This is the longest chapter I've ever written for this story.


"Zelda!" Link cried, running to where Zelda was suspended about 20 feet in the air in the centre of a giant statue of the triforce. "I'll save you, don't worry! Now Midna, just give me a boost up and I'll climb the statue! Midna?" Link turned round as he realised Midna wasn't listening to him. She was staring at something else.

"I think we found out the mystery of the piano!" Link looked and saw who he assumed was Edward Cullen slumped fast asleep on a piano.

"Why is he asleep?" Link asked.

"How am I supposed to know? I guess he got so tired waiting up for us he just fell asleep whilst playing! Remember what those werewolves said? Apparently he's been sitting there for days just playing the piano."

"Well this is our lucky day!" Said Link. "I can rescue Zelda, kill him, and with zero risk to anyone!"

"Oh come on. You can't just kill him whilst he's asleep. That's not fair at all!"

"Well it's not fair that I got dragged into all this, but you don't see me complaining!"

"You have the triforce of courage! You're not meant to do cowardly things like that!"

"Fine. Zelda has the triforce of wisdom, so I'll rescue her first and ask her wise opinion as to what I should do with him! She'll give me the clever answer!"

"And how exactly do you intend to rescue Zelda? She's all the way up there!"

"I'll climb it!" Link walked back to the statue and attempted to find a handhold. He pulled himself up, but slipped back down again.

"Um... Link?" Midna said. Link ignored her. "Link!" She said urgently. "This is important!"

"No it's not," said Link.

"Yes it is!"

"Well what is it then?" He asked, turning around. And coming face to face with Edward Cullen, who did not look happy about being woken up to find intruders in his lair.


"Told you so," muttered Midna. Edward backhanded Link, sending him skidding across the floor.

"So you made it then." Edward's voice was flat and bored sounding. Link picked himself off the floor.

"Too damn right we did!"

"Anyway, I haven't yet introduced myself. I am, as I'm sure you've guessed by now, Edward Cullen. Main character of Twilight and fantasy of millions of teenage girls. And you are...?"

"You know who I am!"

"Yes, but I believe it is proper battle etiquette to introduce yourselves before a fight."

"Fine. I'm Jim the milkman. I only came here to deliver your milk. I don't know why you're being so violent towards me!" Link said in a patronising voice.

"And I'm Bob, his apprentice," Midna added. "I've always dreamed of being a milkman and Jim was kind enough to give me an apprenticeship!" Edward glared at them.

"Alright then, I can see you don't want to do things the proper way. I suppose I'll just have to show you who's in charge here then. I can tell you're eager to see your friend again, how about I bring her down here to say hello?"

"No," Midna hissed and floated protectively in front of Zelda. Edward Cullen smiled.

"Scared?" He turned to face Zelda, his fingertips beginning to glitter.

"Midna! Get out of the way!" Link yelled. However, when the sparkling beams erupted from Edwards fingertips they appeared to pass straight through Midna without damaging her at all. She looked at herself, shocked that she was completely alright, and turned to Zelda.

"Zelda?" She said. Edward Cullen laughed and appeared to dissolve into sparkles. Zelda opened her eyes.

"Midna?" She said. Midna sighed in relief and stretched out her hand towards Zelda before realising something was very wrong.

Zelda laughed, but it was not her normal laugh. It was Edwards. She raised her hand and fired a small burst of sparkle power at Midna. Even though it was a tiny amount, it was still powerful enough to send Midna shooting across the room and almost out of the door. Zelda floated down towards Link and sparkling barriers appeared around them, shutting Midna out. Link drew his sword and faced Zelda.

"Zelda... I'm very sorry, but I think I'm going to have to beat you up." A sparkling sword formed in Zelda's hand and she swooped at Link. She was extremely fast and Link barely had time to leap out of the way. He attempted an attack in return but she was too fast, hovering just out of his reach. He fired some arrows at her but she floated out of the way. She raised her sword, which began glittering even more brightly. A sparkling sphere began to form at the end of it. Link stepped back, ready to avoid the attack. However, out of the corner of his eye he saw Midna frantically waving from beyond the barrier. He looked at her. She pointed at Zelda and made a batting motion with her hand. Link nodded, understanding. From out of nowhere, he pulled out a tennis racket. Midna immediately started shaking her head and making "stop" signals with her hands but Link was no longer looking at her. Instead he was bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet like a tennis player, watching Zelda intently. Outside of the barrier, Midna sighed and smacked her forehead.

