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Summary: Vampires can't trust anyone-they can't at all, for if they did, they were to be betrayed. However, something in him kept telling him that maybe he could trust her and that she could keep his secret. Maybe...just maybe...she's the one.

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Breathing heavily, the teenager continued to walk slowly throughout the alley. He glanced back, cursing under his breath as he started to take out the arrow that was embedded in his arm. Once taken out, he glanced back once more, still breathing heavily.

"You thought you could get away, didn't you?"

Immediately, he looked in front of him to see a man, whom was smirking. Hissing, the teenager stepped forward and tried to claw forward, but the man only dodged it and quickly, he aimed something at the teenager.

Hissing again, the teenager turned around and ran away from the man, but he had gotten hit by the wooden stake the man threw at him in the arm. Wincing, he continued to run, for if he knew that he stopped, he was dead.

He continued to run down the street, but slowly and he kept on glancing back for he couldn't jump from building to building; if he did that, then he'd definitely attract attention. He felt very weak and growled softly as he was near a building of some sort.

Without even deciding whether to go in (for he saw the stairs), he saw a window open and the lights were turned off. Quickly, he jumped up as high as he could and got into the window.

He sniffed and overcame with a strong scent, but he held his thirst in. He was indeed thirsty, but he could always pray on others who came by the house. Indeed, he was inside the room so he decided to look around.

Frowning slightly at the sight of the room, he muttered softly of how humans could be so unpredictable. Turning around and facing the bed, he fought his thirst and merely watched the girl in the bed sleeping.

He grinned slightly at the thought of her screaming when he saw her in the morning so he decided to go hide in the closet and inside, he went. As if on cue, he heard someone open the door so he left the closet door open slightly, in order to hear. True that he was eavesdropping, but he had no choice; even if he closed the closet door, he would've still heard them.

He heard nothing for a second and immediately, he heard the door close, causing him to sigh and close his eyes. He was indeed tired and thirsty, so he decided to try to sleep and so, he did—or at least, he tried to.

He quickly opened his eyes as he heard birds chirping outside. Throughout the whole entire night, he couldn't sleep at all. The scent of the girl in the room tempted him and he knew that if he were to go out now, she would indeed scream. After all, what kind of a girl wouldn't scream if she found out that a boy that she didn't even know was in her room?

He blinked a couple of times, licking his lips for he was still thirsty. His hunger was indeed getting to him and he need to drink, but he couldn't do it in broad daylight. That'd be stupid and so he decided to wait until it was night in order to drink again.

Quickly, he heard someone approaching the closet and immediately, he climbed to the top of the closet and stayed there. When it was open, he could barely see the girl's face, but her scent truly intrigued him.

Yawning, the girl closed the closet door after getting her clothes and he climbed down slowly. Sighing softly, he heard the girl finish dressing and so, he expected for her to put her clothes away but instead, he heard her walk away.

After about a minute or two, he quickly opened the closet door and stepped out, hearing the voice of the girl saying to her father good-bye and that she'll be back after school. He blinked and thought for a couple of seconds. Walking over to the window, he looked out and saw the girl walking away with another girl.

He thought for a moment again and muttered softly to himself. Quickly, after seeing that no one was around, he jumped out of the window, landing softly onto the ground and walking to his left, smirking at what he had in mind.

The teenager stepped inside a house and immediately, he went into the living room and there sat a man, who was raising an eyebrow at him.

"Where have you been, son?" The man asked, his eyes only looking at his son.

"I've been out," the teenager said, not even hesitating to answer.

The man narrowed his eyes. "I smell the scent of blood coming from you."

The teenager didn't respond at this and didn't meet the man's eyes.

The man sighed. "Shinichi, I told you to be more careful at night; let me have a look at your wound."

"I know, Dad and I'm fine; you don't need to look at it," the teenager known as Shinichi muttered. Sighing softly, he added that he could take care of himself.

Shinichi's father frowned and said, "Luckily your mother isn't here at the moment or otherwise, she'll be worrying her bottom off." After a pause, he added, "Shinichi, you look hungry."

Shinichi scoffed softly. "Yeah, well, my meal got interrupted…"

"Humans, Shinichi; not meals."

"Right; anyway, it got interrupted by a man—I'm guessing that he was probably a vampire hunter…"

Shinichi's father sighed softly and said, "I told you to—"

"To be more careful; I know, Dad," Shinichi interrupted. Sighing, he added, "But…Dad…"

"Yes, son?"

"What would you say…if I wanted to go to school? You know…high school?"

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