Chapter4: Naughty Sexting Hotline Part 1

After the crazy kissing incident and taking Sango home. I finally made it home myself. When I got home I immediately went for the shower I did have gym on that day after all but we won't get into details. So like I said before I was getting ready for my shower and how nice and wet it would be. But I didn't want to get in just yet I wanted to text Inuyasha first. But you're probably wondering how can you text in a shower well I clean with one hand and text in the other not hard.


"Hey Sempai"

"Hey Baby-kun"

"What's up?"

"Nothing just bored laying down what are you doing?"

"I'm about to get in the shower"

"Mmm sounds nice and yummy what are you going to clean first?"

"Just tell me where and I'll clean it"

"Ok let me see how about we start top to bottom"


So I damped my rag and squeezed some liquid soap on it.

"I'm ready you can start anytime now"


I started washing my neck nice and slow and just to say even if I'm texting Inuyasha it felt like he was here watching me and I was getting turned.

"Ok next"


I went to my breast rubbed them nice and slow. When I was done my peaks were hard.

"Hey Kagome are you horney now cause I am"


"Well now I want you to go to your special place and this time use your fingers only"

I quickly dropped my rag and went to the place below. I was rubbing my fingers over my folds then the inside but I didn't penetrate.

"Ok Inuyasha I'm done"

"Are you really did you clean the inside?"


"The deep inside?"

I thought about it for a second and realized that he meant penetrating myself. I knew about masturbation and I did it before. Did he want me to have release but I was broken from my thoughts when my phone was ringing. It was Inuyasha.


"Hi Kagome you sound nervous is something wrong?"He said in a low seductive voice.

I could tell he was grinning on the phone.

"No I'm fine why did you call me?"

"I wanted to hear the sweet noises you make."

"What are you talking about?"

"I want to hear you moan."

I was shocked but turned on too. Such a dirty thing I thought. I myself getting more and more wet and the shower wasn't the case.


"If you don't want to I won't make you."

"No I'll try it."

"Ok but if it makes you feel better I'll masturbate with you then we can make beautiful noises together."


Part 2 is on the way