Zelda swung her sword forwards and propelled the sparkling ball towards Link. Link waited until the perfect moment before swinging his tennis racket at the ball. Predictably, the ball burnt a hole in the tennis racket and smacked into him. He fell backwards, gasping in pain and glared at Midna. She shook her head knowingly and pointed first to him, then to Zelda, then made a batting motion. Link produced a baseball bat from nowhere and looked questioningly at her. She shook her head violently so he produced a squash racket instead. Then a cricket bat. Then a ping pong paddle. Then a badminton racket. Suddenly, Midna began pointing at him. He held up the badminton racket.

"This one?" He mouthed. Midna shook her head and continued pointing urgently. He looked down to see that a large triangle shaped portion of floor was beginning to glitter ominously, and he was sitting right in the centre of it. He leapt to one side, but not quick enough to escape the sparkling flames that roared up. He rolled on the floor to extinguish the flames on his clothes, then looked up just in time to see another sparkling orb headed straight for him. Instinctively, he held up his sword to block the blow, doubting it would do any good. However when the ball reached him, it simply bounced off his sword. Link blinked. Instead of being sparkly, the ball now appeared to be shiny. He looked at Midna, who grinned and gave him a thumbs up. He stood up and raised his sword, watching Zelda closely. When the ball reached her, she hit it with her own sparkling sword, causing it to stop being shiny and regain its sparkle. This continued between them for several minutes until Zelda missed the ball and it hit her in the stomach. She screamed, and for a split second, the sparkling barriers dropped. They were down just long enough for Midna to fly into the makeshift arena and float towards Zelda. The fused shadows appeared and fixed around Midna's head, transforming her into the shining beast that had destroyed the barrier around the castle. Zelda's eyes widened.

"Jacob!" she screamed in Edward's voice. "Get here now, Jacob!" Then Midna fired a stream of shiny power at her and she flopped to the floor, unconscious.

"Zelda! Is she ok?" Asked Link anxiously. Midna nodded.

"The shiny power won't hurt her. It just got rid of Edward's influence. I think you've got bigger problems to worry about now though..." Link looked up. They were not alone in the room.

A young adult male was walking towards him and Link noticed that the sparkling barriers had reappeared.

"Jacob?" Link asked. Jacob nodded.

"Edward told me I have to kill you. I have no objections to that."

"Why are you doing as he tells you? I thought werewolves hate vampires?"

"I've decided I like Hyrule. Maybe one day I can destroy Edward Cullen and take it for myself. You've helped by getting rid of Bella, thank you for that. I was hoping you'd get rid of Edward too, but no such luck."

"You want Hyrule too? Well you can't have it!" Snarled Link. Jacob smiled, and Link watched as his teeth lengthened.

"I was hoping you'd say that." He dropped to all fours and transformed into the biggest werewolf Link had ever seen. Rearing up on his back legs, he let loose a bloodcurdling howl before charging around the room. Link leapt out of the way and narrowly avoided being trampled. Jacob skidded to a halt and turned to face Link before charging straight at him. Link stood his ground and pulled out a bow and arrow, shooting straight into Jacob's face. Jacob skidded and toppled onto his side. Link leapt at him and slashed with his sword. The sword bounced off Jacob's tough fur without leaving a mark.

"His skin's too tough!" Link said, exasperated.

"Go for his belly!" Midna said, stroking Jacob's belly. "The fur here is so soft..." Link hesitated, then put out a hand and stroked the werewolf.

"That's so soft! It's so nice..." Jacob growled and leapt to his feet, cuffing Link around the back of his head with a giant paw. Link fell and Jacob ran forwards, trampling him.

"I meant attack it, not stroke it!" Midna yelled.

