Disclaimer: I'm still plotting ways to acquire these two. Nothing feasible so far.

Author's Note: 'Safety Hazard' is one of several fics branching off the premise that Dr. Quinzel worked with another theme criminal before Joker. This would be after she's gone rogue.

Safety Hazard



Harley leans against it, smirking dark and smoky under garage lights. On the brink of laughter. "Pretty nice, huh?"

"Why do you…no, how did you… when did you learn? Harleen, do you have any idea how many fatalities result from those things?"

Naturally this only encourages her. "Oh Jon, you of all people should know I laugh in the face of danger. Muahahaha." She giggles.

"Excuse me?"

"Real quality film, Spooky. I'll have to show ya sometime. Anyway," she proffers a helmet, black and undecorated, "wanna ride?"

"Are you insane?"

"Are you?

There's really no arguing with Harley Quinn.