood farm as far as they knew.

They tried not to talk about it because it really upset Rose, well it really upset all of them but it upset Rose the most, being the youngest.

She was finding it difficult to handle, everyday waking up to the fact of not knowing if she'd still be free by the evening.

Many humans had been taken to blood farms; they were more common than humans being made into half vampires. Vampires didn't like having many half vampires around, they had enough of them to be waited on hand and foot but not enough that they could take over.

In the end they'd come up with a plan, when more humans were taken they'd only change them into half vampires if some vampires had put in an order for some. That way they never had too many.

Humans lived in small towns, villages and cities like before, but now they were always watched by half vampires waiting until they did something wrong or the half vampires received an order for more humans.

This meant humans feared them even more. Another reason for this, was the fact that they'd found humans breed better in the 'wild'. They were beginning to set up farms that breed humans that were then sent off to blood farms. It wasn't a nice way to spend a life.

This was one of the reasons Carlisle did his very best to keep the girls safe, because their town had produced more women for human farms than anywhere else.

It was only a matter of time before Bella, Esme or Rose were grabbed they'd shown that they were just what they're looking for, and the fact that Bella had given birth to Renesmee didn't help Bella in the slightest, it of course made it much worse.

Esme began to stir, she stretched her right arm above her head rubbing her left eye with her closed fist as she did so. She opened her eyes and looked over at Renesmee, they all knew how much Esme dearly wanted a child.

Carlisle walked over to her and sat down, she curled up into him. He smiled down at her; she looked back up with fear covering her face. Carlisle took a deep breath and whispered, "Its ok we'll be fine." He just wished he could reassure himself.

"You're lying again; only unlike Rose I don't believe you!" Esme looked into his eyes with an accusing stare. Carlisle had been using this on Rose almost everyday. "You, like the rest of us, really have no idea what's going to happen."

"Would you stop picking holes in me and do something useful!"

Esme stuck her tough out at him, he laughed and aimed the dish cloth at her, it hit her right in the face and hiding it from view. Carlisle turned away trying not to laugh.

Next thing he knew, he felt a hard slap on his ass. It really hurt.

He was about to do something back when Rose woke up screaming. Carlisle and Esme rushed to her side, Bella and Renesmee woke with a start at the noise.

"Sh, sh, shhh…" Carlisle tried to sooth her, but it wasn't any good. "The lights are on, but no ones at home."

Carlisle said to the other girls. "Esme get me a bowl of cold water."

When Carlisle had the water he placed Rose's hands into them, suddenly she stopped screaming and Carlisle pulled her into his arms.

Rose had been having nightmares ever since their parents had been taken.

She curled her head into Carlisle's chest, he ran his fingers through her hair trying to calm her as she sobbed uncontrollably.

"Bella, can you get some breakfast for everyone?" She nodded and pulled Renesmee closer to her as she got up to see what they had left that they could eat.

Esme picked up a cloth dipped it into the cold water and started wiping Rose's face with it.

"Rose? Rose look at me, what was it? What did you see?"

Rose took over an hour to calm down, in the end she just sat on Carlisle's lap.

"So what did you see this time?" Carlisle asked softly Esme, Bella and Renesmee sat in a semicircle in front of them, waiting patiently for Rose's answer.

"I saw, oh god it was so terrible, we got caught…half vampires…" She rambled on and on, they couldn't understand half of what she was saying.

"OK, hold on so we got caught by half vampires?" Carlisle asked calmly, Esme and Bella looked at each other in fright.

"NO!" Rose howled.

"Then what? I don't understand."

"We were half vampires!"