"But it was so soft and fluffy!" Then, abruptly, Jacob vanished.

"What?" Link stood up. "Where'd he go?" Midna pointed at the sparkling barrier. At various points there was a rippling effect, as if something was about to come through.

"Great. A teleporting werewolf, that's all I need." The other ripples faded and one remained. Link faced it with his bow drawn.

"It must be that one!" Sure enough, a few seconds later Jacob burst out of the barrier howling. However when Link let the arrow fly, Jacob vanished again. "I can't hit him! He's vanishing when I shoot!"

"Change into a wolf," Midna said. Link stared at her.

"How will that help?"

"Just trust me. Change and face him straight on when he charges at you. Stand your ground. C'mon, wolf on wolf! You can have..." Midna grinned, "A dog fight!"

"That's not funny! This had better work," Link muttered, changing into his wolf form. Midna sat on his back.

"Trust me, it will. Now watch the barrier." Link watched the ripples closely until only one remained.

"That's the one! Are you ready?" Midna asked. Link nodded. Jacob shot out of the barrier straight towards Link. Despite his instinct being to get the hell out of the way, Link remained put. He shut his eyes, certain this was going to be painful. However, seconds passed and there was still no impact.

"Link!" Link opened his eyes. Midna was holding Jacob inches away from Link with her giant hand. "Help me throw him!" Link shoved sideways as hard as he could until Jacob toppled. This time, instead of petting Jacob's soft fluffy belly like he really really wanted to, Link leapt on him and clamped it in his jaws, shaking, snapping and digging his claws. Jacob struggled but Link somehow kept him pinned down long enough to attack until Jacob lay still.

"Did we do it?" Link asked cautiously. Midna shook her head.

"I think he's just unconscious, be careful." There was movement behind them and Link spun round, sword raised. However, it was only Zelda.

"Link, Midna. Thank you. It's not over yet, Edward is still around somewhere..." As if on cue, the air next to Jacob's massive form began glittering. Link drew his sword but Midna raised a hand.

"I'll deal with this. Go."

"Midna..." Link said, before realising the room around him was fading. "No! Wait!" He cried. However, it was too late. Link and Zelda were teleported outside, leaving Midna inside to face Edward and Jacob.

Link and Zelda looked up at the castle silently, waiting for some sort of reassurance. As they watched, a large cloud of dust rose up and the castle collapsed.

"Midna!" Link gasped.

"She can teleport," Zelda said confidently. "She'll be fine. We'll see her in a minute." They waited and waited. And then Link heard a sound that chilled his blood. Jacob's howl echoed across the empty field and with a flash of sparkles Edward Cullen appeared riding on Jacob's back towards Link and Zelda. He was holding something in his hand, and Link squinted trying to see what it was. When he discovered what it was he gave a gasp of horror. It was the fused shadows. Edward Cullen smiled and crushed them in his fist, dropping them to the floor.

"Let's see how well you fight without your friend helping out," he sneered. Jacob reared back and roared. As if on cue, other werewolves with vampires on their back glittered into existence around Edward and charged as one. Link and Zelda stood frozen. There was no way they could avoid all of the attackers.

"Light spirits!" Zelda yelled, raising her arms in the air. "A little help would be great right now!" There was a flash of light and Link and Zelda vanished from the field. Link looked around. He was surrounded by the light spirits. Zelda turned to him.

"Looks like the shiny power of your sword won't be quite enough. We'll need these guys help too." She looked at the light spirits.

"Can I have shiny arrows please?" The light spirits nodded and the air in front of them began to shine until the light formed several shining arrows. These floated down gently and Zelda grabbed them out of the air.

"These will slow Jacob down," she said. "When we get back to the field, call Epona. You try and get me in range of them, and I'll shoot Jacob with the arrows. He won't be able to run so fast then, so we can catch up with him and you can attack Edward. Does that sound like a good plan?" Link stared, mouth wide open.

"So much shiiiny..."

"Link! Now is not the time!" Zelda snapped. Link jumped.

"Yes. You're right. That's a good plan. Let's go." The light slowly faded and they reappeared in the field, behind the charging werewolves. Link quickly pulled out his horse whistle and blew it. The werewolves screeched to a halt and Link heard the vampires' cries of confusion.

