Ok, now that that's out of the way, welcome to my new story. To those of you who read my other stories, don't worry, Alice In Wonderland takes priority. But seriously, I was freaking out after the Fringe season finale. I mean, Olivia trapped in the alternate universe? And right after her and Peter finally admitted their true feelings for each other? I had to write something. So this story takes place directly after the end of the season.

To all new readers, I always appreciate reviews!



So very quiet.

And dark.

Quiet and dark.



"Agent Dunham," said Agent Broyle's voice through the phone. "We have a situation." He gave her the specifics.

"I'll be there in a bit," replied Olivia.

A smile curled across Olivia lips. It had been so easy, infiltrating their world. They had accepted her easily. Her training on the other side was remarkably like the Olivia from this side. There were slight, discreet differences between her life and the other Olivia, but she was able to compensate.

Three days and she already had an assignment. So easy.

And of course, her assignment from the other side was so much more important. But they were making that exceedingly easy as well.

Gain their trust. Bring Peter Bishop back.

No problem.

"Oh good, Olivia called you," said Astrid, as the lab door closed behind Peter.

He looked at her in surprise. "No she didn't. Is something wrong?"

"I'll say something's wrong," muttered Astrid. "Mass killing in Boston Common Park. I guess 15 people just dropped dead." Astrid gave Peter a weird look. "I thought she'd have called you by now."

"Yeah," muttered Peter. "It's no big deal." He tried to hide the hurt, but he was sure Astrid would have noticed something. She always did.

"Well, where's Walter," said Peter, clapping his hands together. "Looks like we have a case to investigate."

"I'm right here Peter," called Walter. Peter looked around to see a hand waving above an operating table.

"Walter has been looking at the floor, he says that the component's in the tiling are somehow directly related to the cows eating habits," explained Astrid, raising her eyebrows.

"Oh of course," said Peter sarcastically. "Well, Walter, I guess you're going to have to inspect that tiling later, we have a mass murder on our hands."

Walter stood up smiling. "Oh, excellent," he said. "I'll get my coat."

He walked out of the room, rubbing his hands together excitedly. Peter turned to smile at Astrid.

"Nothing like 15 dead bodies to brighten Walter's day."