A New Day: Jan, 1, 10th Year of the Dark Kind's Reign

Dear Journal,

Today I fled once again to my secret Grotto on the edge of town, desperately trying to escape the Darkness, but it's no use. The Darkness is strong and he rules over all, but one day I believe it will end, because it is predicted that the Protectors will rise again, and when they do light will be restored.

. . .

Aaron put down the pencil and looked over the entry he had just made. "I'll probably never see this day, unless it happens in the next six years." He sighed and put the journal in his desk, under The Worship Book for Beginners, which he hadn't used in years.

"Aaron dear, c'mon it's time for a ceremony. Today we welcome a new person into the rank of beginner." Came his mom's voice from outside his door. "Hurry! Get your cloak." Aaron reached for the Black cloak that hung in his room and slid it on over his t – shirt and jeans. It was required that everyone wear a cloak to ceremonies and you had to pull the hood over your face. He threw the hood over his head and walked out the door and downstairs to the foyer where his parents waited in hoods, their faces not visible. Usually he felt that he had never seen his parents faces or that they didn't even have one, but he hoped that one day he would know what lay under his parents hoods.

Together they walked out the door and into the streets, towards the "Castle", where the King would be waiting to start his ceremonious greetings.

"Greetings my little minions of darkness." Boomed the King's voice as Aaron and his parents sat down in the arena outside. "Today we welcome a new comer into our midst! She comes from a far and distant world, one with light still clinging to life!"

"Boo! Light sucks! Darkness RULES!" came shout's from the crowd and the King held up his hand, quieting them. "Now, my dear if you will please step forward." The King motioned with his hand and a girl stepped out onto the platform.

She was about Aaron's age, 14, and her body was slim like an hourglass. Her blue eyes sparkled with light and her golden hair blew in the breeze. She wore a muddy t – shirt and a skirt that looked very much like a cloth.

"This is Elina and she will be with us from now on." The King walked over and touched her cheek. Instantly the light disappeared into his palm. "Now close your eyes children and listen." The audience closed their eyes and then the screaming began.

This was typical, the King would tell the children to shut their eyes while he was changing and orienting subjects into darkness. The scream was high – pitched and oh so shrill that Aaron's skin tingled and his breath caught.

"Ok, you may open your eyes now. Everyone bring down your families and let us welcome Elina into Darkness." They obeyed and one by one welcomed Elina, who looked so different now. Her bright complexion was now pale and her golden locks were a dirty blonde color. Her bright blue eyes now a hazy gray.

Aaron's family came up and his parents welcomed her. Aaron nodded and she did also. As he walked off, her eyes seemed to follow him, those hazy gray eyes watching him around every turn of the way home.