"Where'd they go?"

"I think we got them!"

"Someone help... I fell off my wolf and got trampled..."

"Look! A squirrel!"

"Oh shut up you idiots," snarled Edward, waving a hand. The vampires and their wolves vanished into sparkles. "I'll call you again when I actually need you. Now Jacob, where have they gone?"

"Hurry up Epona!" muttered Link. Jacob sniffed the air.

"They just vanished... their scent is gone."

"They must be around here somewhere!" Said Edward. "Find them!"

"Come ON Epona!" Muttered Link. There was a deafening neigh from behind them. Link and Zelda jumped, and Edward and Jacob spun around.

"There they are!" Link and Zelda hurriedly jumped on Epona's back.

"Way to give us away there, you stupid horse!" Link muttered, turning Epona round and shaking her reins. Epona slowly began to trot.

"Faster!" Reluctantly, Epona sped up a little. Zelda turned round.

"He's gaining on us!"

"For god's sake Epona, look over there, you see that big werewolf? He'll eat you if you don't get a move on!" Link snapped. Epona whinnied in terror and began to gallop at top speed.

"We need to get behind them somehow," Zelda said.

"Why can't you shoot from this angle?!" Link said, attempting to circle round and come up behind Edward.

"I've got back pains!"

"WHAT?! This is a life or death situation, can't you put up with it a little?! I have back pains too, from being trampled by that stupid werewolf while I was trying to rescue you, and you don't see me complaining!"

"I'm a Princess. I am not accustomed to this sort of thing."

"Stupid Princess," snarled Link. "Toughen up a little!" Edward charged straight towards them, sparkling sword raised. Link raised his shield just in time to block the blow, but the force of the attack knocked him off Epona. He fell to the ground and flinched, preparing to be trampled as Jacob charged towards him. However there was a sudden flash of light and Jacob whined, changing his direction.

"Link!" Zelda held out her hand. "Quick, I hit him. We need to catch up." Link grabbed Zelda's hand and leapt up onto Epona, urging her on. He could see the arrow sticking out of Jacob's leg now, and his speed had noticeably decreased. His fur also appeared to be shining slightly. Just as they were almost upon him, they noticed what Edward was doing. He was leaning down, and as they watched he grasped the arrow and pulled it roughly out of Jacob's leg. Jacob howled and spun round so he was now facing Link and Zelda. Link spun Epona in a circle and began a hasty retreat. Jacob snarled and charged, gaining on them at a fantastic speed.

"When I say now, duck!" Link said.

"What?!" Said Zelda.

"NOW!" Link yelled, pulling Epona's reins hard. Epona skidded to a halt and Link and Zelda ducked as Jacob and Edward shot past them, sword whistling over their heads. Link shook the reins and began the pursuit.

"Am I close enough yet?" He asked.

"A little closer!" Edward looked behind him and snarled angrily. He raised his hand and a sparkly mist appeared to float out of his hand and split into several balls which plunged to the ground in several spots between Edward and Link. As they hit the ground, werewolf riding vampires glittered into existence, charging towards Link who hastily changed direction to avoid them. He circled around them, then continued his pursuit of Edward. Edward summoned more vampires, but this time Link watched carefully and rode straight through a gap between two of them. Edward grimaced and banished the vampires.

"Keep going!" Zelda urged. Link could see a faint glow behind him and hoped that meant he was nearly close enough. Sure enough, an arrow shot past his left ear and buried itself in Jacob's back leg. Jacob howled, fur on end, and slowed. Link sped Epona on until he was alongside Edward and swung his sword. Just in time, Edward formed a sparkling shield and the blow bounced off.

"Well I can't hit you," growled Link. "But I can hit your pet!" With that, he leapt off Epona, sword pointed downwards. He landed on Jacobs back and plunged his sword into the werewolf's neck. Jacob bucked, sending Link and Edward flying off his back. He writhed on the floor and howled before transforming back into a human and bursting into sparkles.

Link and Edward picked themselves off the floor, glaring at eachother.

"That's a shame," sighed Edward. "He was a valuable ally. But then again, you've also done me a favour. I knew he was plotting against me, and I was going to have to kill him sooner or later." He raised a hand and reformed his sparkly sword, which had vanished when he was thrown off Jacob. "And now it's your turn." A sparkling barrier rose up, separating Link from Epona and Zelda.

"Link!" Zelda yelled, running to the barrier.

"Zelda! You can't help here. Take Epona and find Midna!" Link replied, drawing his sword.

"No, I'll stay! I'm sure I'll be able to help somehow! Umm..."

"You'll be more help looking for Midna!" Link growled, keeping an eye on Edward as he began slowly walking towards him.

"No wait! I've got it! This'll make you win for sure!" Out of nowhere, Zelda produced a pair of cheerleading pompoms. "Link! Link! He's our man! If he can't do it no-one can!" She chanted.

"Don't you care about what happens to Midna at all?! Go find her!" Link yelled, before Edward lunged at him.

He raised his shield to block but almost immediately Edward twisted his sword and changed the direction of his attack. Link couldn't block in time, so instead leapt backwards to avoid the blow. He skirted around Edward warily, watching closely for any movements. Suddenly Edward leapt at him and attacked furiously. Link blocked the first attack but the second caught him in the side and knocked him to the floor. He rolled away as Edward stabbed at where his head had been moments before. Edward's sword sank deep into the ground. Link, seeing his chance, leapt to his feet and pounced at Edward. Just in time Edward yanked his sword from the ground and blocked Link's blow. Link pressed harder against Edward's sword, trying to push him backwards. However Edward was doing the same thing in return, and Link realised with horror that Edward was probably not even using the full extent of his vampire strength. So he decided to change tactic. Without warning, Link pulled his blade back and dropped to the floor. Edward, now having nothing to lean against, stumbled forwards and Link took the opportunity to leap up and attack Edward's unguarded back.

Edward growled in pain and spun round, shooting sparkle power straight at Link's eyes. Link fell backwards, unable to see anything except glitter. For a horrible moment he thought he might be blinded permanently until he rubbed his watering eyes and realised he could still see a little bit, although it hurt a lot.

"What did you do?!" He growled. "This isn't sparkle power!" Edward laughed and produced a tube of glitter.

"I threw glitter in your eyes. I can't be bothered to waste my sparkle power on a worm like you!" He threw the tube to the floor and swung his sword at Link. It was still difficult for Link to see and he was unable to dodge the attack. As he fell he pulled out his sword and slashed at where he thought Edward's legs would be, however the clang as his sword collided with something metal showed him he was not successful. He crawled backwards, away from where he thought Edward was. As he moved further backwards, he thought he could hear Zelda with her stupid cheerleading chants again.

"Zelda!" He yelled. "Stop cheerleading and tell me what Edward's doing!"

"I can't do that! You might get discouraged!"

"I'd rather get discouraged than dead!" Link growled. "Now tell me what he's doing!"

"Ummm... well he's running straight towards you with his sword raised looking murderous at the moment." Link swore and threw himself to one side. Unfortunately he hadn't realised that he was standing right next to the sparkling barrier and jumped straight into it. He screamed as he was zapped with sparkle power and thrown back into the arena.

"Oh yeah, watch out for the sparkly barrier!" Zelda called.

"Thanks Zelda," he muttered, picking himself up and desperately trying to wipe the glitter out of his eyes. "Thanks a bunch." He got to his feet and raised his sword as he saw something swinging towards him, feeling a clang as Edward's sword hit his own. Bit by bit, his vision was returning and he could now see well enough to get in a lucky jab at Edward's side. Edward hissed as the shiny power burnt him and kicked at Link, trying to knock him over. Link leapt out of the way and stabbed unsuccessfully. Edward stalked towards him and slashed. Link blocked with his shield but Edward stopped the attack at the last second and stabbed at Link's other side with blinding speed. Link barely managed to block this, and a kick in the knee from Edward sent him stumbling backwards. Edward leapt forwards and slashed at Link's side with his sparkling sword.

Link fell backwards, gasping for breath and Edward smiled, revealing his sharp elongated canines.

"You only have one heart left." Link froze as he realised it was true. Desperately, he checked his bottles. Both empty. Edward strolled towards Link, taking his time. "I'll admit you're the strongest opponent I've faced so far. Still, I'm surprised you managed to kill Jacob, but not surprised that I've won this." He raised his sword. Link threw himself to one side desperately, landing on a pot. The pot smashed under his weight and something shiny flew out of it. Edward's eyes narrowed.

"What's that? And what are pots doing in the middle of a field?" He raised his sword again. "It doesn't matter. Whatever it is can't help you now." Link snatched at the air, glanced at his hand and smiled.

"Oh really?" He showed Edward the object. It was a fairy.

"Wow. A fairy. I am so terrified." Edward said patronisingly. "Now can we please get on with this?"

"OK!" sang Link happily, and crammed the fairy in his mouth. He stood up, health completely restored. Edward looked taken aback.

"What?! Why do that?"

"Didn't you know fairies restore my health?" Asked Link.

"No, I've never played Legend of Zelda."

"Well you should, it's an awesome game!" Said Link and attacked. Edward growled and leapt forwards. He grabbed both of Link's wrists and held them still, then leant forwards and dug his fangs into Link's neck.

"Ow! Hey, what gives?!" Link cried. "Oww! Don't bite me! That's just weird! You can't just go around biting people! It's not normal." Link stopped for a second as he realised he was beginning to feel slightly strange. "Ughh... are you drinking my blood or something? I feel all woozy..." Edward released Link, pushing him backwards. Link fell onto the floor, dizzy from blood loss.

"It restores my health!" Edward growled, wiping blood from his mouth. "I didn't complain when you did that for extra health, you shouldn't complain when I do that for extra health!" Out of the corner of his eye, Link spotted something on the floor next to him. He kept talking, hoping Edward wouldn't notice.

"Yes but... you can't just bite me! It's weird! That's my blood, you're not allowed to drink it! Zelda, you agree with me don't you?!"

"Well I don't know Link, he is a vampire after all, that is what they do... What I'm wondering is why he didn't just drain all your blood straight off and kill you!"

"You're meant to be on my side, Zelda! Don't give him ideas! Stupid overgrown mosquito."

"Hey! Don't insult vampires or I'll bite you again! And this time I will drain you dry!"

"Why did you do it in the first place?!"

"Come on. Haven't you ever read Twilight? Or any vampire book for that matter?"

"No I haven't read Twilight."

"Well you should, it's an awesome book!" Edward replied. All throughout this argument, Link had been slowly crawling across the floor. At this point, he reached out, grabbed something, and leapt to his feet.

"Twilight is a rubbish book!" He yelled, hurling the tube of glitter Edward had dropped earlier straight at his eyes. Edward let loose a girly squeal.

"Oh! My eyes! Blinded by my own glitter! Curse you!" Link ran forwards and swiped at Edward. Edward attempted to block but obviously could not see a thing as the blow connected with his side. Edward stumbled backwards, then sank to his knees. Link walked forwards, aimed his sword, and stabbed the vampire through the heart.

Edward screamed and began glittering.

"Damn you!" He yelled. "This is not the end! I will return and make you regret this!"

"Just hurry up and die," Link said.

"I'm taking you with me!" The sparkling walls collapsed as Edward concentrated his sparkle power.

"Zelda! Heeeeelp!" Link yelled. He pulled the sword out of Edward's chest and tried to run, but Edward grabbed hold of his ankle.

"You know, I bit you," he hissed. "I could turn you into a vampire right now. All it would take is a little sparkle power." Link stabbed at Edward's wrist, panicking.

"Get off!"

"You'll be dragged back into Twilight with me when I die," Edward continued. "And then I'll make you regret this!" Link struggled as the sparkles grew brighter. Link's ankle was beginning to feel burnt. "Just you wait," Edward growled. "You may have defeated us separately, but back in Twilight you'll..." Then there was a sudden flash of light and Edward vanished. Link blinked.

"Oh. That was sort of anticlimactic." He turned to Zelda. "Did you do that?"

"Wasn't me," Zelda said. "I guess he just spent too long threatening you and died."

"Oh well." Link shrugged. "I'm not complaining. Looks like I've done it! Let's go party!" Then he remembered.

"Midna!" He gasped. "Where's Midna?!"

"How am I meant to know?" Zelda shrugged indifferently.

"Why didn't you go look for her when I told you to?! Never mind, you're useless anyway, I'll go find her myself..." He ran to Epona and leapt onto her back. "Go Epona, go!" Epona began to trot lazily. "Stupid horse! I'm faster than you when I'm walking!" Link growled. "Why does nobody care about what happened to Midna?!" He ran forwards, then gasped as he saw a dark silhouette making its way towards him.

"Midna! You're alive!" He ran towards the silhouette.

There was a flash of light and Link found himself face to face with a tall, graceful lady with red eyes and pale skin that seemed to shine slightly.

"Oh, sorry. I thought you were someone else. You haven't seen a little imp-like creature around here have you?"

"Link..." Zelda began.

"She's about this tall," Link indicated, "Can be extremely annoying sometimes..."

"Link!" Zelda said.

"Um... she sometimes makes a big hand come out of her head which is kinda weird to be honest..."

"LINK!" Zelda yelled. Link turned to look at Zelda.

"Shush! I'm busy!" He turned back to the lady to see her staring at him, looking unimpressed.

"What's up?" He said.

"It's me you idiot! I'm Midna!"

"No you're not, Midna is a lot shorter than you and wears this stupid helmet thing!"

"Oy! Stupid! You just killed Edward Cullen and broke the curse on me! So I don't look like that anymore!"

"... Oh." Link said, feeling stupid. "So you're Midna?"


"You survived!" Link whooped. "I was so worried!" He ran forward and hugged Midna. Midna hugged him back and grinned.

"Yes I survived. And it's thanks to me Edward didn't vampirise you and drag you back to Twilight!"

"That was you!" Link gasped. "Thank you Midna!"

"It's fine, you broke my curse! I'd say that about evens it out. Anyway, Edward Cullen is dead now! Let's go celebrate!"

"Yeahh!" Cried Link.

After weeks of partying, the time came for Midna to return to the Twilight realm.

"You sure you can't just stay here?" Link asked forlornly as Midna walked towards the steps to the Twilight mirror.

"I'm sorry," Midna said. "I have to go. I need to take back my role as Princess."

"Can't you find someone else to do it?!" Link asked.

"I wish I could, but no. I need to get rid of the sparkle power that's still in my realm. Also..." Midna looked away. "We can't risk any of the remaining sparkle power leaking out into Hyrule. We're going to have to destroy the Twilight mirror."

"What?!" Link said. "But then we'll never be able to see eachother again! We don't have to destroy it! If Twilight invades again you'll need my help to get rid of it again! It's safer to leave the mirror intact." Midna climbed the steps.

"I'm sorry Link... there's no choice."

"Yes there is!" Link yelled. Midna stood next to the mirror and turned to face Link. She looked upset.

"I'm sorry Link, but this is goodbye. I can't stay here, and you can't come with me. I wish I could, but I can't. Goodbye..." Then she stepped into the mirror. Link ran after her but before he could reach the mirror cracks appeared on its surface and it shattered. He stood there for a moment, shocked at how suddenly it had happened. Then he noticed something shiny on the floor that didn't look like a mirror piece. He ran over and picked it up. It stopped shining as he touched it, and he realised it was some sort of tube with a note wrapped around it. He unrolled the note and began to read.

HA! Fooled you! What, you thought it was really goodbye for good?! You should have seen your face! Hilarious! All that stuff about sparkle power leaking into Hyrule was completely made up! Now hurry up and fix that mirror so you can come visit me!


Link finished the note, feeling a burst of hope. He looked at the tube and laughed out loud as he saw what it was. It was a tube of superglue. Still laughing at the way he had been tricked, he walked around the chamber collecting up the shards of the Twilight mirror.


(or is it...?)


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it :D